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By: Joby K.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
Marcos Garza is an AMAZING attorney. He has handled cases for me, well multiple times. There wasn't any case that he didn't go over and above and do absolutely everything he could to benefit me/my case. I told him he was a magician this last time, I was facing jail time. He told me straight up that because of some stupid choices I had made that he really didn't know if he could completely get me out of this one. He made me a list of things to start doing until my court date, while he worked on things from his end. With his very high skill level and dedication to helping me get out of trouble, and all my hours of community service he suggested I do along with a few other things he had me do all to benefit me and help my case-- He got me out of trouble once again with not even a day in jail, and has since began the process of getting my record expunged. I am greatly appreciative to have had an attorney that was so extraordinary and superb at his line of work. He takes you seriously and gives 110%, He makes things happen. He saw me laugh, cry, hysterical at the thought of jail time, and something about him not just his words, always comforted me and made me feel that my situation was in the very best hands. He always at every meeting assured me he was doing everything he could for me and always, whether at a meeting or phone call, kept me up to date and in the know about what was going on. I feel like he takes the time to get to know the person he is representing more than most attorneys would. And he genuinely cares for his clients and the outcome of their case. He got mad at me when I was back in trouble and it was one of those times you could tell a person really cares. Because alot of people would love to see you in their office in trouble needing help all the time and not worry about it because they know they are going to get paid and do what they can but never really sincerely care for you as a client or person or care a whole lot about the outcome. Of course no lawyer wants to have alot of losses or bad ratings and some do really try, but Mr. Garza exudes confidence and care like no one I have ever encountered. Helping clients fix their mess ups and keeping them out of trouble is of course what any attorney strives for, but Marcos Garza I feel also genuinely wants to see his clients succeed and excel in life and he will literally do everything he can to achieve the best possible outcome in every case. He doesn't look at it like just a charge on paper, a case that he needs to come out on top in, he looks at it like a real person in a bad situation coming to him for aid and he cares about each individual and their case and the outcome, not because he knows it will make him look like the best attorney, but because he really wants to help people and come out on top because it means they will too. I am so very thankful and grateful for Marcos Garza! He is a super awesome attorney, the best attorney, and an extraordinary person in general. He gave me the opportunity to get my life together, he helped me over some bumps and a huge hill in the road. And thanks to Mr. Garza I was given the chance to start fresh with a clean slate. I recommend Marcos Garza to anyone and everyone needing an attorney. He works wonders and fixes things that you'd think weren't fixable. If it wasn't for him who knows where I would be today or what kind of record I would have. He's a very, friendly, honest person who is extremely devoted to any and every case that comes his way. Marcos Garza will not leave you disappointed, but he will leave you more than satisfied with case outcomes that only he could achieve. He's a fabulous attorney and a great person in general. And Marcos if you read this thank you thank you thank you for all you did for me!!
By: Jillie P.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
After a night on the road, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I walked out of Knox County Sheriffs Detention Facility the next morning with 5 new charges. One of those charges was Driving Under the Influence.These new charges brought upon me many concerns, because these were not the only charges I've picked up in the past. At the time, I was on State Probation for 7 felony charges, and had pending charges waiting on the grand jury. Violating my probation and being sent to prison was my biggest concern. Although that's what I expected to end up happening, I started to gain some hope after sending a message for help out to dui defense attourneys. Marcos Garza was the first to contact me, so I went to the free consultation he offered to me. When we met, I was by all means impressed with the way Garza had presented himself, the confidence he had in defending my all wacked out case, the methods said would be used in the investigation, and his sincerity was the most impressive I'd witnessed of all the many lawyers I'd come into contact with. Marcos Garza was just the attourney I was looking for to handle my caseload. When hired, Garza went straight to work. My situation was different than many others he's defended. Because I had been, and was in so much trouble at the time, my case would be more challenging to take on. Honestly, what prosecuting attourney has any mercy? None! But what prosecuting attourney would rather prosecute a known felon with everything they can throw at them than a first timer? I'd say, from experience..all of them. When it all came down to my charges, some how, some way, they miraculously dissapeared, with an exception to the minor class C misdemeanor offense of Unattended Motorized Vehicle, which, in reality, is pretty much equivelent to a city citation. Really, the truth is, I had A LOT of credible evidence that could've very easily led to my prosecution of DUI and 3 other charges, but behind the scenes, when it came down to it, Marcos Garza worked his magic, did what he does best, and proved to the legal system that I was not guilty of DUI, nor the other 3 offenses that were dropped. I've been in DUI court before, and I've seen the DUI prosecutors work, Some good terms to describe their prosecuting tactics are bitter and merciless. They don't care if you're guilty or not, if there's a will to prosecute you, then they will try to find a way. Garza did a great job keeping in touch. I knew what was going on with the case, and the investigation pretty much the whole time. I could rely on Garza to be at Court when scheduled. His office is conventiently located by the City County Building, so it's always nice that you could just walk to his office before court and discuss matters at hand before those tense moments in the court room. Garza has jawdropping knowledge and he has two conventient ways to share his knowlege: in advanced lawyer terminology, and easy for your average person to understand. If you're like me and you like to ask a lot of questions, the Mr. Garza is willing to listen, and answer your questions without showing any signs of becoming impatient. This I think, is a great gift. Overall I have absolutely NO REGRETS of meeting, hiring, or knowing Marcos Garza or any of his wonderful staff. Thank you again Marcos, for a 3rd chance in a world without chains and cages.
