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By: ppjohnson
Gino's Italian Restaurant
Well...I once came here when i was 10. My mother brought me there to try shrimp scampi 'cause she knew that was my favorite dish at the time. And boy i vividly remember that hot dish in a pool of golden butter, the defiant yet pleasant aroma of the garlic, and the brightly cooked shrimp with golden crispy edges as steam rolled off it. That was probably the best scampi i EVER had....but i was ten years old, what the heck do i know? Then our server who looked like Richard Belzer served a dish of spumoni ice cream as dessert, that turned out good...even though i tried to ask him what was in it specifically he just re-iterated that it was an italian style ice cream. Years have passed and my most recent visit was on Valentine's. For a little spot in the area it was busy that night. Now i live in the neighborhoods behind this restaurant and honestly never saw a crackhead or dope fiend in these parking lots....but they are down on the corner near 7-11. I still don't think they pose a threat to any patron of this restaurant. So my date and I proceed to the front where we waited 5 minutes then were seated. The server was nice, however he did take forever to refill our glasses and was absent for 20 minutes before taking our order. Mind you there's servers all around the dining area, looking directly at our need for assistance and ignoring our pleas. By the time our food came we were satisfied as how it turned out, though i wish they had a bigger variety of dishes since chicken parmigiana was the only dish i would consider. Then the bill for these two plates, two beverages, i think dessert....$45 roughly all together. Honestly, for that much trouble to pay that was NOT WORTH IT. And i left feeling bitter, haven't been back since. Don't let that stop you though, Valentine's is a crappy day to do any of that anyhow. I think it's better to catch this place when it isn't busy and not a holiday. and if you feel like buying a $15 dollar plate of chicken, be my guest!
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By: k9kate
Patty's Cafe Inc.
Boy, did I find a diamond in my back yard this morning!!! I woke up hungry for Eggs Benedict so I go to my trusty computer and search in my local area. Several reviews come up for this place as having the best in town but when I see the address, I don’t believe it….it’s just within yards from where I live. Now I have lived here for four years and I never heard of it before. So I jump in my car, head across the street and sure enough…there this place was, tucked back into the little shopping mall next to Rite Aid.Inside, the place was quaint and reminded me of a place where I grew up in rural Oklahoma. The waitress was friendly and service was immediate. When I told her what I wanted, she quickly warned me that it was a large serving, but I decided to take my chances. When my plate arrived, I had to agree with the waitress’ warning. The thickly sliced of ham was ridiculously huge (probably ½ lb.) covering two halves of a large English muffin and supporting two perfectly pouched eggs covered in hollandaise sauce served with a side of home-fried potatoes cooked with green peppers and onions. It was delicious, but needless to say, I took half of my serving home with me wishing that I had brought another person along to share my breakfast with. The coffee wasn’t spectacular but my cup was never empty. The orange juice being Alta Dena was okay but a bit on the pricey side considering the serving size. I was able to pay with my debit card and left a happy customer. I am so excited about my discovery that I can’t wait to tell all my neighbors. The sausage gravy & biscuits looked really good too! I will definitely be coming back here again soon.
By: believeindreamsphoto
Gino's Italian Restaurant
I've been to this Gino's location quite a few times and the food and service is consistently lovely. The crust of the pizza is probably some of the best crust I've had and the tiramisu is absolutely incredible. I've tried it elsewhere and wasn't impressed, I didn't understand what all the fuss was about with tiramisu until I tasted it at Gino's. Hands down, best ever. I visited yesterday to celebrate my birthday and not only did they seat us in a quiet, private room for our group, they brought out a delicious dessert of layered spumoni ice cream complete with candles and song :) I love this restaurant, highly recommended!
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By: Jessica B.
Domino's Pizza
Just got my pizza and discovered one of my pizzas was completely wrong. I ordered a supreme like one and it was missing like 6 of the ingredients. Don't know what they were thinking there. It was from the place on K in Lancaster. It's no wonder why I never order from Domino's. I'll be sticking with Pizza Hut for sure. Won't even bother calling them.
By: kelly1117
Lin HongKong Express
The food is great. Always hot and fresh.the coconut shrimp it's great!!!!!!! also i love te shrimp fried rice they give you a lot of shrimp.I have eaten here many times. The food is always good.The service is friendly.They give a lots of the food.I love this Chinese food in lancaster.
By: Reckordkustoms *.
Riga Tony's Pizza & Pasta
This is our Saturday night pizza place. Large 1 topping is only 7.99 and much better than the chain restaurants out there. Enjoy the numerous sides and pasta dishes as well as their salads and desserts. Bucket of fries is a must and their antipasto salad is top notch.
By: dorothy.mccoyfoxypainter
Round Table Pizza
Great pizza with a nice variety to choose from whether meat varieties or vegetarian. Delivery service is good and people are polite. Sometimes have to wait a few minutes when calling in an order; however, the order is correct and hot. Delivery fee is reasonable.
By: chewypug
Barone's Pizza
What a great menu, their food and service are fanatic, prices are very reasonable. Being from out town it's always a hard choice from eating here or IN OR OUT. Truly a joy to return and pig out again.
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By: cherig1946
Julianni's Italian Ristorante
I was shocked to discover my favorite Italian place was closed. Jeez man! Then I found out they had reinvented themselves as Julianni's, oh yeah! go there you won't be disappointed.
By: michael854life
Gezziny's Pizza
Pizza arrived on time. Excellent customer service and great pizza. Ordered the Large 4 topping pizza with a salad. Couldn't ask for a better deal would recommend.

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