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Sal's Italian Pizza
My friends and family have been going to Sal's religiously from 1977 to whenever it was when a new to the area pizza place opened up in Kilmarnock a few years ago. Say about 33 years. The customer service during ALL of those years were first rate. For the most part of those years the pizza and other food was, too. But, the food fell to what my friends and family all described as inconsistent in the mid 2000's. One pizza would be cooked perfectly, another would be barely cooked and still another would be overcooked. You could never be certain what pizza you would get. When cooked perfectly there are few better pizza's, but that was only when you received it that way. I will always love Sals, I will always love the people who have and those that still do work there. But, we are loyal customers of the pizza business that opened up just a few years ago here in Kilmarnock due to their consistency on the delicious pizza's we order.

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