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By: lakelandconsumer
Village at Lake Highland
Nice grounds, big apartments, good neighborhood, great nearby school, overall excellent place to live ... until it’s time to move out. We lived here for almost 2 years, resigning a new lease after the first term. Upon moving in, the carpets were stained and they were annotated on our records for future reference. When we decided to move, we were instructed to clean the bathrooms, the blinds, and the oven. Apparently we went above and beyond so we cleaned the entire apartment. We did have some slight pet damage, but not significant. When the final bill assessment came, $300 was being asked to pay. And you guessed it! The entire carpet was being replaced out of our wallets and a bonus of a $70 charge to steam clean the kitchen tile which was no bigger than 12 feet. After speaking with management, we decided to just pay and be done with it. However, our good neighbors moved out a couple of weeks ago and had the same magic number come up for their bill. They rebutted the charges and eventually had their bill lowered, but that just raises more suspicion on how they are handling their business. All in all the place is awesome to live, but getting out is going to be very costly.
By: Robin C.
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
I have been living here at Carlton Arms for about 6 years now and everything is going great. They are very good about keeping the complex nice and clean and the hallways of the apartments are always well taken care of as well. I have loved living here and I dont see any reason to leave.
By: julieroenoke
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
Everyone is always doing what needs to be done, so I don't feel like my money is going to bad use. I have been here for about 6 years, and I have nothing poorly to say about the complex. They just replaced all my appliances for me, it was great!
By: Francis C.
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
I would say we are happy tenants at Carlton Arms South Lakeland. We are currently leasing an apartment and we plan to renew our lease. We are very satisfied with everything we have here.
By: Gary H.
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
Everything is really pretty here. I cannot complain about anything living at Carlton Arms South Lakeland. Everyone works hard here to keep it looking nice.
By: Kailey C.
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
I cannot complain about anything when it comes to living at Carlton Arms, this is a very beautiful apartment complex. I really enjoy my apartment here.
By: Patty H.
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
If I have ever needed work done at my apartment here at Carlton Arms of South Lakeland, anything I need is taken care of within the day I request it.
By: Robyn V.
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
I have only once requested a repair to be done at my apartment and it was with regarding our dishwasher. They came right away, it was so convenient.
By: jessicamcerloy
Highland Apartments
Very well-managed . Clean , peaceful environment. This neighborhood is acitive in The Neighborhood Watch with the Polk County Sheriff Department.
By: Peggy G.
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
I have never had a single complaint about living at Carlton Arms of South Lakeland, everything about the apartment complex is wonderful.

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