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By: Betsy M.
Kennesaw Barber Shop
I fed my 3-month old daughter at Kennesaw Barber Shop Saturday without a cover. I showed no more skin than is visible in a low cut shirt, and when I have breastfed in this position before people have commented that they couldn't even tell she was eating. After a conversation with the owner, I asked for clarification for whether or not they want to do business with women who choose to nurse without a cover. Here is their answer, for your information:In response to your request for clarification on our position regarding breastfeeding: We do haircuts.We are a family owned business, serving a family oriented, suburban community. The majority of our clientele have children, though a growing percentage of our clientele are college students. As you recognized, we were very busy, as we expected to be on the last Saturday before Christmas. You also must have noticed how small our waiting area is. We have on average 10- 20 men at a time on busy Saturdays in the chairs and waiting area. Breastfeeding is natural, and supported by all of us. You made a point to mention you are involved with breastfeeding education, so you are aware it can be controversial in settings like this. Without cover, it becomes awkward for men. . Since you are involved in helping new mothers learn to breastfeed, maybe you could help them understand situational awareness, i.e. be considerate of others in the area. Before you take to social media to condemn us, please understand we are not hateful- we are barbers who do men’s haircuts. It really is that simple. Breastfeeding is healthy and beneficial, and we would not ask you or anyone to stop. There are a range of options for nursing mothers: and a huge difference between being “anti-breastfeeding” and being considerate of others while nursing. In a small room, the men waiting for haircuts deserve to be comfortable also. It is considerate to bring a cover. Exposed breasts are not what our clientele expect to see while they wait for a haircut
By: T B.
Cutz 247
We heard about this new shop that is open 24 hours; yes 24 HOURS. We decided to check it out and was blown away. The decor is chic and the atmosphere is welcoming. The stylists and barbers are awesome and I love my hair. My husband is going back to get his haircut for our trip. I will definitely be bac .
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By: Bobby M.
Hollywood Cutz
I would reccomend this Barbershop over any in the Kennesaw and surrounding areas. Very friendly atmosphere and family oriented.
By: charlesd.barnes.75
Hollywood Cutz
I love Hollywood Cutz the guys are really nice and very professional. Great barbers as well, and family friendly atmosphere.

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