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  • Corey G.

    Dr. ZImmerman is just generally an un-delightful man. I too, along with others on this list, wish I would have read the reviews before going here. I went here because it was close to my work and my insurance covered it. Dr. Zimmerman was condescending and just came off as arrogant.. not someone you'd want to grab a drink. Who wants to go to a doctor that they feel is generally unpleasant and comes off as a car salesman moreso than a personable doctor. If they do not carry something in the store that you are interested in - he's very quick to dismiss it or say why you shouldn't get it. He just wants your $$$. Also - there were no apologies for making me wait 20 minutes for my appointment. Just generally came off as a place where their own motives are above that of helping the customer. Bye Felicia.

  • K L.

    ripoff artist. never shop there. they sold a hugo boss sunglass for $269 when others sell for $120 - $185 while even retail price is listed as less than $200 everywhere. no cash refund. make sure avoid this place. Horrible customer service and doctors.

  • Optical World K of Pr...degrading customer treatment

    I wish I had read the reviews here before purchasing my glasses at this shop. The selection was very good with many choices of upscale and classic models. But this did not make up for the poor even neglectful service. I can't remember being treated this way as a customer in any venue. I was just bringing glasses back for a simple repair...I agree...stay away...Waimea

  • Stay away - you have been warned!
    Steve D KOP

    A word of advice - stay away from this Optician.

    The service is terrible, the staff are unfriendly and the prices are sky high. Tough to find a reason to go there I hear you say - and you would be correct!

    I used this Optician's because it was local to me - I visited 3 times and was highly unsatisfied each time. However my latest visit, I decided enough was enough.

    I instead went to Singer Specs in Exton, PA who were fantastic. Helpful, friendly and half the price.

    You have been warned!

  • poor service

    I purchased a pair of glasses over the weekend. I would agree with the other reviewers about the poor service and unfriendly staff. This is probably because the employer treats the staff in a very rude manner. I brought in my own prescription and did not need to see the doctor, but from other reviews, he seems to be a very unhappy man. The whole time I was there, the staff was polite but cold and condenscending. The air was full of ""I'll help you but I don't need your business"" attitude. I only got hand-written, paper receipt, too. And yes, that adding machine with print-out capability was still there as of July 26, 2009.

    Had I read these reviews before my visit to the store, I would probably avoid this place. However, I was on a hunt of a pair of designer plastic frames with nose pads, which only this store had a great selection in the whole KOP mall. If, when I pick up my glasses, I get the same type of treatment as what some of the earlier reviewers got, I would definitely take it up to the mall customer service. I think it is the responsibility of every consumer to bring up poor services and goods to the attention of not only the general public but any governing body to make the society and community better as a whole.

    Finally, if you want to get glasses in the KOP mall and you don't have the problems I face, I would definitely recommend Lens Crafters and American Vision. I only dealt with the Lens Crafters in the Court, not the one in the Plaza. I had great experience with the Lens Crafters store, even though I ended up returning my glasses due to ill fit. The staff was very friendly and service stellar. American Vision has a great selection on designer and European glasses. It's been in business for a long time. Both times I visited, the staff members were very friendly. The only caveat with this place is that they don't post their hours.

  • AVOID this place!

    This business is NOT consumer friendly! The staff was rude! Questions were asked, replies were curt. Not a place I would recommend! Very distasteful!

  • horrible office

    Being new to the area we chose the place that our plan reccomended. The Dr we saw, not Dr Zimmerman was wonderful and very thorough. He explained everything so even my 4 year old could understand. The problem though is in the sales/office staff. They are in no hurry and have no consideration of anything once the sale is made, They have no computer generated receipts andn only handed us a paper tape from the adding machine. When we informed them we needed more we were assured that when we picked up our glasses (not an hour later but over 10 days) that they would have them ready. Finally the call comes for the glasses and we go to get them. There are no posted hours and no voice mail so how do you even know when to show up ? So we arrive at 10 and the doors are locked, later at noon there is someone there only they are mid sale and cant help. Once they complete the sale they then realize they cant find my glasses. 1 and a half hours later they find the glasses and hand them over, but no receipts. So nnow I have to wait another half hour to get poorly handwritten receipts that dont even add up to the totals they billed me for. So back again to the store to see if they overcharged or left something off. Too bad one good Dr is ruined by the most incompetent office staff I have ever come across. At least my 4 year old was on his best behavior so it didnt get even worse....oh but they did give me 2 bottles of cleaner to make up for my heres a quick tip. Find another place unless you have hours to lose paying over inflated prices that come with no receipt.

  • Avoid it like the plague

    Going to optical world was the worst retail experience of my life. Not only was James Zimmerman rude and condescending to myself, he left me wondering how such a miserable person could work in a retail atmosphere. I thought the main goal of the retail industry was to be friendly and customer service oriented as to build a strong consumer base, but apparently optical world's policy and James Zimmerman's is to offend its patrons. Well it certainly worked, so with this advice and for your own good, take my strong warning and save yourselves the trouble and aggrevation and go to another optical store. If you are wondering what happened to upset me this much, as to take the time to write this review, well I came into the store to get a style number for a certain pair of eyeglasses that I wanted because optical world was not under my coverage. So I asked Dr. James Zimmerman, politely, if he could please give me the style number, but to my surprise he gave me a snobbish look and abruptly cut me off and told me harshly that optical world does not give out style numbers. Let me tell you I was shocked, so I asked why not? and he continued to infor me in the same condescending tone that if I was not going to buy from them, then I could go else where. Then I told him again that optical world did not cover me and I needed to go get the frames somewhere where I was covered, but it still did not faze him one bit. In addition, in his callous demeanor he agreed that I should go some place else to get my eyeglass frames. And I will Dr. Zimmerman, and you should too! Oh and after I thought to myself, would Safilo the distributor of those glasses I wanted; who may I say are responsible for the sales of gucci eyewear in the nation be happy he did not give me the style number so I could buy them anyway elsewhere. I am guessing that a sale for gucci is a profit for Safilo, if they only knew.

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