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By: theblindtruth
OK, here is the real review of the place. The location and style are completely unique for Keller. When new they were fantastic. But like all businesses you have to make a profit, so they scimp on headcount to run the place. And I agree, the people in the office do not have a great attitude but in the US what company does. Only those that drive quality, and the ownership here does not. Over time the property is slowly going downhill as an A property. But the rent depects a A property. Your choices are limited in Keller so the market is driving the lack of attention. They can keep renters even though it's subpar for the cost.Upside, great location, right on the Keller trails and lakes, it's all about the location. If they applied a little attention to the property it could really be something great. But it's just and average work attemp. OK you got the real view.PS. Just some additional insights: WOW the management really has a bad attitude. The girls in the office view and treat tenants as pain in *******! Any request is treated in a way to minimize their work. This includes not telling the truth. Examples: they lock the common restroom in the lobby used by the workout room and break (WIFI) area and both are 24/7 access with your key code. I asked why and was told it was because two young people were making out in the bathroom (really) how about the manager wants her own private bathroom when she needs it. The free coffee never has regular coffee, instead you get hot Co Co. Ask the front for regular coffee that they stock in the storage room and they answer with " the service guy has not come by for two weeks or we only put out a set amount each day (really) but the local staff are always getting their free coffee every morning more than one time. They could care less about servicing their customers it's a joke.

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