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By: anita.smith.313
iSpot Business Center
That last statement was correct this site isnt for that!! I havent been back since ask to not come back in November!! And I can assure you the OWNER is a great guy maybe the workers got intididated by my outgoing personlity the ability to adverise for the company play and win money something they dont get to do..And was not afraid to meet the Boss where I was spending my money!!! On the flip side you know what Katt Williams say about haters!! you are nobody if you dont have haters So at 55 a old lady I still Rock!!! and the young unexperience GIRLS dont understand why at my age I still have it going on!!! Besides when I put hair in my head it comes from my daughter in real estate and cost more than their whole entirer!!! Thanks ladies for letting me know Im still a BAD< BAD, BAD!!!! need lessons lets me now. you girls just blew my head up just that much more!!! Anybody looking for real estate and real Divas,,, Holla at us we are around!!! lol!!!

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