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By: Emilie P.
Animal Medical Clinic INC
Have you ever heard someone come back from a doctor's office and say "I wouldn't take my dog there"? Well when it comes to Dr. Jackson at Animal Medical Clinic Inc., take my advice "literally" and just don't. I went to Dr. Jackson after I found a pool of blood on the floor of my home. I have a 16 year old dog that I've had since she was 8 weeks old, a 14 year old dog that I rescued from the highway 12 years ago, and a 6 year old dog that I also rescued when he was 1. They are my children.I felt helpless and brought all three to get answers because I didn't know who vomited or why. First of all, they brought all three back to a tiny room with 3 vet techs, myself, my two kids and the doctor. It was way too crowded and stressful. A girl in training took their temperature. Dr. Jackson came in, felt of their abdomens, listened to their hearts and said, "Well, I don't really see anything so just watch them and give them some Pepto Bismal". I responded with "Are you saying that throwing up blood isn't something serious?" and he said, "Well it's something". How callous can you be? I have never been so upset in my life. He proceeded to ask me what I wanted him to do and I said well can you do x-rays or bloodwork and he said okay if that's what you want.Let's get this straight. I had to "ask" the doctor to do X-rays and bloodwork on my dogs, one of whom had thrown up fresh blood. I'm paying a medical professional for his guidance, so why am I making these decisions? The x-rays came back negative and the bloodwork is still on the way. Hopefully after $425, I will get some kind of answers. But if for some reason there is something wrong, I will be searching for a vet who actually cares about my four legged family members.I'm a reputable pet sitter in town. I love my animals. I love all animals. I will be sharing this horrible experience with my clients to save them from something like this happening to them. If you love your animals, don't step foot or paw there.
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By: Joseph R.
Marcum Road Animal Hospital
Pretty disgusted by Marcum Road Animal Hospital. We have been taking our family pets there for a while no problems. My sister dog was having breathing problems and they were closest vet by far. She called and they refused to see a dog with breathing problems. The dog literally died within a half hour on way to another vet that was farther away. Way to lose business... or was it because you guys close in a hour and half? So much for caring about animals as much as money. Looking for a new vet now
By: J F.
Highland Pet Hospital
I took my dog Feloni to the Highland Pet Hospital aka Beverly Brimacomb, Monday Feb 6th because had a cough she tested her for heart worms it came back negative, she then gave her a preventive shot Proheart 6, she never did an exam I had to ask her to check her ears she said she was fine and sent us on our way. Monday Feb 13th she died, one week later, she had pneumonia, and had an adverse effect to the shot. I was to receive information on the dangers of this medicine prior to her administering the shot and you can't give a sick dog this medicine or it kills them. Proheart 6 requires the vets to take a class on this medication before they can give any animal the shot. Brimacomb didn't do her job had she given me the information I never would have let her give Feloni this shot, Or if she would have done an exam and listened to her chest she would have known she had pneumonia and she would still be alive. This isn't an honest mistake, she just doesn't care. I requested Feloni's medical records from them and she has Feloni weighing 69lbs and being 9 yrs old since 2012, she wasnt even 9 yrs old. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
By: Annette S.
Cleveland Heights Animal Hospital
I want to thank Dr. Robinson for having saved me from having to put my much loved dog down prematurely. I was taking him to another vet who told me that the only way to help my dog's skin condition was to move to Alaska (not an actual option for either the dog or I) and it got so bad that I was beginning to think that he would be better off dead...until Dr. Robinson stepped in and helped us. I can't say enough about what feels like a miracle...fur angels are an obvious thing to me but now I think that there may be other angels around too! Thanks Dr. Robinson.
By: Teresa F.
Ark Animal Hospital
Professional, clean, friendly. I did not feel rushed once we saw Dr. Rogers. She took time to examine my Yorkie and answer my questions. I have also seen Dr. Nichols and she is excellent also. Prices are slightly higher on some things than my other vet. Lower or the same on others. All in all the best care for my babies for all routine things. They will get all my business except what requires a specialist.
By: Even S.
Santa Fe Animal Hospital
There are three wonderful doctors here along with friendly, helpful and caring staff. I have been bring my pets here for many years and only wish they had hours on Saturday as it is challenging to get my pets in here due to my work schedule.
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By: Della B.
Northside Animal Clinic
I would give all zeros for this rating if I could. If you want to order your Fur Baby's medication through PetMeds and the medication needs approval from a vet then be prepared to pay a $15 charge from North Polk Animal Hospital. This establishment will not let you order medication or any other products through PetMeds that need vet approval unless you pay them $15. I tried to talk to the Manager, Danielle at the Outback location about it but she literally hung the phone up on me. I called several vets in my area to find out if this is done by other vets and they literally are the only office that does this. I will no longer be doing business with them because they want to charge/punish me for wanting to use an outside source to fill my Fur Baby's medication. They seem to be more concerned with getting money from you then your Fur Babies getting their medication. A doctor doesn't charge you to fill a prescription at a pharmacy why should they? These people have lost their mind!!!
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By: Kb B.
Northside Animal Clinic
We had no problem with Dr. Saylor, previous owner-he retired, some reviews say didn't like him, but we did-he was good. These folks that took over seem to be good with animals and we've been pleased with service so far.
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By: Patricia M.
Marcum Road Animal Hospital
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By: Danielle P.
Southern Paws
I have never written a negative review before, but I felt it was necessary to write this one because of how terrible of an experience it was. My dog stayed here last weekend and they said they would send photos everyday. Well one day they didn't send any pictures and another day they sent me a picture of another dog biting my dog near the face/neck. The teeth were full on out and everything. The picture made me feel very uncomfortable and it was obvious the staff didn't look at the picture before they emailed it to me. The part I'm most distraught about is that my dog has had diarrhea and vomiting since he has gotten back from Southern Paws. After a huge vet bill, the vet still doesn't know what's wrong with him - and it's a mystery to me since I wasn't there to watch him while he was at Southern Paws. I called Southern Paws to let them know about this situation and they didn't seem to care. Very disappointed and sad. Will never take my dog back here.
Tips & Advices
Bring medical records and medications that your pet is taking. Also, you should bring your ID and a form of payment.
Yes, there are veterinary clinics that only deal with emergency cases. They generally take walk-ins and referrals from family vets.
Yes, emergency vets treat dental emergencies and dental trauma. Freshly fractured teeth are the main category of dental injury that vets consider an emergency.
To prevent health emergencies, experts recommend supervising one’s pets, and trying to make sure they don’t get into emergency situations. A majority of emergency vet visits happen because animals were struck by cars, bit by other animals, or ingested toxins. Otherwise, the best way to prevent emergencies is by having a go-to vet you can call with any questions, and being vigilant about potential symptoms (i.e. runny stool, or trouble walking) as they appear but before they become extremely serious.
Experts say that the conditions that necessitate an emergency veterinarian visit include collapse, seizures, inability to walk, partial paralysis, and any difficulty breathing (non-stop panting, constant coughing, hyperventilation, or elevated heart rate). Gum color is often an indicator that something is wrong--especially blue gums or very pale gums. Excessive vomiting or a distended abdomen should be considered an emergency situation. Signs of any trauma or excessive bleeding should send your pet straight to the vet. Lastly, for cat owners, urinary obstruction is fatal if not treated, and generally occurs in male cats.

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