By: foodinspector
Little Chicago
Was there on a sunday night around 7:30 pm and had the buffet.The food was horrible had to have been sitting there for hours and half of it was cold.You would think if you were eating a buffet you wouldnt have to wait for food.We waited almost 1/2 hour for fresh chicken then they only made enuf for all 4 of us so we couldnt go back up unless we wanted to wait another 1/2 hour.As i was paying for my bill I had noticed the cook or dish washer thru the doors from the bar smoking inside the building absolutly stunk of smoke in the bar area.I thought wisconsin was smoke free for work places.This was there second strike and it will be along time before i go back,the first strike was we were there for the brunch buffet and got up to get more food came back and our table was cleaned off completly including my drinks you eat with no drinks the rest of your meal.
By: valleyman45
Little Chicago
Was there with a guest for brunch. Selection was excellent, but food wasn't even luke warm. This was at 10:00 a.m. when the brunch first started up. We were warned when we got there the line would not be ready by the time they opened. The line was finally completely set up at 10:15 a.m. Prime rib on the line was awful. They serve it cold but with warm au jus. It was extremely bland. Ordered eggs benedict from the kitchen and it was bland and not very warm. Decor is non existent in first dining room and the room was very dark. Waitress was not friendly and had a very dull personality. My guest and I agreed we will not be back.
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By: Dominick G.
Pagoni's Pizza
I go to Pagonis at the minimum two times a week. The food is always delicious and I never had a bad meal there. Anything you order I guarantee will fit anybody's needs, I'm that confident that this place is really this good. The service is like no other, the most kind and hard working people I've ever met. At Pagoni's it's obvious it's a business, but they give off that family vibe and with deals that good it's basically a steal (lunch buffet for $8.49 which includes all you can eat pizza, pasta, breadsticks, desert, salad, as well as a drink).
By: Justin W.
Pagoni's Pizza
This place is an experiment like none other. The lobby is beautiful, great seating, people, and even better food. Me and friends often go to the lunch buffet at least every other week, and still love it. For under $9 I get a salad, drink, and the buffet and couldn't be more pleased. This is highly recommended to my friends and family and haven't heard any complaints so far.
By: Pat D.
Little Chicago
I was reading some of the reviews for one of my favorite restaurants, I can not believe we are talking about the same place! The food is fantastic!! Their prime rib is awesome!! The salad bar is by far the best around! The tomato basil soup is great! The bartenders and the waitstaff are very friendly. If I get to pick the place to go to it is Little Chicago! YUM!!!
By: Hans H.
Pagoni's Pizza
Wow, friendly service and delicious food can be expected every time my family makes the trip. Being from the Sherwood area it can be hard to find food as good as whats served at Pagoni's. I just found out they also deliver to the Sherwood area which will surely make football Sundays even better.
By: stinam85
Little Chicago
We love this place!!!! The food!!! The service!!! Oh and lets not forget the drinks!!! Awesome!! Love this place :)

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