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By: Lisa N.
Hamilton Christian Academy
High School: Most of the students and staff are conniving and evil. If your child is not popular or athletic they will be verbally, emotionally, and physically abused ( by the students). Most of the administration will not be concerned about your child. Most teachers here are unable or unwilling to control the misbehaving students in their class. If you get the wrong physical education teacher, the tyrant will torment your child with aggressive and obsessive drilling. Your child will also encounter some corrupt teachers ( not all but most) and the bible classes are non exempt. Does watching television almost everyday is English count as college prep? This school is not what it once was; it is amazing how a school which is said to be so religious is filled with an ominous spirit which embodies most of the students and staff. Employees will only do what the employers allow, power corrupts. Think twice about sending your child here. Don't waste your money for public school behavior, uncaring attitudes, and for a religion which is not always practiced by this supposed Christian school.
By: christyrougeau
Hamilton Christian Academy
Hamilton is such a blessing! My son and daughter both attend HCA and have since Pre-K. Their teachers have been wonderful and have taught them more than academics, they have taught them how to have a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am blessed to teach there as well. I have served at Hamilton for 14 years and am in charge of the website: If you are looking for a school home for your child I encourage you to take a look at what we offer!
By: unknown19
Diocese Of Lake Charles
I used to work for this church and was let go august 6, 2012, I have a lot to say in how I was treated by these people and I am a single female with a household to support. I was led to believe that this would be a full-time job to work under 2 supervisors and I left my last job to find I was let go. I was jobless for over a month struggling trying to make ends meet, but you know with the way the economy has been that was smart of them to do this to me,,, you know people I have always been catholic all my life and remained this religion, but where does it come from when a church is supposed to hire people to help them and then they let them go? I mean their livelihood is at risk and does these people feel any shame or conscious in how they have treated a former employer?You know something I was led to believe that I would stay for a better opportunity and I had worked for two bossses who never knew their head from their,,, when I had to take direction under these people, I never worked for a church in my life,. They assumed I knew this place which was a lot different than a medical practice, I can say this if you want to keep yourself respect and dress nice then you make it... but if you are poor and do not have the proper attire,,, be on look out because you have a to be a certain way to fit in this place and dress a certain way.... also, they supposed to be religious and care about people? what they care about organizations to help people in need who might need charity from time to time, hurricane victims,,,, but you see people what about someone like myself who wanted to work to support her family and let go? come on talk both sides of their mouths right? what you can help other people from the streets which of course I cannot past say anything because they need help, but when it comes to an employee they never cared if this female had a job to survive with and she gave up her last job for them and this is supposed to be a church? Sorry, this is one of he most coldest acts I have ever seen in my life on their part and you know.... no matter how much they think are god fearing people their is no call to treat a human being like this and her family,.. it makes me wonder how people can act like this these days.... you know I don't I had a job before them and it is not funny if people could be kicked to the streets because they are unemployed and their family might suffer,,, their has to be a GOD,, and selfishness has got to stop in how good people cannot get ahead in life such as myself and children because of employers like this who let innocent people go who worked hard and was trying to make a living,,,, this is not right and morally wrong... you know the catholic church has not been what is has always been when I grew up in it and was married in the church,,, I am against the catholic church and will never step back in one ever again,,,

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