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By: Matthew148912@hotmail.com R.
Grand Vision Center
Amazing personal service! I am so glad that I was able to find this Grand Vision Center on yelp. They had other great reviews which I used as a reference and am now here adding to it for a reason. The first greatest thing is that their staff was so courteous, swift, and efficient with getting me into the system and gathering some basic information. Before I knew it, they had me ready to be placed in a room for examination. Dr. Brett Donaldson knows exactly what he is doing, his questions about my prior use of contacts and current use of glasses were so specific that he gained a true understanding of my preferences and exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for glasses that I would wear primarily and contact lenses for certain occasions. He made the perfect suggestion which suited my use for both glasses and contacts. The second greatest thing about this location is that it is family oriented. His daughter, Brittany Donaldson did an amazing job of helping me get the right contacts, the correct amount of daily contacts, and overall an amazing job at making the service unbelievably precise, detailed, and personal. They have an incredible team and do an incredible job!
By: Jessica C.
Berkeley Eye Center
In one word AMAZING! Everyone from the front desk staff, the prep nurse, Dr. Garrett, his assistant, to the Optician that helped me chose my frames, just AMAZING! I’ve used glasses for the past 18 yrs and tried to use contacts (with no success) for the same amount. I had both my eye exam for glasses and contacts; I had never had such a thorough and detailed eye exam, the best! He supplied me with contacts and I saw perfectly and didn’t feel the contacts in my eye at all. Upon fitting in my contact I was moved to the optical to make my final choice of frames and sunglasses (which the Optician had already started helping me before I even went in to the eye exams). Not only did she help me chose the frames, but she took the time to crunch numbers to see how to best submit to my insurance to get the best deal (as I was buying eye glasses, prescription sunglasses and contacts) and she provided me with a mail-in rebate that SHE was so kind enough to keep and mail in for me. All around just an amazing, great, pleasing experience. Thank you Berkley Eye Center-Katy, you will have many referrals from me ?
By: Maria M.
Berkeley Eye Center
I took my 94 year old father to see Dr. Doe for his second cataract surgery. Dr. Doe was very pleasant and even prayed with my father before the surgery. He did a fantastic job, and my dad's vision is so much better. Janice was very courteous and treated my father with respect and took the time to answer all our questions before and after the surgery. Dr. Conseco who performed my dad's post surgery check -up was amazing. She has a very friendly attitude and gave my father the "royal treatment". Yvonne and Janet in the Optical department helped my dad get reading glasses and they both did a fantastic job. I was so impressed with the attention they gave my dad, that I recently took my eye glass prescription that I got at Vision Works to them for my new eye glasses! I would definitely recommend the BEC Katy office for anyone who needs cataract surgery, LASIK, eye exams or glasses.
By: Pedro G.
Berkeley Eye Center
My wife and I have been going to BEC at Katy for seven years. Dr. Doe has been seeing my wife for Glaucoma. Dr Doe did my right eye lens implant about three years ago. Dr. Doe is an excellent eye doctor and a wonderful person. Dr. Garrett and Dr. Bertrand have kept our eyes in check year after year. They are always ready to listen your vision problems and concerns. In general, the personnel at the counter are always courteous and ready to help you. They have always explaines me what are the current technologies in glasses and help me make my best decision of what I consider I need at the moment and my current budget. They are wonderful people to work with. Pedro Gonzalez
By: Melissa M.
Berkeley Eye Center
Wonderful experience with both doctors and staff. All are very friendly and professional. The doctors actually take quality time to understand conditions concerns of patients before making a diagnosis and stay patiently answering all questions. The eye wear fitting team is absolutely wonderful. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They do not hesitate (and seem very happy) to take the extra time needed to find that perfect pair of glasses. I have been a patient for 5+ years and always consistently receive the same professional and friendly service that we all expect but don't always receive from other practices. Berkeley sets a very high standard.
By: Donna lynn S.
Berkeley Eye Center
My 4 children and I have been visiting the Katy location for years now. Dr. Doe and Dr. Bertrand are knowledgeable, attentive, professional, but easy going. When I asked about lasik surgery, Dr. Doe's response was that I shouldn't get it done, not yet. Imagine that? Dr. Doe is more interested in making certain my eyes are healthy vs. selling me a service. I'm a Berkeley patient for life. I purchase our glasses at the same location. I've never had to wait for assistance. High quality glasses and great customer service. Just perfect.
By: pumpkinp42
Grand Vision Center
Dr. Donaldson takes the time to explain the exam and answer questions. He also informs you of new advances that can help improve your vision and make things more comfortable for you. I have purchased frames from them and that process was a blast. The staff has a ton of experience when it comes to finding frames to fit your face. It is an absolute pleasure every time I go to this office. I have referred 5 people there and they say the same thing after visiting.
By: Rosalyn B.
Berkeley Eye Center
I have been seeing Dr. Yankelove for years. Just went in for an appt. The staff is always nice and friendly. I have issues with my left eye due to trauma from when I was a kid. Dr . Yankelove is always very thorough. I am always able to get an appt when needed. Even the staff at the optical is very friendly and advises on what's best but doesn't pressure you into getting something you really don't want or can't afford. I love Dr. Yankelove and the staff.!
By: Anne H.
Berkeley Eye Center
I had problems getting a correct prescription from another provider. I switched to Berkeley Eye Center in Katy and saw Dr. Garrett. He was very good and got my prescription right the first time. I now see him for my regular eye exams. The staff of the optical center does a wonderful job of helping me pick out frames that look good and fit correctly. I really appreciate the expertise and caring shown by all the members of the staff of the Katy location.
By: John J.
Berkeley Eye Center
My appointment was lost in the system, but the front desk was competent and friendly, and they were able to squeeze me in with Dr. Bertrand. I told her I wore my contacts for one month periods, and she informed me my contacts were actually two-week sets. She took the time to make sure I had not damaged my eyes from wearing contacts two weeks past their expiration. Dr. Bertrand is very nice and knowledgeable. I would definitely visit again.
Tips & Advices
To find a professional that fits your needs and wants, look for an optometrist with the proper licensing and compliance with state-specific legalities as well as these qualities: attentiveness, ability to listen, ethics, compassion, ability to communicate effectively and willingness to spend time with patients.
Vision, like dental, is often an additional voluntary cost for employers who provide health care coverage. As a result, it may not be included in basic company-sponsored insurance. Those who do have access to this type of coverage - or Medicare - often only pay for a portion of their eye exam services.
The cost of an appointment with an optometrist varies based on the services required. While a typical eye exam can range from $50 to $250, depending on location. If if glasses or contact lenses are prescribed, or tests are needed, the overall expense of an optometrist visit can increase.
The American Optometric Association recommended that patients have their first eye exam at six months of age, followed by another at 3 years old, and again at school age. At that point, Regular annual exams are recommended.
Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that have received higher levels of training than both opticians and optometrists, and can also perform eye surgery when necessary. Opticians design and fit eyeglasses, frames, and lenses that are prescribed by optometrists and ophthalmologists. They do not perform vision tests or write prescriptions for visual aids. Optometrists fall between ophthalmologists and opticians. Optometrists can detect and treat eye abnormalities, prescribe lenses, and complete eye exams, but cannot perform eye surgery.

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