By: yohblondie
Shear Genius Salon
I accidentally ran across Shear Genius in the spring of this year (2012), as I was looking for a salon close to where I live. I have been in there 5-6 times for cuts and color and so far, failed to ever be disappointed. They are very professional, genuinely friendly, and most of all undoubtedly extremely accommodating. I was in a jam due to a death in the family and they were willing to stay late to help me out at last minutes notice.I really just wanted to make a quick positive comment on this salon while it was on my mind, as I was in there recently. I was a little appalled by the "Anonymous" comment posted. The entire post sounds a little bogus and childish to me, not to mention your poor grammar and misspelled words. Sounds like it was written by an 8-year old instead of 48-year old. It almost sounds like you have a personal vendetta against the owner, who posted a very polite response to try to make ammends to your bad experience. If you were that unhappy, why not just post "Would not recommend" and MOVE ON? No specific details were necessary. No one is ever going to like every stylist they try .... it's called reality.The staff at Shear Genius does not know me from the man in the moon, other than I am now a familiar face. Your post was very transparent and I hate seeing nice people treated that way. It is just amazing to me that as large as Knoxville is, you simply walked into another salon and find the hairdresser you love. Unbelievable! I have never had that kind of luck.Providing a service at a reasonable price makes for a good salon. In addition, bending over backwards to accommodate clientele makes for a great salon! I would highly recommend Shear Genius!
By: millie-3020
Salon Azure
Wow, I have just moved to Knoxville and I have visited all the top salons around here and no one could get my color the way my old colorist did in California ... Until I can here...I walked in very hesitant ,, ready not to be pleased... But to my surprise the salon was so modern, hip !!! The guest care welcomed me with a smile and took my coat and placed my purse in a secure area.... The introduced me to my colorist Megan ... Who listened to me ramble on about my color night mares.. She took the time to show me pictures and color swatches to make sure I felt comfortable before we started the service then she quoted me a price before she started ... Checking to see if it was in my budget.. She was very professional and the staff was friendly... I needed a haircut and she was able to get me one with this really cool lady name Cher ... She showed me products and explained them to me and really took the time to show me how to style my hair on my budget....I am so amazed by this salon... But I save the best part for last... After I was walked up to the guest care she told me about the follow program... Since I was new to the salon... They wanted me to come back in one or two weeks for a complimentary blow dry !!!!! WOW!!! Just to make sure I had no other questions about the color or cut.... Can I say amazing !! You have to go check out this place
By: andrealeigh
Salon Biyoshi
This is the best salon in Knoxville !! I am shocked to read some of the negative reviews, I have not once had a problem. The owners Brandon or Mary normally do my hair and they couldn't be nicer ! They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your hair. The one time I saw someone else (Mary and Brandon were on vacation) I wasn't very happy with my color job. Salon Biyoshi took care of it, Mary fixed it to my liking and they did it for FREE. They are always willing to correct something you are not please with as long as it is 2 weeks or less after your appointment. To those complaining about price, This is a higher end establishment and the prices are clearly posted on their website. You get what you pay for if you want a cheap cut or color, go to super clips or ross the boss !! I have been a previous customer of Salon Visage and Belleza and their prices are comparable but they don't offer the same expereience for your money. You get treated like a queen/king as soon as you enter the doors of salon biyoshi !! Don't let some of these negative reivews prevent you from giving them a try, I promise you won't regret it !!!!
By: Tracie H.
Gypsy Hands
Sara at Gypsy Hands administers bodywork that facilitates true healing. The clients who visit Gypsy Hands are there to effectuate change at the deepest levels spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Sara is like a mother who cloaks you in pure love. She surrounds you in support as you venture into the uncomfortable places of yourself and address the issues that hold you back from your highest potential. She applies Maori techniques that knuckle deep (I say this lovingly as sometimes she literally will knuckle deep) and bring to surface all that is hidden. Besides the Maori healers themselves, Sara is the only person that I trust to do this type of bodywork and to reveal my deepest emotional pains. She has seen to my core, and I have had many breakthroughs on her table. I have been a client since 2008 and received bodywork and intuitive counseling. I have attended yoga, belly dancing, and workshops at Gypsy Hands, too. If you want a mainstream feel-good massage, you may feel more comfortable going someplace else. If you want to evoke real healing and open your soul, Gypsy Hands is what you need.
By: dht123
Pure Luxe Salon
I met with a nurse about several things I was interested in , she seemed very knowledgeable . I decided to go ahead and just try Botox( I'm 39 ) and been debating doing it since I was 34 & I'm so glad I did ! The nurse put me at ease & it was fairly quick and painless , more than that the results I have gotten have made me feel so good about myself ! People , coworkers & friends almost immediately asking if I had been using a new makeup or skin care , they couldn't put there finger on it so they just said it must be my new hair color ( I go to Pureluxe for that as well & have been for years ! ) I never write reviews but I'm so excited that I just want to share ! Every service I have had has been so wonderful here , I tell my friends & family & children ...... I only want gift cards for Pureluxe !
By: palmerkayla59
Shear Genius Salon
Leila is an expert stylist! She has been cutting, coloring, highlighting, keratining and styling my hair for two years now. We have taken my hair from bleach blonde to dark mohagony, to red, and my favorite color now which is red with caramel highlights. My natural curly hair looks like Erykah Badu, and I had Coppola KeratinComplex treatments before at another salon, but they never worked as good as Leila's GK line!! My hair is now sleek, managable, and I wouldn't trust my locks with anybody else. I also LOVE going through all of the newest Mary Kay products after I get my hair done, because Leila keeps a large inventory of all the newest products!
By: Beth V.
Gypsy Hands
Sara Griscom and Gypsy Hands can be a powerful resource on any journey toward understanding, acceptance, and love of self. I have been a client since 2009, and I owe Gypsy Hands many thanks for supporting me as I develop into a truer version of myself. I am the only one who can do my own work of personal growth, but Sara and Gypsy Hands have “flipped a light” that enables me to see myself more clearly—and lovingly. Sara has the hands and the heart of a true healer. Each visit provides insight and restoration in a loving and nurturing environment. Schedule an appointment and see for yourself just how empowering a session at Gypsy Hands can be!
By: Hope E.
Apple Health & Wellness
Coming to this office is the best experience of hospitality I ever get at any facility. The front desk administrative assistance, the therapists, and doctors are personal, warm, considerate, and thorough. Never have I felt like just another client/ patient. I'm spoken to by name, and there is a genuine interest in my health and well-being. Plenty of parking, comfortable environment, very little wait time, and top notch staff makes anyone want to come back and tell their friends about where to really be served. It's a ministry at this Apple Health, and I wouldn't hesitate to make another appointment soon. -Mark L.
By: elisa
Shear Genius Salon
Ive been going to Shear Genius for about a year now, and im really surprised at some of the comments on here. I get my hair colored and cut, and have always had such a great experience. The Stylist are always so friendly and they will make you feel right at home. I have never seen the salon unclean, i have gotten to know these girls and they are so sweet and i know that when they arent with a client they are usually cleaning something. I hate to see people give them such a terrible review when i know that they do the best they can at everything they do. I highly recommend this salon to anyone!
By: eva1997
Table 199 Massage
I have never really enjoyed massages in the past. They always hurt me (I like the fluff "Swedish Massage"). When I got a massage from Bradley Lopp (Table 199 Massage) I felt like he really listened to what I wanted and paid attention to what I asked for. So many times I tell them I don't like too much pressure but I would still get too much pressure but Bradley really warmed me up and I felt wonderful afterwards! I would recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you Table 199 Massage for a great massage experience!!
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