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By: lostintime.bliss
Lake Park Apartments
This is not a one sided review so hold on.The Bad.. The floors of the apartments are uneven. The stairs are being eaten by those driller bees. The tennis court has plants growing through it and no nets. The basketball hoops have no nets. The pool gets overrun with people who do not live there. The parking in minimal and does not get enforced.The Good... Dan... Great guy... Works hard to keep the place running though I do not believe he is given enough authority from the owners. I believe they micromanage and force Dan to cut corners. The property would be much better off if they just let him run it and gave him an annual budget for upgrades, not including repairs.The view of the lake is amazing, and the fountain in the lake is great to fall asleep to.Maintenance Team.... They try as hard as they can to get things fixed within their ability and material support given by the owners. Extremely well mannered and quick to help. If you are looking to live in Kernersville I would suggest this place.The team there deserves way more credit than they have been given by other reviews. I believe it is the owners that are holding this place back.
By: T A.
Lake Park Apartments
Old management was awful, new management is awful too. While living there I continuously asked for my stove/oven and refrigerator to be repair which was broke when I moved in and no one would fix it. After going up $60 on my rent for a renewal, I asked again and they agreed to fix my refrigerator and not my stove. They attempted to fix it but it still wasn't working. The management needs to educate the receptionist because she is as clueless as it gets. They won't repair the steps, which has screws sticking up. I know people who have fell thru the old wooden steps and management didn't do enough to prevent it from happening again. I would not recommend this place.
By: Scott M.
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Carolina Realty
After deciding to sell our home, my family and I were lucky enough to find Mark Kalstrup, with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Kernersville, NC.Mark came to our home for an in-depth meeting, and explained his mission as realtor to us very clearly; We Were All On The Same Page.By the end of our first meeting, we were able to set up our personal plans to prepare the house, and prepare ourselves for what was going to happen.Mark responded to every question we had throughout the entire process.Through phone calls and texts, Mark was quick with answers we needed, along with very helpful information we had not yet considered.Prospective buyers appeared the very day that the house went on the market.Our experience with Mark Kalstrup was always very positive and upbeat, and we completed the sale of our home within weeks after we met.Our customer experience far exceeded expectations, and members of our family are already inquiring as to how we can work with Mark again.Thank you.
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By: Amy K.
Iman Electric Co Inc
***PLEASE READ & SHARE IF YOU ARE ELDERLY OR HAVE ELDERLY FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE TRIAD AREA****Two weeks ago, Todd Iman from Iman Electric in Kernersville, NC, came to our home on a service request. We had several different switches throughout the house that weren't working. As my husband and I are 80 years old, I called him because he advertised a senior citizen's discount, as well as the obvious services offered by a licensed electrician. Here's what happened next... he came and "surveyed" our home for 2 hours. I am, however, concerned that "surveilled" would be a more appropriate term. To continue, we were charged $190 for Mr. Iman to come look through our home. That equates to 2 hours of "work" at $95/hour. He (quote) "touched nothing" and "had NO CLUE what the problem was" nor was he able to determine which switches did or did not work, He went on to refer us to ADI/ADT, as well as to a "home automation" company called Advanced Technologies mentioning that's where some of his friends work. When I called the fellow at Advanced Technologies (home automation), even he was baffled as to why I was given his number for this type of situation. ADI/ADT, if you are not already aware, is a home security system/service to which we already subscriber. I am not an electrician, but I feel confident that neither of those places offer the electrical work or diagnostics that we were needing. The day after Mr. Iman's uneventful visit, several other light switches mysteriously stopped working even though Mr. Iman "touched nothing" after thoroughly surveilling our home. My son-in-law had to take time off from one of his two jobs to simply come flip switches and check light bulb connections the day after Mr. Iman's visit. He made the following list of the switches that didn't work (front foyer, dining room, front hall, furnace room where circuit breaker is located, master bathroom, master bedroom closet, computer room closet, lighted storage closet in the attic, and one of the porch lights). My son-in-law was able to determine this simple list in 30 minutes. Since Mr. Iman is unwilling to do the right thing, please be aware that he is not BBB accredited, makes sure to advertise in publications that elderly people read, and becomes "irrate" very easily when questioned about being charged for doing nothing. You do not want this man in your home much less conducting any business with an elderly member of your family. These are FACTS. I simply feel the need to present them to you for your own safety. Mr. Iman is highly unprofessional, admittedly unskilled, and clearly knows where the "easy money" can be made. If you live in the Greensboro/Triad area, PLEASE feel free to share this if you are elderly or have concerns about the elderly members in your family being taken advantage of by dishonest and dishonorable people in the area.
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By: J S.
Anytime Electric
I bother to do this so people will now!I was quoted a price to replace the whole main panel. Scott said it would take 5 or 6 hours. With my permission to save time and money..They only replaced the bus bars and some breakers. they were only here 2 hours and still charged the full amount they quoted. $1000.00. They mislabeled and over amped 2 circuits. These guys are all about the quick buck. Use someone else. $350.00 an hour is Jack.

