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By: katycustomer2too
Becky's Academy of Dance
Firsthand may be second when I see posts that start with a statement referring to other people’s comments and then states this is true because they’ve seen it “first hand”. At best, people’s judgement of what they “see” as good or bad is a personal opinion that may or may not be based on truth or fact. When katycustomer speaks of “training being subpar at best”, and MTSchmidt states, “cheap high schoolers and teachers that are incompetent”, I would have to ask on what facts is this based. We had one mother leave that coincidentally been at Becky’s the same amount of time as one of these posters. Her daughter placed third at Nationals out of 70 entries with a routine choreographed by one of those cheap high schoolers noted by a poster from last year, (because this teacher is now in college pursuing a dance degree but taught that person’s daughters last year). If this teacher plays favorites (as she states), and her daughter is not one of them, why would she waste good choreography on her? This would assume two things. First that the mother left because she felt her daughter was not one of this teacher, (or any teacher’s), favorites. Second, that the teacher saves her best choreography for her favorites and gives bad choreography to the other students, (how many times have we heard this?). This teacher does not do that and in spite of her doing two dozen solos almost every one placed at least at one Regional or Nationals. This particular routine also received a technical excellence award at one regional. And this student also received the Steven Boyd award. So if this mother didn’t mean this one teacher, what about the other teachers? The core teacher for her Jazz and Lyrical has credits a mile long and has danced and choreographed for stage, TV and screen as well. One piece he did for Becky’s was FDC Top 25 in 2009. That’s not regional or even national. That is ALL studios across the country. How many of the studios that the one mother mentioned can make that claim? I can answer that. None! And you can verify this, as well as the other points listed above, from Competition results and FDC on their own websites so you know none of these statements are just opinion, but indeed facts. Incidentally, back in 2009 the winners were selected based on judges from all the participating companies that held competitions. Now it’s done by anyone voting electronically. Her other core dance Tap placed in Top Ten at several Regionals as well by another teacher. She also did several other extra dances that did well both in small group by another teacher and lines or production numbers by the same “high schooler” at regionals and at nationals. And finally, she was also picked as an All Star kid and danced in opening number at nationals. So with all this, why would a mother pull her child? And why would the poster on this website say that the training for her daughter was subpar from any single teacher, (let alone the whole studio), since it’s the same teachers, and that is why she is leaving? Or to come full circle, based on the facts, how could anyone come to the rational or reasonable conclusion, (or opinion), that the teachers are not good and mothers should go to another studio? Needless to say I didn’t make that mistake with my child!
By: sereneteendancemom
Becky's Academy of Dance
Real reason not seasoned for leaving is my take on the last reviewer who was referring to another parent whose child had been here for five years. I think it’s the same person but in either case, I think the reason the one parent left in spite of all her daughter’s success is at auditions her daughter was not asked to stay on for the older teen group audition while several others that were older than her but in her group this past year did get asked. She is only ten years old and is shorter than the others. This is not to say she is not good, because she is, as katycustomer2too noted. But anyone that truly does know about dancing knows that a number of things go into determining core or company groups. In addition to ability, there is age (for consistent categories at competition), physical height and maturity level. And I’m not talking about larger groups, line or productions where there is more of a spread. These all figure into how the teachers choreograph and how they teach. In general, when a child commits to competition, it’s understood this is not academy and they are expected to work harder. And so, the teachers will be a little harder as you get older within companies. If you have a disparity in age or maturity, this can make it harder for the teacher to instruct cohesively. Katycustomer1 also said it’s been going down the last five years. Well my child has been here that long and the only thing that has gone down is the number of competition students. But that’s due to bad decisions by parents and bad mothers who caused nothing but trouble, mostly because their child was not front and center in groups or not placing with their solos. Newsflash! Not every child is the greatest dancer in the world. And my child is not always in front in dances or in the Top Ten solos every time. But Becky’s continues to do well at Regional and Nationals in solos and groups. Check the Results sites (not just Becky’s, but KAR, Jump, Stage One, Masquerade, etc.). We have been Top Studio at Nationals 4 of the last 5 years including the last three. And solo dancers have placed in the Top Ten in Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior, as well as National Title and Dancer of the Year. As katycustomer2too pointed out, where are the facts to back up several other mothers’ claims that the studio teaching has gotten worse? From where I see it, it continues to excel. So to close as I opened, any season parent with any reason at all would say Becky’s continues to be the best studio in Houston. Which is why my teen will remain at Becky’s until she graduates, (even if she doesn’t place in the Top Ten this year).
By: Margarita T.
Dance With Stars Academy
I was looking for a dance studio that could take my son’s ballroom dancing to the next level, so I decided to try Dance with Stars. Technique and performance are emphasized, making this studio top-notch and, in my opinion, the best in the area. Group classes provide a fun, challenging experience with individualized attention while patience drives their private instruction. Founders Katia Kuznetsova and Cristiano Callegari possess a passion for dance that parallels their professionalism, inspiring dancers of all ages with their enthusiasm and experience. Whether you’re a beginner focused on building a solid foundation or an experienced dancer looking to up your ballroom game, the friendly, encouraging staff here will make you feel at home.
By: Iris B.
Mosaic Dance
My daughter is 9 and she took the ballet/modern class, and for a great workout with a smile across her face the rest of the day. They are so polite. Their teachings on technique are totally worth the time. They do not move on to the next teachings until all students have mastered the step. They send you home with homework to work on and master at home in your own time. They even teach for the elderly! Would highly recommend you check into them. They have a FREE trial day/class to see if that's what you want for your child or not. Great location and good hours! P.S. my daughter won't stop dancing around the house from what she learned that week! Check into this place.
By: dancing2013
Becky's Academy of Dance
My daughter is in on the competitive team now and has been for years. I have had not problems with this studio. Never had a problem with the accounting department. I pay every month and have been for years. Enrollment has dropped, but because the mothers can go absolutely go crazy being involved. They are very demanding and leave if they do not get their way. Dance is suppose to be fun. I have been to some of the other studios mentioned below. Some are good and some of simply just average. I agree with the Katy mom review. It is what you make of it... My daugher would NEVER leave Beckys.
By: cristianoandkatia
Dance With Stars Academy
Dance with Stars Studio is one of the HOTTEST dance studios in Katy,Texas. Conveniently located right off of I-10 and Mason Rd located in the same shopping center as CiCi’s Pizza. We first opened our doors on July 2007 and since then we have grown to be the largest ballroom dance studio in Katy! We pride ourselves in our excellent dance instructors providing you with the highest quality dance steps and technique. We specialize in ballroom and latin dancing. We believe that any one can dance, it just takes the right place and teacher to get you to the next level!
By: Niyta U.
Mosaic Dance
I had the privilege of my child attending dance classes with Mrs. Iris. I was very impressed with the way she taught my daughter. She didn't just rush through the moves like most dance teachers do. She took her time and slowly taught her the basics. I wish I could of stayed with her company longer, but we had to move. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asked! Keep up the great job! I will miss you all! Niyta & Deetia
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By: Cristiano-katia L.
Dance With Stars Academy
At our Academy, learning how to dance is always easy and fun! In your very first lesson, you’ll learn the basic elements of which all dance patterns are based and within hours, you’ll be ready to dance! Don’t put it off for another moment- walk into our door now and dance out!!!
By: tramnguyen
Becky's Academy of Dance
we would like to enroll in dance hip hop, the necessary paperwork to enroll?

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