By: Nelda D.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
After receiving my DUI in the summer of 2009 I became determined to fight the system and try to keep my record clean. As a graduate student trying to look for an accounting job I knew that a background check including a DUI would seriously hurt my odds of getting a job. While my case did not look good to most people, including several other lawyers, (I blew a .15) Marcos always gave me the feeling that he would still fight for me despite the odds. Don't get me wrong, he was still upfront about the fact that things might not go my way and never promised me things that were not certain, but he actually did fight for me!I sat through many court hearing and watched some of the big name lawyers do absolutely nothing for their clients while I am sure they collected a large paycheck. Marcos was constantly working the room looking for the connection that may help win my case. It was kind of amazing actually to watch hinm get to know everyone there (especially since this case was in Chattanooga and he typically practices in Knoxville). In the end it was these things that helped us win my case. I dont' believe that any other lawyer could have gotten me the result that he did. Most of them would considered it hopefless with such a high BAC and told me to plead. I am a fighter and refused to give up and was so blessed to have a lawyer that feels the same way.On a personal note Marcos really does get to know you as a person and it is genuine. He really does care about what is going on in your life and I truly believe he would still be there if I called him at 2 o clock in the morning. Basically if you are feeling like you just have to fight your case and want someone who will feel the same way you have to go with Marcos. It is just a benefit that he is great personally and will care about you as well as your case.Thanks Marcos! I wish you the best of luck in the future!
By: Elena W.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
There are simply no words to express my deepest graditute to Marcos Garza and his staff. My son and I met with Marcos when Andrew was charged with a DUI and several other criminal offenses. At the age of 21, Andrew had several encounters with the KPD all of which were in no means in Andrew's favor. He was facing a two year prison sentence and these new charges would certainly seal his fate. Naturally, I had very little hope of any type of defense for Andrew. Having dealt with several attorny's in the past, I honestly was expecting for this attoryney to be no different than any of the others. OH HOW WRONG I WAS! From the first moment Andrew and I entered his office, we were both treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Marcos began from the beginning when Andrew had his first encounter with KPD. Marcos was up front and forthright with my son's situation. It was not going to be easy and we certainly had an uphill battle. However, Marcos was confident in the fact that the circumstanses for the DUI Arrest could be challenged. He was very frank and explained everything in great detail. Andrew and I left the first meeting with a glimmer of hope. The very next day Marcos had his investigator working on the case. To my surprise, it was a very short time that the investigator had concluded his investigation. The end result, all charges against Andrew were dropped except for leaving his vehicle unattended! A true miracle! All due to his diligent efforts and personal investment in truly believing in my son. For that, I will be eternially grateful. Andrew did not go to prison but will continue his probation all because Marcos believed in Andrew and took every step possible to ensure he would not become just another statistic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and your wonderful staff!!!!
By: Ree B.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
As a 20 year boater, I've never once in those 20 years ever operated a boat incapacitated and under the influence of alcohol (to the point of a + .08 reading). That ended last year, when leaving a marina on Norris Lake. The TWRA was "laying in wait" in the dark of the night and stopped me for what they said was a "light issue" with my boat. They then accused me of operating the boat in an incapacitated manner. I agreed to the breath-a-lizer test as well as a field sobriety test (which, by the way, they indicated that I did not fail). They then immediately changed their mind and indicated they wanted to do blood work to determine sobriety. I did not agree to the blood test. The remainder of the night was a nightmare (sparing all the full details). I ultimately contacted Marcos and shared my "story" with him. Marcos and his team went to work on my behalf. I truly felt like he believed me and that he felt I had been treated unjustly. Again, sparing the full details, here are the results. The BUI charge was expunged (gone, removed, as in "it never happened"). Honestly, and Marcos would not come close to saying this. . . .it is my simple observation and evaluation. . .but the Judge and DA in Campbell County were way "out of their league" with Marcos. . . he was more prepared, more intelligent, more professional, with more personality and simply "better" than anyone from the Campbell County judicial/court system. I whole-heartedly recommend and endorse Marcos Garza. I've not been in a situation like this before, but I cannot imagine anyone better than Marcos. Yep, a little "pricey", but "pricey" is relative when one is concerned about their integrity, reputation and honor. To Marcos Garza and his entire staff. . .job well done. . .beyond well done!
