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By: Jenny V.
China Garden
While my roommate said the chicken lo mien was "ok" and the eggrolls were "not bad", I was rather disappointed when I ordered Mongolian beef, a $7 meal that charged and extra 70 cents to change the rice to lo mien - and got a pile of onions with a tiny portion of actual beef. I separated the onions and beef, and the result of my plate, if broken into eights, was four-eighths lo mien, three-eighths onion, and one-eighth beef. I drove all the way back to the restaurant with the food divided as such, and when I walked in the door, the chef approached me, saw my food, and turned away muttering under his breath in what I assume is Chinese. The young lady who ran the register came up and - while not being rude about it- was completely flabbergasted that I had any issue with paying $8 for a large pile of onions. She said no one had complained about it before - to which my reply was that maybe I had gotten an unlucky serving. She shook her head no, and said that this was the way they always served it. To which I replied that I would not be eating there any more, and once again requested a refund.If I wanted a plate full of soy sauce sauted onions, I could have done that for $2 or less myself. The chef was very rude about it as well, so I won't be going back. As I said, the young lady at the counter wasn't rude, just baffled. Since my roommate rated it as ok and not bad, I'll give it a 2.
By: sausagedogs
Peking House
I have purchased food at Peking House several times and have to say that I do not agree with all the favorable reviews....I love Chinese food and have had quite a bit of it in my lifetime....to be honest the dishes I have had were far more sodium laden than typical chinese food which we all know is typically high in salt content anyway....It is almost as if they use the highest sodium containing soy sauce that is available or else they put way too much in the dishes than needed. Also the House fried rice tastes as if old leftover ingredients are used...and large chunks of the fake crabmeat are placed into it.....not the typical ingredients in House Fried Rice...not good.....and one more comment...overpriced...!!!!!!
By: webpagefinders
Bamboo Wok
This is the best Chinese Food I've found in Polk County. I have looked all over Polk County for good Hunan Chicken or Chicken Egg Foo Young or even Chicken Wings and I finally found all the above here. The food is always consistantly yummy. I have never had a bad meal here and I try to eat 3-4 days a week here. The restaurant is clean and tidy and the people who run it are very friendly and accommodating, even when I ask for extra gravy for the Egg Foo Young. I like to see the patties float. Anyway, I really enjoy this place and the Lunch and Dinner Combo Specials are a great deal. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
By: sealkingofflorida
Peking House
Would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone. There are too many buffet chinese or take outs and this restaurant is a nice casual sit down menu style chinese restaurant. Their food is great and lots of diversity. The decor can be updated a bit, but we go there to eat, not to look at the place. Their selection is really good.
By: sausagedogs
China Wok
China Wok on Harden Blvd. has so far always served good take out Chinese food....they are also pleasant when taking your orders.....having run into unpleasant experiences at several other Chinese take out establishments, it is nice to find a place I can give thumbs up to.
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By: Glenda P.
Chen's Wok
Our family Christmas party was great. Chen wok made a tray of fresh delicious shrimp egg rolls and a tray of fried chicken wings. A polite youngman even helped me carry the food out to my car.Thank youChen wok
By: maryclare
China Garden
The food here is typical like many other Chinese places, but is made fast for the customers. Very clean. The workers speak great English. Cheap prices
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By: jheatwole7
Magic Wok of Ren Corp
This is the Best Chinese food in Lakeland! By far the best service. I bring all my friends and they all switch to Magic Wok!

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