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    1035 E County Road 540a


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    my entire life I tasted so many NY style pizzas but in Florida,Lakeland It's the BEST. Better than New York.

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By: jeremydeal
Primo's Pizzeria
Hands down the best place to get your Italian food fix! Antipasto salad is great, Pizza has so much flavor (every kind I’ve tried so far!), and the garlic knots are a must to share. But above all, the service is top notch. The owner really cares that you have a good experience and is genuinely friendly without being over the top – and his great attitude seems to have rubbed off on his employees. if I’m going during lunch I always order at least 20 min ahead of time, the place is just crazy busy with a line out the door - yes, its worth it.If you’re a newbie, there are two things you should know that only apply during common dining dining hours: (1) The Parking lot is tiny, I’m talking itty-bitty small …and because this place is so good there is never anywhere to park, so try to pile all your friends in the same car. (2) The available seating is even worse than the parking lot so don’t count on finding a place to sit your bum. Come before 11 or after 12:30 to avoid these two hassles. Otherwise, this is a perfect place to eat. Personally, I don’t mind waiting when the food and service is this good.
By: lynabelle
Carrabba's Italian Grill
Even though it's a chain, Carrabba's is the best restaurant in Lakeland. The food is fresh, most dishes are interesting, portions are a reasonable size, the dishes are consistant, the wait-staff always smiles, their manager Susan? is tough but occasionally she gives away stuff (like when I asked for my second juice drink to be free if a second alcoholic drink is free during their happy hour [which she declined, lol]) but once she gave me a free appetizer card when there was a minor problem with something. Sometimes their desserts are incredible (First apple, then some raspberry/peach baked thing) and both were delicious, and I'm a former chef to I know good food. Most Floridians don't, know good food lol. They was big soft rolls, big mashed potatoes and lots of gravy, over-cooked green beans with fat back, big cheese-burgers with bacon - you get the picture.
By: gotobeefsinstead
The End Zone Family Sports Lakeland
Kids menu is frozen. Just order from the regular menu, but they really should remove the kids menu all together because the other food was really good. The kids food (I tasted it) was just beyond gross. I don't make my kids eat lesser quality food, so that made me feel like they did not value my kids or they would not sell that rubish. Especially when "Family" is in the name of the place.Seemed too much for one waitress to handle. I felt like there was one waitress when there should have been 2 or 3 and a little personality would go a long way! Nothing that can't be corrected if the owners care and make some changes.
By: Glenn S.
Romeo's Pizza & Pasta
Been going here for a few years now and have loved it all up till now. They must have gotten new owners because a lot has changed in the way of food quantity. The chef salad used to be my favorite in town but it is smaller portioned and the ingredients are cut/made smaller also. But still the same price. Too bad I really wanted to give it 5 stars but can only give 2. Even there pizzas have changed for the worse. Definitely will not be going out of my way anymore from work for lunch.
By: Nuit L.
Primo's Pizzeria
I've eaten here a lot of times and the quality is always consistently good. They are very friendly, helpful and go out of their way to make sure that your food is just how you like it. Florida has no clue how to make a good pizza but this place does the best job at getting close to my perfect pizza. They have great sandwiches as well. The parking lot and the "dining room" are both very small so you'd probably be better off to carry out.
By: jsm_colegio
Who's Pizza
This little hole on the wall, right by a gas station, has very good pizza. It's my first time trying it and they only get 4 stars because it needed a little more cooking time and could have used some more pepperoni. But overall, the ingredients are very good, just remember to tell them to make sure the crust is crispy.
By: gglisson
Palace Pizza
When to this place for my first date with my now fiance (keep in mind this was close to 4 years ago)...Food was sooooo delicious, people were nice, and we had our food fast. We sat outside because the place does get crowded inside, but it was still really nice. Great experience overall...
By: jsm_colegio
Palace Pizza
I want to go back and try the pozza because it looked awsome when they served it to the adjacent table. Anyways, I had lasagna and it was good and LOVE the bread knots. In general they can lay off the garlic a little but overall it was good.
By: sealkingofflorida
Westshore Pizza
I didn't think that a chain would make great Parmigiana sandwiches but i truly have to say their Meatball Parm Sandwich is out of this world!!!! Oh and their buffalo wings are phenomenal! Great work guys!!!!
By: Gregory T.
Hungry Howie's Pizza
Very pleased with the Subs and the delivery time this is the only Hungry Howie's I will call. I have used others in the past but I will stick with this one . Once again THANK YOU for your great SERVICE.

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