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By: Jiffy 7.
Kool Smiles of Lake Charles
LOVE LOVE LOVE. i've actually meant to write a review here for about a year, after our first visit. i was skeptical about this place (afraid it would be low quality or something), but a friend recommended this place after i'd had trouble at a "NICE" dental office. i could go on and on about how great this place is but i'll try to keep it short. THEY ARE PHENOMENAL HERE! the staff is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL: everyone and i mean every single person is fast, efficient and i wont say friendly because they are so much more. every person you come in contact with really makes you feel cared about, like they are actually happy to have you there (not doing you a big favor by allowing you there like some offices). they will patiently answer any and all questions and give you as much time as you want. they even fit my daughter in for a baby tooth pull during a cleaning yesterday. it was over in about 30 seconds. and also, the actual dental area is a big open space, with some partial privacy screens, but you can still see everyone running around and taking care of people. you never get left in a room wondering if they forgot about you lol. in short, i promise promise promise you, you will love this dentist (i think they may handle adults as well, not sure). oh and i think our longest wait time was 30 minutes. we had a teeth cleaning and a pull and were in and out the door in about an hour and a quarter
By: Patricia G.
Kool Smiles
Today we took our son to the dentist and he was very scared and nervous. Taylor, Kim, and Candace were truly amazing! They talked to him and made him feel comfortable. He was even smiling and laughing which is huge for him at the dentist! He's truly terrified of the dentist but not today!!! Thanks to Kool Smiles. They were able to take X-rays and clean his teeth with no problems. We are very happy with Kool Smiles and it's employees. Candace was very sweet and kind and made our son truly happy by giving him a balloon and talking with him. Taylor and Kim were both very patient and understanding with our son when taking his X-rays. He was very scared and they took the time to make him feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Kool Smiles in Lake Charles! Super Happy!!! ����
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By: Kayla P.
Kool Smiles of Lake Charles
Ihave three children who go to kool smiles and they all love it. The staff is always polite and helpful.the play area is a god send. The wait is usually short.they explain everything really well and make sure they're always comfortable.the only negative thing i can come up with, is the lack of privacy.also I'm not sure if laughing gas comes in different strengths,but iexpected to notice a difference and there was none. Both of my older ones said the gas didn't make them feel different in any way. Iwas hoping it would at least relax them a little because they were getting a lot of work done. Other than that, we really like kool smiles and even enjoy going to the dentist :-)
By: Kimber H.
Dennis E Donald DDS
I've only just had my second visit with Dr.Donald but he came highly recommended through family and friends. I had a very thorough cleaning with their hygienist, Kelly, who was very refreshing and warm. I had missed my prior 6-month cleaning due to relocation and was pleased at how well she tended to my teeth. I was due back for a filling and Dr.Donald made sure I was able to be scheduled within the week. My second appointment was timely and quite painless - Dr.Donald seems expert at administering anesthesia which was a relief. All the receptionists were very courteous and the office is beautiful. I would recommend Dr.Donald and his staff to anyone.
By: Sarah P.
Kool Smiles of Lake Charles
I recently went to this office with my son, who is autistic. He is extremely uncomfortable when faced with new experiences, so I prepared myself for an extremely difficult visit. I am pleased to say that the staff was extremely patient and understanding. They were willing to give my son extra attention, and took longer with him in order to make him feel more comfortable. One of the employees even took the time to speak to me about her own family member with autism, and offered some information on local resources that I was not aware of. This office was amazing and I will definitely be going back.
By: matthooper1994
Chaumont Darren W
Great experience! Office staff was very professional and courteous. I HATE going to the dentist but after this great visit I will be seeing them again in 6 months! I had no idea what was going on with my teeth...but dr. chaumont explained everything to me and showed me videos on an ipad that really broke it down for me so I could understand how important going to the dentist is. They offer sedation which was great for me because I was really nervous about everything...but turns out I had nothing to worry about. I just laid back, listened to my headphones, and relaxed. These guys are great!
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By: Nelly H.
Kool Smiles of Lake Charles
Wonderful patient amazing staff. We have been going here a few years, but the last 2 visits have been awesome. I think her name was Linda, the hygenist cleaned my Autistic child's teeth with such immense kindness, just completely above and beyond. Another tall blond did my daughter and she has always been amazing when we come in. Even with my smallest sqwauking away, while waiting on the wonderful female dentist there we talked about her rainbow shoes all the way home.
By: Amanda F.
Kool Smiles of Lake Charles
Both of my children have been patients here for a couple of years. The staff is always friendly, and the doctors are thorough and knowledgeable. I have read some of the other reviews, and I can honestly say that we have never experienced anything other than professional and caring service. My children have had routine checkups as well as dental work done. We've always had a great experience.
By: thecodysullivan
Bercier Frances DDS
From the minute I walked through the doors, I was treated amazingly! From Shonna with my scheduling and explaining all the prices (which were a lot cheaper than my old office) to the Bercier girls taking care of my teeth. Which are now pearly white thanks to my amazing cleaning and whitening trays. I absolutely love these girls!! I've recommended all of my friends and family. - Cody Sullivan
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By: Shonna M.
Bercier Frances DDS
I love Dr. Frances Bercier. She is friendly and very gentle when working on you! She is up to date with the latest technology and takes ALL insurances plans! I use to fear going to the dentist but I can honestly say since finding Dr. Frances Bercier I no longer have that fear! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today with her office and I promise you will not regret it!
Tips & Advices
  • If a tooth decays and the nerves or pulp (soft internal tissue which helps teeth develop) become inflamed or infected
  • If a tooth is cracked or broken and nerves are exposed
This generally depends on any specific issues you wish to address with your teeth. There are toothpastes designed to whiten teeth, fight cavities, decrease sensitivity, prevent bad breath, resist gingivitis, and those specific to children (with lower fluoride content). There are also toothpastes that offer “complete” protection by combining aspects of many of the above toothpastes.
It’s recommended to get a professional cleaning at least two times per year.
  • Desensitizing toothpaste numbs the nerves in the teeth that can cause discomfort.
  • Mouth guard can protect against grinding teeth during sleep.
  • Fluoride treatment can be applied by dentists to sensitive areas to numb teeth and strengthen enamel.
  • Root canal can treat problems in a tooth’s core.
  • Surgical gum graft where a piece of gum tissue is removed from a section of the mouth to cover an exposed root.
Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but there are certain signs that can help you and your doctor determine if yours should be:
  • Wisdom teeth are pushing other teeth around, causing pain and misalignment
  • Cysts form around newly emerged wisdom teeth, causing jaw damage
  • Gums get inflamed and swollen, causing cavities and pain
  • Doctor determine from x-rays that wisdom teeth will cause problems in the near future

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