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By: Danny M.
Cherokee Health Systems
I am a patient at the Lenoir city office. I have been in in severe pain in my hip since the second week in July. I went to Lenoir city office. Was given muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory. And told if it was better in two weeks. That I was to call in and they would refer me to a orthopedic Dr. I tried for over a week to get this referral. They just never got this done. I ended up having to go to a walk in clinic because I was hurting so bad. They did exrays and refered me to a orthopedic Dr. He set me up to have a MRI. It was denied by insurance co. Because I didn't meet criteria. To meet criteria I had to be on anti-inflammatorys for six weeks. In the mean time I have had to go to another walk in clinic and three visits to the ER because of pain. Have had additional xrays two seperate ultra sounds.keep be told I need MRI.Now I have now been on anti-inflammatorys as required. Now I can't any help threw Cherokee. Meeting all kinds of resistance. I need your help i have hurt long enoug
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By: Angie C.
Watauga Recovery Center
I am very happy with the services I have received by the staff at the Knoxville location. Dr. Cirelli takes the time to get to know each of his patients and the particular set of circumstances each person has. I feel like my treatment plan is specific for me and my needs and not just one size fits all. My only word of advice for someone new is to insist on seeing the SAME doctor on every visit. Also, I didn't feel that the physicians assistant on staff would be a good fit for just anyone. I have a hereditary genetic disorder that can complicate my lab results. The PA admitted he wasn't very familiar with it and went on to attempt to make medical decisions and judgements involving what he earlier admitted having little knowledge and no experience. Other patients seem to love him.....therefore It's a case by case type of thing. The only thing preventing me from rating them with all 5stars is my experience with the PA. Otherwise..very professional, down to earth and non- judgmental!
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By: Amy S.
Watauga Recovery Center
I've been going for two yrs I pay cash for visit and meds my insurance pays for my urine test I go on Thursday because of my pay checks and Dr. Cirelli is my doctor I have only been able to open up and talk to him he really takes the time and listens he is a WONDERFUL DOCTOR! But now my insurance will only allow me to come on Wednesday or Friday of course i had to go with Fridays because of my paychecks so thanks to tenn care I just lost the only doctor that took the time to get to know me and treat my needs. It's hard going doctor to doctor and half of them are to busy to care. I don't understand why tenn care patients get treated differently it's not fair! U should be able to go any day that works for you not your insurance! Other than that I love the place they really do care u have to have hope! I'll miss u Dr. Cirelli!
A + DUI and Defensive Driving Schools
This is a great class for young and anyone needing to learn about the dangers of driving and skills to keep you safe. Mr. Jenkins did a great job and presented a very professional class that kept my attention the entire time. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! You are making a difference. Thanks, Gretta
By: Sylvia C.
Cherokee Health Systems
I was told to call everyday to check because all appointment spots were full, which I did. The second day I called I was given an appointment. I expected to have to call more often, but someone canceled their appointment, that day. It's something we have to deal with in life.
By: Robert M.
A + DUI and Defensive Driving Schools
By: Dylan B.
Rehab Planet
Kind people and great recovery programsI have never felt such great support from a rehab like Rehab Planet in my life.
By: Pete S.
Park 40 Club
Why don't you have a Meeting Schedule available?????
Tips & Advices
If you don't have insurance, you may be able to find outpatient programs like Narcotics Anonymous that offer counseling and meetings for patients at no cost.
Some facilities accept health insurance like United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Humana and Medicaid. Many carriers support in-state assessment, detox and outpatient treatment. Some also partially cover residential or inpatient treatment. Because drug addiction is considered a disease, major health insurance providers must treat it like any other chronic condition that requires medical treatment. Be sure to inquire about co-pays and deductibles so you don't receive a surprise bill months after you start a program.
Yes. Some treatment programs promote quick sobriety through seemingly impossible means, such as herbal supplements or religious affiliation. Be wary of questionable claims like, "Shake your drug addiction in one week!" If the advertising sounds too good to be true, the program could potentially be a scam. Instead, look for organizations that include approval and certification from real doctors and health care providers.
Yes. Attending a program that is specific to your drug of choice will make your treatment much more likely to be impactful and successful.  Some provide certain users with medications like Valium and Xanax to counteract symptoms of distress associated with alcohol or drug withdrawals. You may not want to attend such programs if you fear that you may instead become addicted to these substances.
Yes. A physician can determine how severe your addiction is, which will help you decide if you want to try inpatient or outpatient treatment. He or she can also consider any withstanding health issues such as psychiatric conditions that should be factored into your decision. Next, check out facilities and programs that offer treatment for the substances that you abuse.

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