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By: Belinda S.
Brandx Tattoo
After the last few years of people continuing to lie on/about my husband, Sean, I feel it's time I address the situation. Sean has been tattooing for over 20 years, 15 of which have been at our current location. I have seen thousands of people come through the door over the last 5 years; some have come in under the influence of alcohol others on drugs and some with an attitude because they heard he's "mean". I cannot begin to imagine how many Sean has seen over the last 15-20 years. These people are quick to get online a post a negative review of Sean and say how "mean" he is or how he "doesn't like black people" or "doesn't like gay people" or "does illegal drugs" or "doesn't use new needles" or "doesn't do good work or messes up tattoos". I believe his work speaks for itself and encourage everyone to look for themselves on Facebook. There have been countless times the person never talks to Sean, only to me, and they still have negative/outlandish things to say about him which is ridiculous. If you come into our place of business or call our business with an attitude, or under the influence and we have to deal with you and your attitude/condition then you will be handled accordingly. Yes, we will refuse you business if you call and play on our phone or come in and act up. I am not by any means saying my husband is an angel or the nicest man in the world but I am saying that if you call or come in with a "problem" then you will leave with a bigger one. We will NOT conduct business with ANYONE who walks into our establishment with an attitude, drunk or high. So, please do yourself and us a favor and go elsewhere. When we refuse service to people for whatever reason we then see the "true" person and how easily it is for these individuals to make up stories and lie on him, as well as on me. I have even had the police called on me...yes me when all I do is greet the customer and help them the best I can. It is sad that some people are so miserable in their own life that they have to try and cause misery in our life. I am saying it for everyone to know and understand that we will NOT allow ANYONE to cause misery in our life! I want to thank all our thousands of customers who know the truth and who stand behind Sean and I; we truly appreciate each and everyone of you. Belinda Solomon
By: keri.mcwilliamshicks
The Ultimate Image Tattoo Studio
My daughter and I drove in from Texas and visited several salons. Many of which I found to be extremely rude. Ultimate image was completely different. Ross and crew answered all my questions Ross even took 3 of my calls when I had more questions. My daughter and I got gorgeous tattoos that beautifully signify the loss of a loved one. Ross even fixed a botched tattoo for my daughters boyfriend. Ross did mention he's color blind this in NO way hindered his ability!! Ross you rock!!! Thanks for a great experience.
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By: Cle' C.
Brandx Tattoo
My friend & I did research on businesses in the area before she went in for a piercing, & I went in for a new tat. Sean was extremely professional & nice. The shop was very clean, & he did excellent work! This was my 5th tat, & I have gone to other places & walked out simply because the shop just didn't look clean. Plan to return to have him touch up an old tat I had done many years ago.
By: acfb38
Skin Deep Tattoo
Eddie is my artist, he redid a large rib piece, that another"artist" on town refused to finish after I had paid for it and had done a crappy job on. The cover up and completion of the tattoo is amazing! Liked out do much went back the next week to have a back piece done. I would finally recommend Eddie and this shop, all friendly and helpful. Thanks
By: valecia.sembianteross
Skin Deep Tattoo
My experience with this shop was excellent. It was my first tattoo and I was extremely impressed by the work of the artist. He had over 26 years of experience and had provided excellence in his craft making no errors. Both the artist and the shop as a whole were professional, clean, priced resonably, and personably.
By: Ashley G.
Brandx Tattoo
Sean has done all of my tattoos and I will never go to anyone else. Sean has done amazing work on my art. Sean and Belinda are very professional and respectful about their business. I get compliments on how badass my art is all the time and will continue to get them bc of the amazing work he has done.
By: Dorian L.
Atomic Heart Tattoo
So rude. The guy that answered the phone had horrible phone manners and didn't even say bye at the end of the phone call. Smh. I wish I could have a good experience with them like these other people that have the good reviews.
By: tattoojames
Skin Deep Tattoo
Love this place, I couldn't be more honored to be a part of the team here. Come by anytime and get stuck.
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By: Kaitlin B.
The Ultimate Image Tattoo Studio
this is the only place in LC we will go to get a tattoo. they do great work!
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By: Jamee G.
Brandx Tattoo
Still get compliments after 6 years!!

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