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By: Sheri S.
USA Brake & Auto Repair
Often we speak of the 'Good Old Days' .. and pine for the helpfulness that a small hometown community provided, such as service stations and corner markets. We have found such service with USA Brake and Auto. Over the past years, our family has relied on Mirko and his crew - knowing before we did of wearing parts.Working with them over the past years, I have come to trust when they speak of dangers. Last month I took our aging van in for an oil change, and they mentioned that the steering rods were going out, and should be looked at. I had a family vacation planned, and couldn't take it in for repair until afterwards. But took the van in as soon as I returned. They were able to quickly fit us in, and replace the parts. Today Mirko talked to us about the parts, and showed us where they were and why they needed to be replaced. Our family has brought numerous vehicles into USA Brake and Auto, with trust in their honesty, skills and workmanship and recommend them for quality service.
By: lady_bee2097
USA Brake & Auto Repair
USA Brake & Auto Repair are the only competent, honest mechanics I have been able to find for my VW - and I have been to quite a few. I have to travel a long way to get to their shop, but in the end having repairs done correctly is well worth the extra time. USA was able to diagnose and fix problems that were worsened by faulty & very expensive repairs at other shops nearer to my home. They are such a positive contrast to my other repair shop experiences, that this is the first review I've ever written. I'm now thinking I may be able to actually keep my 11 year old VW, which before I used USA seemed impossible because of the frequent & expensive unresolved problems and faulty repairs. I think a lot of the problems with VW is not so much the cars, but the lack of competent places to have them serviced and repaired. USA is the best place I've found by a mile!
By: usatodd
USA Brake & Auto Repair
I never write reviews, but after the service I received from this business I felt it was extremely necessary. I've been around the world and met lot's of different people, receieved many different types of business and customer service. I have to say I went in here thinking It was going ot be like the rest, and thanfully I was very surprised. It takes a lot to please a person like me, and they were able to do it. I was very impressed with their work ethics and their attentive ccustomer service, and the coffee wasn't half bad either and always full! I'm happy to say I have found my repair shop :) Thanks USA Brake!
By: sammsam01531
USA Brake & Auto Repair
I am very pleased with the way I was treated and how the work was performed on my vehicle. I was treated as a person and not just another paying customer. What impressed me the most was the follow up phone call I got from the owner to check to see if everything was up to my standards. You don't get that kind of care from other repair facilities. I recommend USA Brake and Auto Repair to anyone needing their vehicle fixed.
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By: toolslinger9
All Automotive Service and Repair
Just had them change oil on my motorhome. $150.22 Seven quarts synthetic. Two quarts more than my truck takes of synthetic for double the price. Do they think they are a drug company? I've traveled all across the nation getting oil changes in this vehicle and never paid close to what they charge. Won't be going back there again for anything, for sure.
By: xxarthur48
USA Brake & Auto Repair
Our tire provider recommended USA Brake and Auto to us several years back. Since then we have had all our brake and engine work done there. Mirco and crew are always polite and professional. When someone asks about reliable and trusted car care we always tell them about USA Brake and Auto and give them a business card.
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By: Darcy B.
All Automotive Service and Repair
We have had several of our vehicles repaired here and have been happy with the work. It always hurts the pocketbook to put a lot of money into your car or truck but I think they were reasonable. I would take your vehicle to them to be serviced. They also said it would be ready in about a day and a half and it was.
By: m.malinsky
USA Brake & Auto Repair
I have been taking my car to USA Brake and Auto Repair for years, and I would not go anywhere else. They greet you with a smile, great customer service and satisfaction is always number one with them but the most important reason why I wouldn’t go anywhere else is because they are honest!!
By: Brian S.
USA Brake & Auto Repair
This is an absolute great place to take a vehicle you love to! My wife and I have an old 1990 Chevrolet Pickup that belonged to my parents before their passing. This place takes good care of this old truck and makes us feel so good every time we go there! Thanks Mirko!!!
By: aag4566
USA Brake & Auto Repair
It's great to still find a place that takes your car in and works on it while you wait. Some car problems take longer, but most of mine have usually been in-&-out stuff. I appreciate that. Always good service @ USA Brake & Auto Repair!
Tips & Advices
Yes. New tires purchased online can often be priced lower than ones at a tire dealership. Buyers can often avoid state sales taxes and locate hard-to-find tire styles and sizes, but will still have to locate a local tire installer and pay sometimes high shipping costs.
The average cost of a set of new tires is $637, with a range of between $525-$725. In addition, installation includes mounting and balancing, alignment, and disposal of old tires.
The vehicle is raised and the old wheels are removed, then the old tires are removed from the wheels. The lug nuts, wheels, and valve stems are inspected and replaced as needed. The new tires are mounted and sealed, then inflated and balanced. The wheels are then replaced on the car. The average installation takes approximately 45 minutes.
Agencies such as the Tire Industry Association promotes tire safety through advocacy and education to the industry including: manufacture, sales, repair, service and recycling. Seek a full-service tire dealer who carries a wide variety of tire types and brands and asks about the type of driving you normally do.
  • Move your car to a safe location.
  • Turn on your car’s safety lights, apply the parking brakes and remove the hubcap if there is one.
  • Loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench (but do not remove them), raise the vehicle with a jack and then fully remove the lugnuts.
  • Remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire.
  • Tighten the lug nuts by hand, lower the car and then tighten them fully with the lug wrench.

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