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By: John D.
FNP Westbrook Medical Center
I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. The staff is rude and not helpful. Jamie Byrum and her nurse are the worst.
By: Daniel M.
Affordable Advantage
This Health Insurance Agency has been around since 1991. I am very familiar with them. Have moved to 6208 Baum Dr Ste 15 and same phone number of 865-584-7007.They do Health Insurance, Medicare Plans, Dental Insurance and Home and Auto
By: Suzanne B.
Knoxville Hope Clinic
Knoxville Hope Clinic, IS one of the Top Notch of all Pain Management clinics, in knoxville Tn, or even out there. The staff is very friendly they are always there in a greeting manner and always joking with you. I was seeing at one time Tonya who was a great Np i had known her about 3 yrs so wherever she went i found her. She came to Knoxville Hope Clinic where i was able to see her again and got back to business. Even, though now she is gone once again. I had no worries as i was given Brittany she is another great NP and does a fine Job. She cares. Just try to give her a smile and say something kind to her as she is always having to listen to all about pain and i am sure it gets rough but even so its her Job she does fine with it. You will like her. She is the only one i have seen besides Tonya. there whom is no longer with them. But i had no worries In the past several weeks i have been staying with family due to my back problems and my Bakers Cycts. I was told By KOC Knoxville Orthopedic Group and by a Top Orthopedic Dr there that His recommendation along with my primary Care Dr was Pain Management, That was my best route to take. Because i have a Dog that i love dearly and he can be hard to handle my family was caring also for him as i had to get over a bad cold i had along with some virus i contacted around kids in the family.Its easy to get somewhat spoiled by family during this time. My mother has been my Asst calling around trying to learn more about Pain Management and my meds. She tries LOL. Back to Britany at Knoxville Hope Clinic. She is kind when she comes into the room to visit with you even though at times she has worked alot or has over done herself. She is very easy to work with. She does Not judge or accuse. She gets her job done and does it well with the load she has with patients. Dr Justice, Has to be a excellent Dr one thing is he did some work in Johnson City Tn where i use to live and have family. Besides the Drs and Nurses that i have in my family i place him up there in a high rim of A Dr and what he does to keep things going and people happy. A great Dr reflects on A great Staff and Team and this is what Knoxville Hope Clinic is a great Team of people working together to give you some HOPE !!! If you are in search of a good Pain Managment place to go or even at one now and would like to leave that one and find the best out there I would check first into Knoxville Hope Clinic. Its so nice to know that even though you May not be able to get rid of all the pain you can still maintain and live a good fullfilled life through them and what they have to offer. Please tell them that i sent you and remember you are at the best with Knoxville Hope Clinic.
By: Joel S.
FNP Westbrook Medical Center
I have been going to Westbrook for almost 2 years now, like many others I was an opiate addict and came not knowing what to expect but knew I needed help. I found the staff to be knowledgeable & professional, & after the first appointment I left with a renewed sense of hope & positivity. The actual Doctors are outstanding at what they do, they will pay attention & listen to feedback so they can actually help you & they truly do care. This is across the board, not just for dependency but for everything they do.For all those saying the staff is rude—by the nature of what Westbrook does, those who work there do come across many drug seeking individuals who test their patience day in & day out. Addicts are not fun people to put up with, and it does force the staff to keep their 'game-faces' on so to speak. I can assure you, these are friendly, every-day folks that work there, & they are courteous and kind. People routinely treat them like trash even when Westbrook's mission is to help these very same people. It's not an easy business, but the staff is still generally all smiles.I'd encourage anyone to go there, from those seeking primary care all the way to those in recovery, these are quality, upstanding people. They have helped me turn my life completely around, & I can't say enough good things about them. My experience is not the exception but the standard. Go & see for yourself the difference a passionate doctor can have in your life.
By: Michael D.
Tier One Medical Center
I wouldn't refer this place to anyone. It's cash Only and the wait times are ridiculous. Usually about two hours to get in and out of this place. A minus two star rating !
By: Michael D.
