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By: annaliz
MINI of Knoxville
I had car trouble last Monday night in Tennessee while on road trip from New England to Louisiana (dash light indicating electronics malfunction came on at a rest stop-- manual advised me to "discontinue my journey") and had to have my Mini towed 100 miles to the nearest dealership, which was Mini of Knoxville. I was worried (to say the least), as the car is quite new (09), I was at least a thousand miles away from anyone I knew, and I had to be at work in New Orleans, where I am a teacher, on Wednesday morning. I called the dealership early Tuesday morning to explain my situation and why my car was in their lot, prepared to plead that they get me back on the road ASAP, and was met with some of the friendliest, most courteous and prompt service I have ever experienced. They took my car in right away and assured me that the service would be covered under the warranty and that they would call me if anything came up that I would need to pay for out of pocket. Kevin called me twice that morning with updates-- once to tell me what the problem had been and to tell me what they had fixed (in addition to fixing my electronics issue, they took care of the service that was due, including changing my oil and replacing front and rear wiper blades), and to ask if I wanted to have the tires rotated and some rust removed (not covered under the warranty and not critical, so I opted not to have this done). He called an hour later to say that it would be done within the hour (before noon!) and that I could come pick it up. When I picked up the car it was freshly washed and vacuumed, and serviced beyond what I had hoped or expected (I'd had no idea how much I needed new wiper blades until I used the new ones later that day). I made it back to New Orleans that night, and I received both a phone call and an email from Kevin the following day checking to make sure I'd made it home safely, thanking me for my patronage, and wishing me a good school year. In the past I have been wary about taking my cars to be serviced at a dealership, usually opting for independent repair shops, but this experience has changed my mind. I cannot recommend Mini of Knoxville enough-- they turned a tense and frustrating situation into an impressively positive experience. I only wish they were in New Orleans so I could use them regularly!
By: brian37920
Ole Ben Franklin Motors
This is going to be a long review. I will keep the main details in the beginning; I had a car that was worth $1500 (I felt it was worth what Ben motors offered me) but I owed $6000 on the loan. Therefore, I was turned down by everyone; from Easy Auto, JD Bryder, to Toyota of Knoxville, Terry Cunningham ford, ted russell nissan. Even Clayton Motors who is buy here pay here. It was sad. I gave up hope until I finally went to Ben Motors. When I sat down with Tarl, I told him I needed him more then he needed me. (Great way to make a deal) He said we will get it done. That night, he ran my credit (I had over 100 inquiries on my credit report due to the loan requests) Even though he knew my issues (most dealers I said that and they said come back when you are ready) and still Tarl took me to a 2009 Nissan Altima and we even took it for a test drive. (The first test drive out of all places) Car price $16,000 After we came back, I was like awesome car. But wasn't impressed cause I figured I would be walking out with my beat up car. He then said done deal. I had this feeling before, it always ends up bad. Well, he said here are the keys and my eyes lit up. I sat down with finance and they went over the deal. They offered me $3,000 for my trade in. This deal was unreal. Well, come to find out my finance charge was 17%. Two weeks later they said come back in, we need to talk about your deal. I came in and they were able to get me approved for another company at 14.5%. (how does a bad company actually pass that onto the customer, let alone spend their time to do that. The car runs great, no problems. I had an issue with corroded battery, but took it to Ben Motors repair shop where they cleaned it, and good as new. (Even the mechanic dropped what he was doing and did it for me right away.) Overall, the support was top notch, and the service is good so far. I hope this review helps, and believe me when I say I was turned down by everyone besides Ole Ben Motors. Just make sure you tell Tarl if you can get "him" approved, you can get anyone approved.
By: stbusch
Grayson BMW
I recently purchased a pre-owned Land Rover LR4 from Grayson BMW that I found via Cars.com. The vehicle I was looking for was very specific (color, options) and it just so happened they had “the one” I was in search for, yet I was in Austin, TX. I worked with Andrea DeMarco from start to finish on this purchase.She was helpful throughout the process and was able to get all of the information needed on options, recent maintenance history, and condition, even though they are not a Land Rover dealer. Further, she helped coordinate a PPI from a 3rd party to inspect the vehicle for me. This was something I initiated as I wanted an independent party to look the car over since I would not be seeing it before purchase.The entire transaction was smooth and painless; she overnighted the paperwork to me with detailed instructions and had the contract executed the day she received my paperwork and check. Lastly, and most importantly, was the patience Andrea and Grayson BMW showed when the transporter I hired from UShip flaked out. I got the run-around for almost 10 days until I finally pulled the plug and found a better transporter. Low and behold, the car sat there for over two weeks before being picked up. They never complained or threatened to charge storage fees. Ultimately, the communication was excellent, the price was very fair, and the overall experience was top notch.
