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By: Saru W.
Creative Child Learning Arts Academy
My son has been attending CCLAA for a little over a year. When he first started he was in one of the K2 classes and we were over the moon impressed. When we met his teacher for the first time, she already knew about his oral texture aversion and knew what to do to assist with his therapy. A drastic change from his previous daycare. They have an actual curriculum that they follow for all classes, so it's very much like a school setting. Everyone compliments my son (currently 3) on how well he speaks and his vocabulary - some of which is learned from home, some of which is attributed to this daycare. Ms. Portia (now at the front desk) was able to get my strong-willed child potty-trained in record time. When my son was moved up to the 3 year old room, we did hit a bit of rough patch after Ms. Portia was moved into an administrative position and there was quite a bit of turn-over with the teachers for that classroom; however, every time I had a concern, it was addressed promptly and professionally. Professional, positive and polite open communication from both sides tends to be the key in resolving problems. They found a teacher, Ms. Taylor, that is a good fit for his class and things are back to being wonderful. Ms. Jeanie has even gone above and beyond to help my son progress with his eating issues (with his texture aversion, he still eats baby food and has a hard time eating regular table food). She created an incentive program for my son (which includes allowing my son to "check-out" a special toy for the evening) and he has started to make real progress - slowly, but surely. Of course, you will always run into some issue when it comes to childcare; no one will ever take care of your sweet child like you do, but this place comes real close. The owner is engaged with the center, almost all of the staff members are caring and kind (let's face it, every place of business has one or 2 employees that just don't fit the mold), and my son loves attending.
By: ccsmith109
Kids Circle Learning Center & Daycare
Absolutely the worst day care I ve ever encountered. They have lied to us, lied about us, and generally just hidden things regarding our children s safety. Today we were informed that we don t deserve information about our children s health because their grandmother had already picked them up. He has had bad diaper rash, and the day care has not been putting diaper rash cream on it. Today when asked if they were putting cream on it by the grandma, they informed her that we hadn t sent any. Which did not explain the 3 tubes of it in the diaper bag. They re dad and I went down to straighten it out. We asked to speak in private with the manager and the teacher who told the grandma that we hadn t sent it. This was put to a stop by the owner, who informed us we had no right to question them, that this matter was dealt with and that we needed to leave or he would call the police. Sadly, this is not the first time they have lied to us, but it will be the last time. Considering they can t respect our wishes regarding the care to our kids (putting lotion on their hair after being repeatedly asked not to), have lost our kids stuff (and then claimed they had never seen the clothing in question), and allowed harm to come to our kids and then tried to blame it on the child (one of the boys fell and cut his head with a toy when questioned they said he wasn t supposed to have it so it was his fault. He is a year old), we will not be returning. And would encourage anyone looking into sending their kids here to reconsider.
By: Ken I.
Creative Child Learning Arts Academy
The Staff And Teachers Are More Than Wonderful. My Son Has Been Attending This Daycare For 2 Years Now, His Sister Since This Past Fall, And Now My Youngest Daughter As Of This Week. I Love The Atmosphere. I love the fact that my children genuinely love their teachers and I can actually see that the teachers love and care for them too. My children have learned so much is such a short time thanks to the structured and nurturing environment. Everyday there is a folder to check and sign, art projects/proof of lessons come home weekly, teachers communicate VERY well. Yes, I am a real Parent and NOT a robot or "paid reviewer" (I used to wonder myself when reviewing businesses how many people were real or put there to save face). I pay my bills on time, Communicate daily with their teachers and actually do my best to be involved with any activity provided... I believe these are KEY to giving a fair review. I am thankful to have a place I feel safe leaving my kids at. There are cameras, they cycle out teacher's aides daily to provide breaks (because we allll know that breaks are needed when dealing with children lets just be honest), and if there is/ever was an accident I always get an immediate call followed by an incident report (little Timmy bites little sally over a toy). LOVE THIS PLACE
By: Marlan Z.
Creative Child Learning Arts Academy
As I sit here and read all these reviews I'm just dumbfounded, non of the things that were said are true, this daycare cares more about the kids than anything else, the children ALWAYS COME FIRST! Every time I'm here it's nothing but love, I can tell the staff all care about individual child. And it's also very clean, so to those who said it stinks and everything is dirty that is also a incorrect statement, this daycare cleans the rooms and sanitizes every toy, cup, plate, spoon, bedding, ect every single day, and yes during the day it will smell like diapers because ITS A DAY CARE but they empty the trash and maintain everything every hour. And they do not allow their caregivers to run an "uncontrolled" environment, they keep an eye on everything watching the cameras continuously to make sure everything is going the way it should.
By: Marlan Z.
Creative Child Learning Academy
We just recently PCS here (9 months) and daycare on post was full. I chose a daycare for my children and it left a bad taste in my mouth. 2 days later I walked into CCLA #2 and my children's eyes lit up and they have loved it ever since!! My son is 3 and his teachers have been truly amazing from taking their time with him to teaching him. My daughter is in the after school class and she really loves it! The staff you couldn't ask for better they don't only watch our children when we are not around they take care of them so we can leave in peace knowing they are fine. After having a horrible experience at one daycare here I can truly recommend CCLA #2 to anyone!!!
By: Ken I.
Creative Child Learning Academy
I love Creative Child on Clear Creek. I have had some bad experiences with childcare in the past and was leery of putting my baby anywhere. I was greeted at the front with kind professional service, given a tour of the facility, and then I signed up the same day. My baby has been in the 18-24 month room and just moved up to the two year old room. I have nothing but good things to say about the care that she has received and would not take her anywhere else. They have curriculum and learning even for the little ones and do not just sit and watch the children they teach them. This is most definitely not a DAYCARE but it is a school even for the babies.
By: Namm B.
Creative Child Learning Arts Academy
Ms. Latonya in the infant room is amazing! My little girl is always smiling at her and willingly goes to her every morning! She is always very attentive to my little one and so are the infant room aides. The front desk ladies are very friendly and have always been helpful when it comes to any questions I may have. This is my first experience with childcare and I would choose them for my first again if I had to. From what I have seen there financial practices are no different from any other daycare in the area, they expect to get paid on time, just as the parents expect to have care for their children.
By: Jason S.
My Little Blessings
Outstanding day care! My son had a lot of trouble while adjusting to daycare, and we took him to two different daycare facilities before we found this place. He would not adjust to the other two at all and was even kicked out of the first one because he wasn't adjusting. We found this place and within the first week he didn't cry when he got dropped off and was always having a great time when we picked him up. They truly care about each child they take care of and they provide a great pre-school program. I feel very comfortable leaving him there and they have never let us down. Highly recommended!
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By: Donovan J.
Sinai Christian Child Development Center
Ms. Wanda Diaz is such an amazing woman and teacher! I'm a high school teacher and I have been teaching for 9 years and I have absolutely no complaints she takes such good care of her students and especially my son Donovan who has been diagnosed with Autism. He also has severe eczema and tons of food allergies. I have never had to make a complaint. She basically potty trained my son. He went from never wanting to go in front of people to going when the class goes and going at home when told. He has even started going without being told. I'm so grateful to God for her! Love you- Destiny Cilumba
By: Laree B.
Creative Child Learning Arts Academy
This daycare is awesome! They just don't do the minimum to take care of your child. They have a set school type curriculum , even for my one year old daughter. The first two weeks she was there we actually noticed she was singing songs and saying words that she had never said before. They also send weekly projects home letting you know your child was engaged in some type of learning activity or theme for the week. They also have a locked front door and only parents with key fobs can get in. They are on the upper end for price but it's actually worth it!

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