Responce: to his responce: This guy quoted a time/materials to replace the "whole" panel! upon arrival and my approval for them to replace the busbar with the understanding to save me money! and them time! the time of payoff..instead this guy smiled widely while he still charged the amount quoted...use someone else..regardless of these other stars Scot receives...
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By: Robin E.
Donnell Villas
Phone number is a fax number.
By: Declan D.
Lake Park Apartments
I have lived here for several years and absolutely love it. The staff is always a pleasure to talk with especially the maintenance guys. A few months ago, my fridge stopped working and they replaced it the same day. Anytime I have had any repairs needed they are usually there the same day to take care of it. I never had this quick of service at previous places I've lived. Recently they updated the outside of the buildings with new siding and my new windows are so pretty and a lot easier to open and close. There are still some flaws but its an older apartment complex.I read some of the other reviews and felt like I needed to say something about my experience here because I haven't had any complaints. I do wish they would salt the steps in the winter because they can get icy but I know to just be more careful. Other than that I would recommend it because I doubt there is anything better in this area for the price.
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By: Beth L.
Amalfi's Italian Restaurant
Really good Italian Unpretentious good people. Good service.
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By: Beth L.
Blue Naples Pizza
Have always had great food and good service
By: drewdude1822
Lake Park Apartments
Since everyone wants to write about the Bad on here, I'm going to tell you about the good. The rooms are very spacious. Before coming to live here a few years ago, I visited apartments around a 30min radius. By far these apartments have the most space at a very affordable, cheap rent. The living room is very spacious, 2 bathrooms(most apartments only have one), 2 huge bedrooms! My fiance loves her pantry in the kitchen, and walking out on the balcony every morning, seeing the lake and geese off in the distance. We where given the option to paint, as long as we paint back before we leave. Let me tell you right off the bat, that is extremely rare to find in a apartment complex. It just made it feel even more like a home to us. The people in the office (exp Dan) are extremely helpful. Every problem I have ever had, they instantly hop on the issue. They fixed the steps, roofing, Had exterminators come in (gave us a notice to before hand), and they bend over backwards to try and make this a enjoyable family home. Regarding the pool passes, I thought it was a wonderful idea. It's only a dollar, which pays for the band you get itself. And lets you enjoy the pool, instead of overcrowding from random people. The issue with the parking has been resolved as of May. They sent out flyers to receive items to place in your window, and reduce having some neighbors take advantage of multiple parking spaces. The apartments are in the heart of Kernersville itself. It is a walking distance from all your retail stores, restaurants, etc. Such a cheap price for such a spacious living space. If you want a warm community to live in, Lake Park Apartments are for you. So far they have made me and my fiance' 3 1/2 yrs living here very enjoyable and do everything in their power to continue to do so.
Tips & Advices
Keep the following tips in mind:
  • Do not operate any electrical equipment while sitting or standing in water.
  • Don't overload extension cords or surge protectors.
  • Put caps on your electrical outlets if you have small children.
  • Call an electrician if you notice your sockets or switches are warm to the touch, discolored or if they make noise.
  • Keep electrical cords away from stoves, ovens and other sources of heat.
  • Do not use an appliance that has a frayed cord.
  • Do not staple extension cords into place or cover them with carpets or furniture.
  • When using extension cords, make sure to unwrap them before plugging them in.
  • Don't overuse extension cords. Have an electrician install extra outlets if you need a power source closer to you.
  • Only use light bulbs with the correct wattage for your lamps and light fixtures.
  • Contact a licensed electrician if you frequently blow fuses, since this can be a sign of an electrical wiring problem.
  • Have an electrician look at your fuse box to ensure you have the right size fuses and circuit breakers. The wrong size fuse or breaker can be a fire hazard.
  • If you have fault circuit interrupters installed in your electrical panel, make sure you test them at least once a month by turning them on and off.
It can cost from $40-$100 an hour depending on the job. This does not include additional costs for parts or trip fees. Make sure to ask in advance what they charge for or if they will provide a free quote.
In order to become a full-fledged professional, a person must undergo an apprenticeship with master and journeyman electricians. An apprentice needs 8,000 hours of practical work before graduating to the journeyman level. If an apprentice reaches journeyman status, he or she can complete most electrical work, but cannot design it until completing more testing along with 2,000 more on-the-job hours.
Yes. While all electricians need a license, not all of them do the same types of jobs.
  • Outside: These types of electricians work outdoors on electrical lines that connect to power plants.
  • Inside: Inside experts typically focus on commercial and industrial buildings that require a lot of power.
  • Residential: Residential electricians work with low-voltage systems and wiring to install fuse boxes and light fixtures.
Watch out for contractors that greatly underbid other electricians. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, always remember to get the estimate in writing before settling on a company.

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