By: ride4wind
Ted Russell Nissan
Estimates came back for repair to my wife's 2002 Jeep Liberty (which she loved) and the verdict was "totaled". We did our homework on new Jeep Liberty's and found the Consumer Reports "Reliability Rating" reports were too low to inspire confidence to shop them. She liked the new Nisson Rogue so we're off shopping a new vehicle to replace her Liberty. Hit 5 other dealerships and the staff at the Nisson Dealership on Kingston were definitely the Most Knowledgeable, friendliest, and easiest to deal with. Gotta give props to MIGS (our sales guy). He's from Brazil, been in Knoxville for years, and is the GO TO guy on his Nisson product. The Business guy and the sales manager made the whole process fun. There I said it... It was fun to deal with these guys. No haggling, no bs and lots of smiles.I work in a similar business industry and I know the ins & outs of how deals and relationship building with your customers should be. These guys do it first class.We'll be back. If you're shopping new or used cars this dealership is a "must shop".
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By: Jacob Z.
Turon Auto Sales
Bought a car here about a week ago. Visual condition was good, detailers did a create job, but that is where the beauty stopped. The salesman know the car pulled to the right slightly, means it needs an alignment, sounds good. The car had open recalls on it which the manufacturer typically fix, which would be easy for the dealership to take over there and have them do, but they did not. Fast forward to you taking in the car and being told that it needs $500 worth of parts replaced plus labor fees on top of that. Had to pay for it because the car would have only lasted 2 weeks before failure and would be unsafe to drive.I called the dealership to see if they would compensate or help at all, they were no help at all. If you decided to get a car from here try to get an extended drive and take it to a dealership or trusted mechanic to get an honest and correct opinion. The mechanics at the dealership only get the car running to the bare minimum to drive it off the lot.
By: j.a.watson
Parker Auto Sales
My girlfriend and I went there yesterday to get a car. Now, after some back and forth about the down payment (which was issues with US, not the dealers), we were finally able to get into the car that we wanted, and on the way home, she and I came to a realization. We had been there most of the day, and there was NEVER any pressure. Our salesman was Clint, who did everything short of firewalking to make sure that the entire sale went off smoothly, no pressure, as little stress as possible. Rene and Daron also have to be mentioned, because in the time that we were there, they made us feel right at home and like we actually belonged there, not just that we were a commission. I would recommend Parker Auto Sales to each and every one of my friends currently, or in the future, looking for a quality used car without the typical used car lot B.S. THANKS SOO MUCH PARKER AUTO SALES STAFF!!!!!
By: Cat L.
A Plus Auto Sales
I was recommended to go here after my previous car died. My source had used them before and believed them to be a good used car dealer ship. My experience however was not the same. When sold the car they did try to fix the broken turn signal but they did not actually look at the wiring, because if they had they would have seen that the wires where stripped. I didn't pay any attention until i had to buy multiple headlights within two week due to the issue. I had called and they told me they would fix it and free of charge. They did not and they then told me that they could order the parts but i would have to pay for it. To get to the point you get what you pay for, fairly decent car with multiple problems they are not willing to fix and poor service from the workers.
By: Chris S.
Easy Auto
My experience was exceptionally good. All the people I met there was nice and professional, it was a pleasant experience for me to be there. I bought the right car and Zack was really helpful on this. He was very helpful in explaining me the different products and features on the vehicle and the finance information. Finally, I would recommend for people to go to this Dealership in Knoxville, TN and let Zack do you an excellent and kind job like he did for me, He went above and beyond to make sure that I was Happy and that the vehicle that I had chosen was right for me,I am really happy with having bought my 2008 Chevy Equinox at EasyAuto at the Knoxville , Tn location . Please give my thanks to the people mentioned above. It was a Great Experience Chris Sherrill
By: Nan P.
Karns Motor Company
I've lived in states and countries around the world with little fear except when it comes to buying a car. I've bought locally many times including new and used. Bought Saturn and Carmax so I thought I could count on a fair price and they advertise that. But no one in K'ville sells as fairly for beautiful, dependable cars like Karns! I will never again go anywhere else. The car was perfect inside and out. The price was perfect for my budget. And, I was delighted at the respect and kindness I was given. They will work to get you in the right car. I'm sending my friends there forever and God willing I will be around to buy from them in the future. Quality ���� GO BIG ORANGE!
By: Bell O.
Turon Auto Sales
Ben and Alex are really great guys to work with... from the moment I first walked in their door I felt like I knew them forever. Ben was really patient when I asked to test drive a couple of their cars, and he even let me take it to my husband who was at work so that he could see it, too! They tell you upfront if the car has any problems and will even work with you to get minor problems looked at or even repaired, if possible. They are both very understanding and will do their best to help you own your next "new used" car. I would definitely buy another car from them and highly recommend them to anyone who doesn't want the hassle of dealing with the average "salesman".

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