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By: Dontmove H.
Grosvenor Square Apartments
I haven't had any issues with the office manager but the maintenance guy is completely useless. The grounds are okay. The roads stink. The dumpsters everywhere are unsightly but I guess it's something you just have to live with. Some of the tenant's offspring are animal abusers who need to spend a few nights in jail. A dumpster (wtf??) was "tagged" a year ago. Though I'm glad to see the underprivileged taking charge of something, I wish they'd aim higher than a trash can and do what the rest of us have to do - get jobs. Then, they can spend every last penny on dumpsters if they so choose. Otherwise, it just looked really stupid in the middle of Kernersville. Not to long ago, a car was broken into and some license plates were stolen in the middle of the night. Sadly, this is a dumping ground for cats. Unfortunately, it's also a dumping ground for pedophiies. Even more unfortunately, it's also a dumping ground for people who could give two flying you-know-what's for the safety of their children. I wouldn't suggest anyone move here unless you can't do any better. The crime rate is low, at least.
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By: Jacob thomas F.
Grosvenor Square Apartments
Edit: The grounds still look pretty terrible but I had to edit this to raise it a couple stars for how nice the new windows and siding look. The new windows are especially wonderful because we haven't had to run the useless air conditioner since the temperatures have gone up. Our power bill has stayed reasonable for the first time since I moved in here. The siding changed the outside from looking moldy to clean and pristine. Good job, Grosvenor Square!I took some pictures of the grounds to show what looks like mold growing on the ceiling outside some of the apartments and the terrible vehicle destroying pot holes in the parking lot. I don't totally dislike living here but this place could do better to make the building look less crappy. The rent is low but you get what you pay for, I guess.
By: subspacednb
Farmwood Garden Apartments
Overall, this was an acceptable place to live. I never had major issues with the place while I lived there. Unfortunately, ever since moving out I've been involved in a dispute with them concerning an issue in which I feel I was wronged. I'm going to take the high-road though and not base my rating solely on this one contentious issue, instead I'm basing it on my overall experience of living within the complex and dealing with the administration. My only word of advice is make sure you don't rely on the office personnel to make you aware/remind you of certain terms and conditions in the rental agreement

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