Tennessee Premier Care
The (so-called doctor) or what ever her title is , is a rude B*tch. Tanya Ambler is a joke and other than the receptionist the place is very unwelcoming. I wouldn't go back to that place if they paid me for visits.
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By: Angela K.
Free Medical Clinic Of America
I appreciate upfront and honest bedside manner from any MD, yet when an MD chooses to show disrespect, be judgemental,condescending, and refuses to allow a patient the time to tell how they are feeling and dismisses them with hurtful, disparaging, remarks is despicable! No healthcare professional has the right to talk to any patient in that way, We know the healthcare system has changed..Ive seen him twice..first time he treated me so kindly..listened and was willing to help, 2nd visit several years later, completely shocked as to how his attitude had changed...saw the frustration in him, heard the judgemental words and remarks, I left feeling worse than I did before I came in...I used to truly appreciate his very kind, patient, gentle nature, his intelligence and direct and honest advice...many of us thought the same. So disappointed with Dr. Kim, his direct and honest advice to me was delivered in a very unethical, immoral way...this can and does cause harm to patient's
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By: Suzy S.
FNP Westbrook Medical Center
I will never go there again ..provider would not listen to my symptoms. Was rude and condescending...I know my body I keep track of everything I eat and put in my body as well as side affects of meds. They laid my file over and said sorry I didn't see it about hour after appt...treated me like I was stupid..I made perfect scores on act and psat...I was college prep...I've read over 3000 books so far..I'm not stupid and,this place only care about its suboxene and vivitrol patients
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By: Maria C.
FNP Westbrook Medical Center
I will never go back to Westbrook MedicalThey are do unprofessional and rudeThe receptionist is nasty and rude. The nurse practitioner never has actually examined me. Yesterday I needed to give a urine sample and after I finished I went to wash my hands and there was no water hand sanitizer. How disgusting. I was horrified. They have you sit in waiting room forever than off to to after a long wait to sit in room forever.when np finally came In room its no check up. Just na review of meds you are taking and than you are finished. I'm a senior with diabetes and other health issues. Also. I was told I had gout a few times and given meds .I went to rheumatologist and when she review my past test found I never had goutI will never go back therei dnt want to even give one star but I have to so I can't submit this review.
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By: Ron-nancy W.
FNP Westbrook Medical Center
This place is filled with very unhappy workers who take it out on the patients. They are rude (especially the gal behind the window) and extremely unprofessional. When I asked to bring my wife in with me they refused! In all my years, I have NEVER seen this happen with any doctor anywhere!So today I had an appointment. We were running about 5mins late and we called to let them know. The one who answered the phone (I'm sure it was the gal behind the window because she answers all the phone calls) and when she heard that were gonna be just a little late, she hung up the phone on us!So we get there and sign in. Normally, when you sign in, they call you up to make your co-payment before you go in. We had not been called after 30 minutes of waiting. So, my wife went to the window to find out what was happening and the gal gave her a snotty attitude saying, "He'll be seen when we are ready to see him."Then, when they finally called me, I requested that my wife come with me and they refused, treating me like I was some kid! My wife always goes in with me because she can ask the doctor questions directly instead of getting information second hand from me. She knows all the meds I take better than I do. And even though I told them, they down right refused to allow her to come with me! So I put up an argument and the gal who was snotty comes out of her hole and told me to sit in the waiting room and the office manager will come out and explain it to me! Can you blow off! So we sat down for about 5 minutes and I finally walked up to the window and told the gal that we were leaving and her response was "Please do!"I remember the first visit we had about 4 months ago, they tried to take blood from me for lab work and none of them knew what they were doing! They finally brought in this guy they claimed was a "guru" at this and it took him 3 times to actually hit something and then while he was holding the needle in my wrist, he looked away to talk to someone and twisted the needle inside me!They are a bunch of incompetent, unhappy and unprofessional a**holes!If you are looking for a doctor in the Knoxville area do yourself a favor and keep on looking.And no....I do not take pain meds!

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