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By: Suzanne B.
Knoxville Hope Clinic
Knoxville Hope Clinic, IS one of the Top Notch of all Pain Management clinics, in knoxville Tn, or even out there. The staff is very friendly they are always there in a greeting manner and always joking with you. I was seeing at one time Tonya who was a great Np i had known her about 3 yrs so wherever she went i found her. She came to Knoxville Hope Clinic where i was able to see her again and got back to business. Even, though now she is gone once again. I had no worries as i was given Brittany she is another great NP and does a fine Job. She cares. Just try to give her a smile and say something kind to her as she is always having to listen to all about pain and i am sure it gets rough but even so its her Job she does fine with it. You will like her. She is the only one i have seen besides Tonya. there whom is no longer with them. But i had no worries In the past several weeks i have been staying with family due to my back problems and my Bakers Cycts. I was told By KOC Knoxville Orthopedic Group and by a Top Orthopedic Dr there that His recommendation along with my primary Care Dr was Pain Management, That was my best route to take. Because i have a Dog that i love dearly and he can be hard to handle my family was caring also for him as i had to get over a bad cold i had along with some virus i contacted around kids in the family.Its easy to get somewhat spoiled by family during this time. My mother has been my Asst calling around trying to learn more about Pain Management and my meds. She tries LOL. Back to Britany at Knoxville Hope Clinic. She is kind when she comes into the room to visit with you even though at times she has worked alot or has over done herself. She is very easy to work with. She does Not judge or accuse. She gets her job done and does it well with the load she has with patients. Dr Justice, Has to be a excellent Dr one thing is he did some work in Johnson City Tn where i use to live and have family. Besides the Drs and Nurses that i have in my family i place him up there in a high rim of A Dr and what he does to keep things going and people happy. A great Dr reflects on A great Staff and Team and this is what Knoxville Hope Clinic is a great Team of people working together to give you some HOPE !!! If you are in search of a good Pain Managment place to go or even at one now and would like to leave that one and find the best out there I would check first into Knoxville Hope Clinic. Its so nice to know that even though you May not be able to get rid of all the pain you can still maintain and live a good fullfilled life through them and what they have to offer. Please tell them that i sent you and remember you are at the best with Knoxville Hope Clinic.
By: Joel S.
FNP Westbrook Medical Center
I have been going to Westbrook for almost 2 years now, like many others I was an opiate addict and came not knowing what to expect but knew I needed help. I found the staff to be knowledgeable & professional, & after the first appointment I left with a renewed sense of hope & positivity. The actual Doctors are outstanding at what they do, they will pay attention & listen to feedback so they can actually help you & they truly do care. This is across the board, not just for dependency but for everything they do.For all those saying the staff is rude—by the nature of what Westbrook does, those who work there do come across many drug seeking individuals who test their patience day in & day out. Addicts are not fun people to put up with, and it does force the staff to keep their 'game-faces' on so to speak. I can assure you, these are friendly, every-day folks that work there, & they are courteous and kind. People routinely treat them like trash even when Westbrook's mission is to help these very same people. It's not an easy business, but the staff is still generally all smiles.I'd encourage anyone to go there, from those seeking primary care all the way to those in recovery, these are quality, upstanding people. They have helped me turn my life completely around, & I can't say enough good things about them. My experience is not the exception but the standard. Go & see for yourself the difference a passionate doctor can have in your life.
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By: Brad C.
UT Medical Center
My sister is in rm 455. Yesterday 5/5/16 I went to visit her and her nurse Ali went above and beyond her job description to ensure the happiness of her patient. Ms. Ali went to cafeteria with her own hard earned money and bought my sister a cheeseburger, fries, drink and fruit bowl which she didn't have to do. She did this all because my sister ordered a cheeseburger, fries, and fruit bowl with Dr. Pepper and was not in the room when lunch was served. The dietary employee brought lasagna veggies and unsweet tea without ice. Which was clearly not what my sister had ordered. Ms.Ali registered nurse that works on fourth floor south should be awarded EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR she truly is an amazing, loving, and caring nurse. Very pleased
By: Wilma M.
Associated Pain Specialists
I have to admit, I read the reviews beforehand and didn't know if I wanted to keep my appointment. I was very nervous and went in with bad expectations. I was pleasantly surprised when the staff was all very helpful and friendly while being professional. No I didn't get medication on my first visit but I had some left from a prescription and go back in 2 weeks.. All in all, the experience I had was as pleasant as a doctor's visit can be.. The way I see it, treat people with respect and you will get that in return. Since it was my first visit it did take about 2 hours and 45 minutes but that is to be expected for a first appointment...
By: Hope E.
Apple Health & Wellness
Coming to this office is the best experience of hospitality I ever get at any facility. The front desk administrative assistance, the therapists, and doctors are personal, warm, considerate, and thorough. Never have I felt like just another client/ patient. I'm spoken to by name, and there is a genuine interest in my health and well-being. Plenty of parking, comfortable environment, very little wait time, and top notch staff makes anyone want to come back and tell their friends about where to really be served. It's a ministry at this Apple Health, and I wouldn't hesitate to make another appointment soon. -Mark L.
By: Robert M.
FNP Westbrook Medical Center
Why some of our reviews are negativeThe providers at Westbrook Medical Center treat a small percentage of their patients using pain medication. Due to the fact that we follow strict guidelines and have been known to terminate patients from care for failure to follow proper protocols, these patients leave our clinic angry. We cannot help the fact that we are not a pill mill and refuse bend our policies for a few who are just seeking drugs. We have been in practice for over 15 years in the Knoxville community and have a great reputation with many of our patients. Consider the source when reading negative ads.
By: Nelson N.
Free Medical Clinic Of America
We have been going to Dr. Kim for about two years now. He has always done his best to help us. We get free blood work, and he writes prescriptions, all for FREE! Yes his bedside manner leaves a lot to desire, and he can be brutally honest, but keep in mind that this man is giving freely of his time in an effort to help people who are willing to help themselves. There are a lot of people out there who are trying to get something for nothing or trying to get pain pills. This is not the place for you. look past the abrupt manner and see a man working hard for the community.
By: enchantedl
UT Medical Center
I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to the physicians, nurses, and all staff involved with the treatment of my mother Ada Bosi, who died at your facility on 6/513. If anyone could have saved her it would have been the team of doctor's I worked with that day. Unfortunately, she did not get the right treatment at the facility she was transferred from and by the time they received her it was too late. All that were involved helped me to make that horrendous decision to stop all treatment and allow my mother to die peacefully. God bless all of you. Sandra.
By: kathy.eason
Bellner Lisa Md
Dr. Bellner and her staff are so kind. When I go in for my appointments, I feel as if they care. They are helping me to find the best solutions for the relief of my back pain. I do not feel like Dr. Bellner is rushing to get to the next patient when she is with me. Sometimes I have had to wait a little while. However, I don't mind having to wait longer to see a Doctor that will take their time with me. This is a workman's comp injury and she still treats me with respect. I have been to Several Doctors for this injury and I cannot say the same about them.
By: debbie.r.gore1
Dr. William E Snyder, MD
Dr.Snyder, Hope YOUR days GREAT & weekend!!!!!!Would LOVE to send my THANKS for bringing me out of my coma by placing the shunt!!!!!!Have another appointment with YOU 9/10/12 for a Headscan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Will give YOU my fullest Thanks & deepest appreciation for YOU,am in Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do think of YOU dailey!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR ever-such a Fabulous Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy GREAT evening & night!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie R Gore
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