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By: munchinlkwd
Chad's Grill
Sub-par cooking/preparation, despite a somewhat interesting menu selection. Astronomical pricing that no doubt just feeds off the nearby Sheraton and surrounding office building workers. To be fair its been 3 years since I've been there (2009), and I went 3 times that summer.Gave this place 3 stars instead of 2, because during my last visit, the server asked me why I hadn't eaten very much of my meatloaf. I told her the truth that I just really don't like the taste and can't take any more bites, but its cool. The server apologized profusely even though I said it was fine. Next thing I know a manager is at the table asking which dessert we wanted for free and comped the meal item that I disliked. I didn't ask for that or want it, but appreciated the gesture.I'm not saying you should avoid Chad's, just don't expect to be blown away because its nothing special. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.... they had these retarded triangular plates that just pissed me off the second I saw them.
By: munchinlkwd
Paradise Cove
The ultimate dive! We are ALWAYS happy with the food. The service is not even worth mentioning, because they just don't care. I love it! Take a group of people here, pick where YOU want to sit, eat the delicious food, and stay just as long as you want. If you get thirsty, take your rear up to the bartender and say something.They have video games, pool tables, internet jukebox, and TVs everywhere for the big game with huge sound. Constant fund-raising activities for youth sports, car shows, party buses to Coors Field, Black Hawk, Red Rocks. It's not the church doing all that stuff in the parking lot, 99% of the time its Paradise Cove! This is how you run a local business - focus on the community.By the way, Paradise Cove has one of the most interesting and artistic menus I have ever seen in my life. Go check it out! Talk about a great place to relax and just not give a care, because like I said before - they don't care either.
By: Autumn R.
240 Union Restaurant
I've passed 240 Union several times since moving to the area and had been interested in trying it since I moved to the area. My boyfriend and I seldom eat out but I wanted to celebrate a recent promotion. The food was impeccable. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals and the atmosphere. The service however, was extremely disappointing. The drink that I ordered was entirely too strong and I ended up letting most of it go to waste. I understand that from the point of view of a waiter a couple of twenty-somethings may not tip well however, that shouldn't have an impact on how they are treated. I don't remember getting his name, but if he did give it we didn't see him enough to make it stick. All in all it was an okay dinner. The people around us seemed to have a good time. We will most likely not return for a second visit.
By: thediana
240 Union Restaurant
Date night: Sat. Oct 5th, 6 p.m. reservation. First impression, great restaurant makeover very nice atmosphere, hostess was very professional, groomed well and upbeat. Waiter was also well groomed and friendly.Dinner started with calamari, tempura was cooked perfectly and the sauce tasted very familiar and then I realized I had some at home. Roasted pineapple and habanero sauce purchased at Costco. I wanted to order outside my comfort zone, hence D lobster tail, beautiful presentation, green beans and mashed potatoes were great, my poor lobster covered in so much panko crust got lost.:( On the upside my husbands swordfish was wonderful as was the crème brulee. This was the first visit back in many years and we will return two more times.
By: munchinlkwd
Chili's Grill & Bar
Look, it's Chili's. If you don't know what it's like go check it out. I've been there probably less than 10 times in the last 2 years. I never recommend sitting anywhere but the bar area - RIGHT AT THE BAR is best. The bartenders take great care of you, so you're never looking for some 18 year old chick who's texting and smoking when you need a refill the most. Get there a little over an hour before a big football game and enjoy great food, drink, and service in an exciting atmosphere.
By: mmarnia
Marias Empanada
Yumm! I love this place, best empanadas Ive had. My husband and I go there any chance we can get. Its a small place so more of a take home place, but last time we just sat at the little cafe and ate there. I appreciate small non corporate businesses like this!
By: Catherine K.
Cuckcoo's Nest
The bartenders and owner really care about their clients. The regulars are so nice to new people and the drinks are very affordable.
By: Ruth Z.
The Yabby Hut
a little wait on a Sat nite but good food ..we shared their app. plate and had enough for a whole meal!

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