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By: Gabriella M.
Perfume Outlet of Key West
Miss Mitchell its funny you say that if you go on ebay you could find coco channel mademoiselle 3.4 for 40 dollars and i can guarantee it is not real, 2 years ago my husband and i bought a perfume from them beautiful u we paid in the store 80 dollars and then saw it on ebay for 25 we called david the sales person and gave him a piece of my mind he was super courteous listened to every word some bad ones im ashamed to say and he said buy the perfume from ebay use it if its the same he would send me any perfume i wanted for free we did exactly that and guess what not only it smelled funny it damaged my dress and yes he was right now that was in my case but also remember when you go to that store they will introduces you to hundred different perfumes and will be patient with you and help you the best they can they don't push you or force you to buy anything since that day every time we go to key west we stop in their store we love it the prices are good and i know what im buying and i know everything is original. thank youbety
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By: Emma M.
Casa Salon
I was hesitant to try eyelash extensions for the first time but I have to say I was sooooo happy that I did. The customer service I received at Casa Salon from the moment I made my appointment to the moment I walked out was fantastic. They made me feel very comfortable and they were extremely professional. The eyelashes are individual lashes that are applied one by one and last for several weeks. This was something I had been dying to do since I have extremely sparse lashes. What a difference! It's like I'm wearing mascara from the moment I wake up. I have had them for two weeks already and they still look amazing. While I was waiting I was watching a bridal party get their hair and makeup done and they were all stunning. They have some extremely talented stylists and makeup artists. I'll definitely be going back to Casa Salon.
By: rodriges
Perfume Outlet of Key West
first the all the tester say not for sales, becouse they are testers but the rep over there gets them for cheaper and he dosnt charge you the same he gives you the discount he gets for testers so dont lie. second i was there with my wife and we bought 3 bottles each we think we got great deals we love our perfumes and they do last longer everything was as told to us and yes if you search the internet you could save a little but you woulkd never have found them now IF YOU FIND THEM MORE EXPENSIVE WOULD YOU SEND THEM MORE MONEY.
By: fishkilr
Salon Seaside
Pam & Mark know there stuff! With all there experience & combined ideas you are being treated by absolute professionals. They are tucked away in a small shopping center in the Seaside Complex off South Roosevelt Blvd. find them! You won't be disappointed. I wasn't. Have lived here for 12 years & finally found "My Stylists". There prices are competitive.
By: Sophia G.
Casa Salon
I loved the spray tanning service. I came out with the perfect tan and color to start my mini vacation with my girlfriends this weekend. I'm loving my color! A+ to the people and the service here.

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