Bottoms Up Bar in Lakewood, CA with Reviews -
By: Jake M.
Ohana Hawaiian Barbeque
Service - I walked in. Paced west toward the cashier about 10 yards. From there I was kindly greeted. Cleanliness - #Based on a Angelino's perspective (speakin for myself) I'd say this place is up to par or above standards.Vibe - Very diverse, modern atmosphere. Personally felt a little bit uncomfortable.. these ppl were too nice and attentive. they also had a minority on the grizzle .. how is he goin to know how to cook Hawaiin food -_- ahaa jk. we all know cookin is the fun part ! bunch of older people. (it's lunch time)Pros : -it's located in concervative city which gives a little taste of the outside world to westerners. -they don't try too hard -they had a variety of condiments (for free)-clean restroom Cons :-from what I've seen, they are one crew member short of an Uncle Tito if you catch my drizzle-no WiFi LOL , just messin-TVs for nothing // a movie would be nice . I'd loiter here all day By the way, I had the ...Katsu Chicken Bowl Rice , Veggies , Chicken+Hawaiian Drank on a scale from 1 to Worth It id give the food a 764and the experience 896... I wouldnt take my time to cook a meal at this level on my own , so yeee thumbs up
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By: Shirley M.
Stonefire Grill
I've eaten there 3 times and order the same thing every time because it is so good! The shrimp with quinoa is so delicious that I'm going to have to go back a few times to try other things. My friend ordered the ribs and they were outstanding too! It's my new favorite place to eat!

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