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By: Jekaterina A.
Eagle Auto Finance
In regards to the review of the Mercury Mountaineer. I completely disagree with the lady who went on a rant about "how bad" this place is. In fact, the people there were the most kindest and sweetest people I have ever met. It is a family owned business like previously mentioned and all they do is try to help others by selling used vehicles at reasonable prices. I purchased the Mercury Mountaineer and took it to my mechanic to get it checked out and guess what? Engine and transmission is in excellent condition. It passed the test with flying colors. There was no such thing as head gasket being blown. I guess some people don't really know much about vehicles and just assume everything without getting further information. I highly recommend this place. Their cash prices are negotiable! Take note that no matter where you buy a used car, it is always a risk. That is why they are called used cars. If you do not like that idea then go get yourself a brand new car! Other than that, this family owned business is such a good place. These people make you feel welcomed! By the way, do not go based on bad reviews, people who give bad reviews are likely to lack information about the subject. It is best if you personally check out the place and speak for yourself.
By: Nenna L.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
This place is awesome! First off I wasn't afraid to get out of my car when I got there. When I walked in the door I was greeted by the friendly inviting staff and told to let them know if I needed help with anything. When I was ready Adam come over and help me. He went above and beyond the scope of excellent customer service! For my daughters birthday I wanted to get her something really nice without blowing my budget. I'm a very indecisive person and couldn't make up my mind on what piece of jewelry to get her. I was there 3 times revisiting items, disusing changing out stones and trying to decide what my daughter would love the most. All 3 time I was there Adam helped me with patience, care and excellent customer service. I ended up getting her 2 pieces of jewelry and stayed within my budget. I'm so happy with the items I purchased, glad I didn't buy something online, and was able to support one of our local business.Thank you guys for a wonderful experience! Adam you Rock!!!
By: Bran M.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
Keep in mind They are also a factory new gun dealer. Frank and the folks in the gun department are absolutely awesome! They are very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, honest and keep a well stocked selection. If it's not in stock they will order what you need. I normally travel down below to a unnamed chain shop for all my guns and ammo needs. Not any longer!! Ricks AV Pawn prices are even better than that chain store. I wasn't aware Ricks was a new factory gun dealer until I heard it from a friend. Do yourself a favor and visit the their gun department before you go anywhere else for guns and ammo. Also do your friends, family and neighbors a solid by passing the word. Thanks Ricks AV Pawn, see you again very soon!
By: Dulci K.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
I popped in here randomly because I saw the sign. This place was great. I have been shopping for a Weatherby pa-459 shotgun for about a year and they had the exact one I wanted for the lowest price I'd seen either online or in a store. I worked with Antonio and Jared and they were awesome. They got me in and out and 20 minutes including taking the FSC exam. The guys are very knowledgeable and friendly and I would recommend anyone going here to shop for your firearm needs in the Antelope Valley. This will be the first stop I make next time I need to purchase another firearm. Thanks guys
By: Ash M.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
Picked up my first handgun here, and while I've shot many guns as a kid, this was my first gun under my name. They went above and beyond just the safety procedure they have to walk you through. They showed me a few extra ways to properly store the ammo and gun separately, options on cleaning the gun, what to look out for when breaking in the gun, what types of ammo works and won't work, then gave me his card and told me to call him whenever I had any questions. Too bad I'm not up in Lancaster often, or else I'd be coming here more often.
By: Eboe N.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
I've been a customer of Ricks for over a year now and my experience has been positive. Chris has been the broker that initiated me into the pawn family of consumers and continues to meet the standards of my needs as a customer when faced with the difficult decision to request a loan on valuable family items. He is honest, friendly and has represented the pawnshop with integrity while giving me the best options for my potential loan. I would never go to another shop. Thank you Ricks. Thank you Chris.
By: Theo B.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
I recently visited Rick's firearms department (which I do often) and purchased my 3rd firearm from them. My first purchase at Rick's was about 5 years ago. I like the friendly and knowledgeable staff. My experiences whither I am just looking or purchasing have always been very positive, They have a nice selection of firearms and at very reasonable prices. The staff was friendly, helpful, and professional giving me the individualized attention needed to make my decision to purchase my new Glock 20.
By: Miguel B.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
I went Rick's pawn shop the other day I was looking for a camera for my son's photography classes. The service was amazing they gave me a great deal on a camera. My son is extremely happy with it. I would definitely go there if looking for anything or needing a quick cash. Everyone they dealt with their has great customer service and you definitely feel like a friend verses a customer. Absolutely love and we'll go back there for anything that I Ever Need. You guys rock keep up the good work!
By: Toni G.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
I was referred to Rick's Pawn Shop to take my HSC test and process my DROS for a handgun I purchased and these guys where very cool and explained things very well.. I was impressed how attentive and genuine these guys were.. I drove from Van Nuys to Lancaster and would do it again, I have a very unfriendly gun shop near me and Id rather give my business to people who actually appreciate it.. Paulie thank you and the rest of the staff.. I'll be stopping by for my next gun purchase
By: Sade P.
Rick's Antelope VLY Pawn Shop
My wife and I went to sell some jewelry and buy two handguns at Rick's and had an excellent experience. The staff was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. They let us take our time looking at just about every handgun they had in stock and did not pressure us at all. All were in good spirits and made the environment comfortable and family friendly. I have been to the other gun shops in town and none of them come close to Ricks. We will definitely be back.

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