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By: caregiver53
Kindred NC #789
If you live in or near Knoxville, TN and must place your loved one in a short-or long-term-facility, consider Kindred-Northhaven on Broadway. I have had to make that choice twice, once in 2004 for my dear aunt (passed in 2010) and again in February 2012 for our loving mother who suffered a major stroke and is paralyzed on her left side. My mother visited my aunt regularly so she was very familiar with Northhaven (as well as three other local facilities) and agreed that she would rather be placed there. It is a small facility that maintains an excellent and professionally recognized therapy staff! Mom went from being tube fed to swallowing thickened fluids, to a regular diet in about six months. My family, mom’s friends, and I pop in and out of Kindred-Northhaven daily. Personally, I would "guesstimate" that I have entered the doors of Northhaven 2500+ times since 2004. I rate it 4 out of 5 only because I don't believe there is perfection 100% of the time in ANY facility! I wouldn’t achieve a 5 if I were able to care for her in my own home. I know the names of the dedicated staff and they know mine, a few come and go as with any organization but MANY were there when I arrived in 2004 and well before that. We communicate with the staff and doctor(s) when we have concerns; they also schedule regular patient care meetings. The staff and management make every effort to adjust care as needed. As a longtime caregiver, I have resolved that there is no shame in getting the best support for your loved one AND you. The only shame would be to place them and not regularly visit their loved ones! Our prayer is that she becomes able to walk again and come home. Until then, our mother is being treated by a team of around-the-clock caregivers, friends, and family.
By: m.boshers
Kindred NC #789
I have been a resident at Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation-Northhaven since 2012. I believe that the interaction between staff and patients here is warm and respectful and that residents are well taken care of. I believe that the facility could be more accommodating to residents' religious preferences and I would like to be able to participate in more activities outside of the facility. Aides sometimes do not answer call lights as quickly as I would like and I feel that there are fewer staff than there should be to accommodate the number of residents. The building is a comfortable place to live and is clean. The facility does not have an odor like most nursing homes I have visited and I believe the housekeeping staff does a great job. The doctor and nursing staff take good care of me and make sure that I get the care I need even if that means referring me to my primary care physician outside of the facility. Staff assist me with meals, which means a lot to me since I have Parkinson's Disease and have difficulty on occasion. The residents here are able to participate in resident council where we can bring up any issues we have and try to resolve them. Most recently we brought up the possibility of going on more outings. Staff have told me they are working on it, but they have told me that for a long time. My main complaint has been getting to see the dentist who comes to the facility only every three months to see patients. I have had no other problems with doctor appointments or transportation thought. Overall, I have enjoyed my time at the facility, but I do feel that it has faults that need to be addressed.
By: maryleetrott
Kindred NC #789
I am very very pleased with the care my cousin is receiving at Northhaven. I am comfortable with her living there knowing that her needs are being met. Before coming to Northhaven my cousin went to Hillcrest. I believe that facility should be shut down. My cousin has made so much progress in therapy at Northhaven that I can only imagine where she would be now if she would have come to Northhaven first. The therapy department at Northhaven is awesome! The nurses call me frequently and I feel like I can tell them about any concerns I have and know they will be quickly addressed. I would definitely recommend this facility and I don’t know what I would do without your help! Mary Lee Trott
By: t.hedges
Kindred NC #789
I cannot begin to express enough praises for my experience at Kindred Northhaven Rehabilitation and Nursing Home. All the staff, from the office and activities staff to the nursing assistants and occupational/physical therapists, treated me with thoughtful and consistent care and were professional, friendly, and organized. During a very traumatic time in my life, I immediately felt as if I was in a home away from home. My family were provided with all needed information in a very timely manner and always felt informed of all decisions being made. Additionally, family and friends who visited me during my stay were always greeted with a kind smile no matter the time of day.
By: b_harmon
Kindred NC #789
In December 2012, my elderly father fell and broke his hip. After his surgery, I was so glad to learn that he would be going to Kindred Northaven for rehabilitation. They had cared for my mother previously for five years before she passed away. She had received excellent care during her stay at Northaven. The staff was kind, attentive, and professional. I am so thankful that my father now enjoys that same excellent level care from the hardworking staff at Northaven. THANK YOU NORTHAVEN STAFF FOR CARING FOR MY FATHER, Jack McCarter.
By: clarahowell
Kindred NC #789
What I like about Northhaven is that my brother Bill is well taken care of and treated with dignity. The staff works hard to meet his needs even though he can be quite difficult at times. The staff at Northhaven always treat him with respect and they all seem to be genuinely concerned about his well-being. Thanks so much for all you do! Clara Howell
By: Lois F.
Kindred NC #789
Nursing staff and physical therapists were friendly and helpful. Everything about my stay was great and I have nothing but good things to say about Northhaven. I would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of care. Lois Farrier
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By: lovethebeach
Summit Medical Group
Came in with my daughter. They saw us both at the sane time!! Swab us for strep while taking weight. We have strep throat,, they also gave me a shot for my migraine. It was gone before I got home!!
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By: Bonnie P.
Jackson Family Practice
Dr Jackson.has been are family dotor for 14 years.he is not only most caring and knowledgeable. Doctor i ever had but he.s just a great humanbeing
By: Becky J.
Fountain City Family Physicians
Love the doctors and staff here.
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