By: jennifer.coffey.9216
Masterpiece Cakeshop
I admire this bakery for standing its ground. It's obviously a Christian company and they're not going to bend over backwards for something they don't believe in. If gay couples want cakes made for their weddings, then why go to a Christian company? All that aside, they made our cake for our wedding and they worked very hard to make sure it was made to our liking. They even gave us a free top layer on our one year anniversary so we wouldn't have to eat a year-old frozen cake. I love the brownies that they make as well. A great family-owned company!
By: Jack S.
Masterpiece Cakeshop
I have used them once, and my friends have also. Great cakes! And concerning their side issue, if I were them, I would accidentally "change" the recipe for imbeciles who demand they be served. Or maybe the quality of the cakes might be very poor, for certain groups of idiots who insist on being allowed to buy their products. Just sayin', there are other ways to handle the situation besides the courts. Then these imbeciles will realize they should use other businesses that don't care about their lifestyle choices.
By: mmarnia
Maria's Empanada
Yumm! I love this place, best empanadas Ive had. My husband and I go there any chance we can get. Its a small place so more of a take home place, but last time we just sat at the little cafe and ate there. I appreciate small non corporate businesses like this!
By: suzyquzy5
Masterpiece Cakeshop
These are the best cakes! They did our wedding cake 15 years ago, and we're back in the area and are using them for birthday cakes, etc. now. Just as nice as they used to be, and you can't beat the cakes!
By: Jalihal S.
Paciugo Gelato Caffe
The flavors that they have in here are magnificent. There are a lot to choose from so getting different flavors everyday is not a bad thing.
By: Catherine K.
Cuckcoo's Nest
The bartenders and owner really care about their clients. The regulars are so nice to new people and the drinks are very affordable.
By: lakewood101
Kolache Factory
Kolache is the best place for breakfast. And they have great service.

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