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By: Ming S.
I always go into this new subway since it opens. Its usually a busy subway since iits open 24hrs. This time my experience with the attitude and customer service sucks. I went in around 12am since I just finished worked and was heading hope walked in and the person behind the counter was making two sub's for one person there was another person in front of me. I stood there and waited until her made both person sub's and cash them out. While this other guy came in and walked straight up the the register wher the employee was cashing out the two persons ahead of me, and the guy told him what he wanted. I watched as he finished with the persons in front of me then walked back over and made the guy sub right in front of me. Then after making the guy sub he proceeded to as me what I wanted. The disrespect I felt I am and will not returned to a subway. I definitely will not ever recommended your place to anyone.
By: lo.shmo.9
I have been coming to this Subway for a few years now and it used to be decent. Now, they have only ONE employee working all day long. This is absolutely ridiculous. It gets very busy in there and it takes well over 20 minutes to get a sub. Whoever management is better step it up and take responsibility to hire more staff. There is no excuse for someone to work there ALONE for minimum wage. The Better Business Bureau is gonna hear about this. I will not be going there anymore because the management obviously does NOT care about customer service..only cares about their profit$$$ It disgusts me.
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By: Joshua J.
Want a great service, where pretty people give you food that isn't that healthy for you, but makes you feel like you ate happy? So do I, and that's pretty normal I think. Who wants to eat unhealthy and feel that way afterwards? Maybe it's the illuminati's plan to make us eat and think this way, and that's why childhood obesity is on the rise. Maybe not. Whatever man this place is great, always eat the rotisserie chiken sandwich, its great.
By: poincianaresident
Ordered a side salad and a third of the lettuce was wilted. The baconator meat itself didn't have much flavor but the bacon adds to the flavor.
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By: modela1949
This Wendy's manager is a bit clueless he does not care about long lines he would rather fill up ice buckets. Don't go at busy times!
By: Shennell B.
Burger King
Order is sloooooow! If your very patient than it's okay.
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By: Eliud A.
Rather go here then bk across the street.

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