By: Illiene M.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
I contacted Marcos on Christmas Eve because I had been arrested the night before for my first DUI. I had called a couple of other lawyers that day, but none of them had called me back. He took time away from his family to call me back that day for a consultation, explaining the situation, what I could expect. After talking to him for a few minutes I knew I wanted Mr. Garza to represent me. He explained his prices, and we set up a payment plan, which was very helpful because a DUI is expensive all around. His prices are slightly above the lawyers in Chattanooga, but with Mr. Garza you get what you pay for. When the time came for the initial trial, Mr. Garza came fully prepared with a video of the arrest, and he was able to point out everything that the arresting officer did wrong, much to the chagrin of the prosecution. During the months that it took for the trial to go the full length I managed to receive another DUI in Atlanta which I had to plead guilty to. The prosecution for the next trial in Chattanooga knew about it and wanted to throw the book at me and give me one month in jail. I would lose my job if that happened so I was very worried. After the prosecution saw how prepared to fight Mr. Garza was, they offered to reduce it to a 1st DUI with 20 hrs of Community service and 48 hours in custody. That was a better than the deal that I thought I would get, and I took it because I would be able to keep my job. In conclusion, I don't think that there is another attorney that I would rather have representing me in Tennessee.
By: Nancee T.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
They say that you put your lives in the hands of someone that you can trust and who has the ability to lead you through difficult situations that you may face. Marcos, is one of those leaders that not only knows his job well but completely understands what his clients are going through and facing. I was stopped for a DUI with an extremely high BAC reading. The case was extremely challenging and Marcos and his office worked with me every step of the way. He is a strategic expert in his business and has the political and ethical reputation that clearly makes him the absolute best in his field. He is without question one of the top businessmen that I have had the pleasure of working with and putting my career in his hands. He is worth far more than he charges and works with you to ensure that the ROI (Return on your investment) is the absolute best that you can get. If you happen to make the mistake that I did and are arrested for DUI you owe it to yourself, your family, and your career to at least meet Marcos, and when you do the decision will be over. His commitment to his career and helping people is clearly what drives him and this is one of the big factors that sold me on him. My career and my life have not missed a beat thanks to Marcos, and while I learned a big life lesson I was able to do so without causing my family and career to take a large step back. Marcos, Cheers again for what you have done for me, my family, and my career. God Bless your career and all the folks that you have and continue to help!
By: Pasquale G.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
Around 8 months ago I went out to see a few friends before I moved back to attend college. That night to avoid bothering my friends in the morning to go get my car I had them drop me off at my car so I could have it come morning. I was underage and hadn't had any more to drink than a sip every now and then of my friends drinks, but nothing I believed could put me at risk or impair my driving. I had to drive my car less than a mile, just right down the road. In the parking lot of my friends apartment, right before I go inside lights come on behind me and I already think the worst. Before I knew it I had picked up 5 charges that could effect me the rest of my life, including a DUI and underage consumption. I hired Marcos Garza because he had been recommended to my family by a family friend. I expected the worst but hoped for the best. Marcos and his team worked to find any holes in my case that they could. I can easily say without his expertise and hard work that he put into my case I would not be where I am today. Four of the five charges I had picked up were expunged and I now only have a reckless driving charge on my record. Not only did he keep me out of jail and keep my license, but he gave me back all of the opportunities that I feared losing. I now can stay in school, keep my job, and focus on the future. If you are facing life changing charges and need an excellent lawyer, then look no further than Marcos Garza!
By: Titus B.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
I have never had any need to work with a lawyer up until the past 3-4 months. I turned 21 years old about 7 months ago and had already been arrested for suspicion of DUI. Mr. Garza had been recommended to me by a family member who spoke very highly of him so I called his office to schedule an appointment. Being young and fairly ignorant on the matter, I had no idea of what to expect and I was very nervous. The first meeting with Mr. Garza went very well for me. He explained everything to me in ways that I could understand (instead of using difficult lawyer jargon) and this helped put to ease some of my nervousness. He even had visual aids to give me that helped me understand the situation and what was going to happen much easier.I knew during this first meeting that he would be the attorney I would hire to handle my case because of his thorough knowledge on the matter and he made me feel like an equal to him as opposed to just another case to make money off of. In the end, everyting turned out about as best as possible. Mr. Garza throughout the whole ordeal kept me from worrying and really put my nervousness at ease.He kept me informed on what they were doing and what was going on throughout the whole case and in the end it turned out about as best as possible.
By: Kate K.
Garza Law Firm PLLC Atty
I was charged with a first offense DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. My charge was reduced to reckless driving. I paid court cost and was on probation for six months. Being charged with an offense and going to court is never a pleasant experience. I walked into Marcos office with my stomach in knots and dreading what lay ahead. I walked out knowing I had someone representing me who would leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of the best possible outcome in my case. Marcos explained exactly how things would proceed and what would be done at each step. A weight was lifted and I knew things would be okay from the moment I hired Marcos Garza. The initial meeting was followed by the actions Marcos had laid out and by my complete satisfaction with the outcome. My case was settled on the second court appearance after hiring Marcos and I did not have to return. If you're reading this you are probably facing an unpleasant situation of your own. Do yourself a favor and talk with Marcos about your case. You will walk away with a clearer understanding of what you face at the least. If you hire him you can rest assured you will be fully and skillfully represented by one of the best.
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