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By: Katie R.
Casa Bonita
If I hadn't wasted my life by getting a career, I would be PROUD to call Casa Bonita my employer! I would cliff dive the bejeesus out of this place. Is the food not the best in the whole world? No. I agree, it's not the "best", BUT I have had worse. Let's be honest people- if you are going for the food, you are just plain silly. But where else is one supposed to get Taco Bell-esque food WITH a waterfall ?! C'mon! I personally have never had food thrown at me, she slid it in my general direction rather enthusiastically & served it with an authentic Spanish accent- OLE! & I like cows so I didn't mind being herded- moo.Flag system to get your server- borderline genius! I take any sign that says "All you can eat" as a personal challenge. I ate my Chicken Deluxe dinner & then some AND got me some major sopapilla action- Delicioso!As if this magical dining experience wasn't enough, I was serenaded by the strolling mariachi bands. & watched the acting chops of the young thespians as they tried to capture the devious Black Bart. AND THEN! After eating, you get to explore the cavernous maze in Black Bart's Cave. I have been here probably 50 times & I will admit children have soiled themselves which on its own is scarier than the cave, but when there is no human child excrement, the experience is uber fun!Don't forget to stop by the gift shop! We always get our sombrero pics!& the arcade- blast from the past! If you haven't fed Big Bertha since the late 80's then step right up- this woman is hungry! I bring EVERYONE here. I wish there were a reward program because I would never have to pay for food because I bring someone new every time I go! I am pretty much their poster child. Best place in the whole world.... & dare I say- the whole town ♥I was sad reading these reviews because some people are just lame & have no fun. Word to the wise- you are only as old as you feel! You make the experience- are you going to have a good time or are you going to be all cranky?
By: munchinlkwd
QDOBA Mexican Eats
4 stars, because they're better than Chipotle, who I would rank with 3 stars. This is a heavy volume, fast and efficient place to get your munch on some giant burritos and more. Best part about Qdoba - they have queso sauce you can dip or dump on anything. Two complaints: 1. It's overpriced for fast food, and 2. one time my buddy got his phone stolen by some Mexicans that were loitering. West Colfax is still Colfax... always an adventure.
By: munchinlkwd
Las Margaritas
Big portions. But also big prices that don't really jive with the quality of the food. My recommendation is to hit the late happy hour in the summer, sit at the outside bar (bring a pillow for the stools), enjoy the hard work of the bartenders for a couple drinks and apps, then move on with your night.
By: twinkie
Que Suerte Mexican Cafe
You have got to go here! this place has the best breakfast burritos and authentic homemade recipes! i stop here every morn on my way to work and order the #3 held held burrito w hot chili! friendly staff and very clean restruant. The Best EVER!
By: roller1
El Tapatio Lakewood
Erratic to awful service! My wife asked the hostess twice to get us a server, took almost a half hour for our order to be taken. Have had similar experience several times. Better than average Mexican food, large menu.
By: richard.lane.549436
Taco House
My friend brought me here 4 years ago and LOVED it. Ever since then we go as much as we can. We both crave it and she drives a hour and I drive about 30min just to go to this location. Great food every time.
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By: darklausal23
El Manantial
there was not to much people and waited 30 minutes for my food...had to take it to go instead
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By: darklausal23
staff is very friendly and attentive , the food is good too

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