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First Step Detox Unit|Diagnostic Radiology Services|Rehabilitation Services/Non-CARF|Respiratory/Pulmonary Svcs|Dietary Services|Inpatient Surgery Services|Neonatal Nursery Services|Operating Rooms|Organ Bank|Orthopedic Surgery|Post-Op Recovery Room Services|Social Services|Speech Pathology Services|Radiation Therapy|Outpatient Services-InHouse|Oncology Services|Pharmacy Services|Anesthesia Services|Pediatric Services|Alcohol-Chemical Depend|Psychiatric Services/Adult|Blood Bank|Emergency Services|Home Health|Anatomical Laboratory Services|Clinical Laboratory Services|Nuclear Medicine|Obstetrical Services|Outpatient Surgery|Physical Therapy|Intensive Care/General|Hemodialysis (Dialysis)|Urology|Electrophysiology|Vascular Surgery|EGD Procedure|Wound Care/IP|Infusion Therapy|Ultrasound


Not for ProfitState Owned Hospital

Other Information

Specialties: First Step Detox Unit

Best Practices followed: Electonic Lab Results, Safe Surgery Checklist In Use

Outpatient Services: Eye Surgery, Skin, Gastrointestinal, Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal

Hospital Ownership: Government - State

Parking: Free

Services: Emergency Services, Psychiatric Services/Adult, Operating Rooms, Post-Op Recovery Room Services, Clinical Laboratory Services, Rehabilitation Services/Non-CARF, Diagnostic Radiology Services, Vascular Surgery, Speech Pathology Services, Blood Bank, Oncology Services, Wound Care/IP, Home Health, Radiation Therapy, Outpatient Services-InHouse, Ultrasound, First Step Detox Unit, Alcohol-Chemical Depend, Dietary Services, Urology, Respiratory/Pulmonary Svcs, Nuclear Medicine, Pharmacy Services, Electrophysiology, Organ Bank, EGD Procedure, Physical Therapy, Anatomical Laboratory Services, Inpatient Surgery Services, Neonatal Nursery Services, Orthopedic Surgery, Obstetrical Services, Anesthesia Services, Intensive Care/General, Pediatric Services, Hemodialysis (Dialysis), Outpatient Surgery, Social Services, Infusion Therapy

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  • I injured my neck in 2009 and ...

    I injured my neck in 2009 and that has prevented me from working as I am in pain 24 hrs a day. Sitting, standing, or laying down for long periods of time are an impossiblility. I went to UMC to seek medical treatment, and after 18 months , I still have only been told that they will make me an appointment for treatment. (Four separate neurosurgeons have advised fusion in my neck to stop the pain and numbness on my left side, as well as the other associated problems I have.) I am continually told that they cannot treat for pain management. I am NOT seeking treatment for pain management. I am seeking a solution to stop the pain, the numbness, the vertigo, and the other problems. And when you want to complain about your treatment, you are treated like your the one at fault. UMC has copies of all my medical records and xrays, and even the nurses who have looked at them agree that surgery is probably the best course of action.

  • Worst Place(Do Not Trust Them!)

    my whole family went to umc family practice and got treated like we were nothing, you can bring a dog to the vet and the dog will get treated better than what we did at umc family practice!!! they know nothing but yet want to talk to you like your stupid when it is really them that is making the mistakes... when you can sit there and tell someone that there lab work is one thing and come to find out its something us and then tell the patients that they shredded the other paper work to cover it up i mean come on people and we are suppose to trust these doctors... what really gets to me is i got discharged from there because i had my baby some where else so they told me i could not go back to family practice i think that is just wrong, because i dont trust these doctors with my life much less my child's life, but its bad when you have no insurence and you are fighting for disability. but yet umc can do as they please and dont even attempt to call patient relations because that is a joke to they can care less just like these doctors they will laugh at you and not help you one bit!

  • worst visit

    my visit at UMC in lafayette was the most excruciating hospital visit of my life.... i arrived there at 10pm to sit in triage for 10 minutes because no one was in there, then once i got in the waiting room there wasnt very many people ahead of me so i thought it would maybe be only a 3-4 hour wait. so i sat there and waiting patiently for them to call my name, finally after 1 hour they called me to do a urine test and then to have a seat back in the waiting room where i waited and waited. 2 hours later they called me in for bl**d work and once again told me to have a seat back in the waiting room. after having done my bl**d work and urine test i thought it would only be another hour and a half till i saw a dr. boy was i wrong. after waiting patiently for 6 hours i began to get agrivated, the chairs were VERY uncomfortable, there were no magazines, no newspapers, nothing to read, and the TV was turned to jerry springer which only began to make the other patients rowdy. one patient began to yell vulgarly at the television about his thoughts on women, and me and my mother in law were in there which made us very uncomfortable, we could not go stand outside unless it was all the way infront of the building because there were no speakers where u could hear if they called your name, we couldnt walk around in the hospital because again there were no speakers to hear ur name. after being there for 8 hours we began to complain to the staff and ask how much longer our wait would be where we were told they didnt know and for us to just have a seat and wait because it wouldnt be much longer. so we did as we were told, we sat there for 8 hours and the entire time we were there they called no one to the back and we began to wonder what was the deal with that so when we asked they rudely told us that there was no clinic and no dr's there so unless it was a

  • cont. worst visit

    dire emergency for us to have a seat and wait until shift change which was 7am and THEN there would be a dr there. i was VERY upset when they told me this because i had been sitting there since 10 pm the night before and no one mentioned this to us. if i had known this was the situation i would have went home slept and came in when there was a dr there.. i mean when i come to the ER i expect there the be a dr on staff, what kind of emergency room doesnt have a dr. so 11 hours passed when they FINALLY called my name which happend to take 2 minutes in the room in the back where i was then released to find out that they didnt know exactly what was wrong with me and all they could do was refer me to another dr. do not go here its the worst place ever

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