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By: Cory S.
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
I visit Cheddars often and when I dine in, I truly love the experience. But the numerous times I have ordered to go orders, I have had terrible service. So its not just a one time event. The server constantly rolls her eyes, huffs, complains, and gives you attitude and talks down to you. I think I am done with ordering to go. If I dont have time to sit in then ill go somewhere else. Its just not worth the trouble anymore.
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By: pattividrine
Went there July 18th my husband & I had the best seafood around this area that night ! We had clam chowder you could tell was freshly made plus oysters on half on half shell . Which were not gritty at all wonderful flavor , plus oyster Rockefeller, that were made just right .. If you like seafood you have to try ..
By: Ramona I.
Riverfront Seafood Company
I enjoyed my meal at Riverfront Seafood. The fish was so fresh that it was like catching it myself. The service was excellent and atmosphere is great. It's a family restaurant which is a refreshing change to the bevy of chains and the owner works hard to make sure one has an excellent experience.
By: Lisa W.
Riverfront Seafood Company
The food was pretty good. The staff was friendly. I enjoy sitting where I can see outdoors and the water. I think they should have a greater selection of grilled food ...was double charged on the iced teas which were already pricey. Thank goodness I noticed and alerted my waitress!
By: janet.tindle
where else in this area can u go to hear great bands have a blast and eat some of the best food in town but at Biggies. The staff rocks the managers are killer awesome and the food speaks for its self. love this place
By: Dale C.
The Fisherman's Dock
Much better selection and options than the places in nearby Kingsport that try to be more "upper crust". Home food atmosphere but high quality food. It's our first choice for seafood in the tricities.
By: John T.
Hot Dog Hut
This is one of the best hot dog I have ever eaten. I had the chili and cheese dog. Pal's chili is realy bad. I would recommend this place to any one. JT Kingsport TN
By: michael.chikar
The Fisherman's Dock
Great food!! reasonable prices, good service and friendly staff. The dining area was spotless. This is the best seafood east of the Chesapeake Bay
By: joycelyn.graves82
Chili's Grill & Bar
I had a great time there. My drinks were awesome and the manager was great. I will return again.
By: David M.
The Chop House
Great food and nice atmosphere. Really like the bread and chops!

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