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By: Devling P.
Devling Place Apartments
I'll be honest: I am both the manager here AND a resident of Devling Place, so let me give an honest review from both sides.As a resident: I live in a townhome (a middle unit) that is 3 stories with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. What I like about it is that the master bedroom is REALLY big with a great walk in closet. The dining room is separate from the living room and there's a good amount of natural light. I also love that the basement has high ceilings and is usable space instead of being scary and wasted. My favorite thing, however, is that my utilities are low. I have a family of 4 and we use all 3 levels regularly. I know for a fact that you can be conservative and save money.What I don't like about it is that the master bedroom has a shared bath. It's usually not a problem, but sometimes I'm a counter-top hog with my makeup and I don't want to have to pick it up. That's more me being lazy than anything. The other downside is that the majority of the townhomes don't have fenced yards so I have to walk my dog on a leash. Again, it's just me being lazy, but it's still a preference. I also wished that the two smaller bedrooms were just a tiny bit bigger, or at least 1 of them. These two smaller rooms are not meant for bulky furniture, so store that queen sleigh bed and just use a frame and simple headboard.As the manager: I'm blown away by how much of a community this place is. I got calls all winter long from one resident or another saying how awesome their neighbors were for scraping snow/ice off of their car. Or how they watch out for your home when you are out of town. For my resident's sake, I wish I had more amenities for them. Right now we have a new courtyard going in, but we don't have a fitness center or playground. Our community is just a little too small for those.I can also say that I'm pleased with how quiet our community stays. Our apartments don't share walls with anyone, so there's no side-to-side noise. I also like that our community has big dogs. I think they get a bad rap allot of times, and I'm pleased to be a part of a place that sees past that.Overall, I am very happy here. I, as a resident, feel safe here. As the landlord, I can't comment. I love knowing the people next to me by name and I love that I always have a good place to park.If you have more questions, call me, or better yet, TEXT ME! I run the office alone, so phone calls are sometimes hard to return if I am really busy.Thanks for stopping by :)
By: Dan D.
Plaza Apartment Center
Paying for the location, but it was worth it.Apartments are decent-the carpet is cheap-elevators are very small-staff is nice-maintenance is quick -no central air-had a little roach problem but maintenance fixed this quickly as well as our AC unit going out -AC unit does not keep apartment really cool during the summers-pipes in shower/tub start to smell sometimes-lots of character, closet space and cabinet space-packages are always kept in a secure area-noise wasn't an issue other than renovating the apartment above us as I work nights this became a problem but only lasted a few weeks -washers area in basement and is not the cleanest space-residents left doors to building open a lot so there was some theft from the basement storage units but felt safe a majority of the time-Lived on the first floor, if windows were open ward parkway was always noisy, but this was expected-neighbors were mostly young and kept to self, a few creepy older men lived here and made me a bit uncomfortable-PARKING IS SO EXPENSIVE, DO NOT PAY FOR IT never had an issue finding spots in the 2 hour limit area, they never ticket for being there unless you don't move your car for 2 or 3 days. Parking garages SUCK you don't get reserved parking and end up parking on the 3rd or 4th floor, and it is very sketchy at night!!! If you are going to pay for parking just buy the spaces through the apartment, they are a little more expensive, but at least you will always have a spot-Old white man does walk around apartment at night... Apparently he is "keeping us safe?" I guess it was "Security?"-All of the restaurants and bars are right out the door so no need to have a DD-security walks around the plaza all night so I generally felt safe walking to the apartment at night-Apartments are what you would expect, they are cute and I would do it again, worth the experience! DON'T REGRET ANYTHING, moving out for a bigger space, but it was well worth the experience.
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By: Ndc -.
Parkway Oaks
Parkway Oaks is alright. The community is lovely. We have lived here for over a year now. We have a functional gym, a decent swimming pool, and a dog park(although its only contained by a fence with nothing in it) for our furry friends. The maintenance crew are usually quick to fix issues around the community and in the homes, although some are not as detail oriented as others. When it comes to winter weather you might as well salt your own porch and shovel your own drive as it's usually too late by the time maintenance gets around to doing it. A couple of downfalls to note about the community is we do not have designated office hours and the streets within the community have been ruined by the construction that took place to build the community and there is nothing slated for fixing the roads. This community is ran by another leasing company called Falcon Falls and if there is a need for management we have to go there. If there are community events we are merged in with Falcon Falls so it feels as if we are Falcon Falls instead of Parkway Oaks. Management doesn't have the professionalism of other places and they don't really care how they talk to you. The rules for the community are not really enforced so you will see dog feces from time to time as not everyone cleans up after their pets, although this is probably overlooked as I stated above we do not have designated office staff on location. Overall, the community is nice. It's a quiet community overall and everyone is very friendly.
By: clrvw1
Clear View Apartments
The management and owners of Clear View Apartments strive to provide best in class customer service and homes for our residents. Clear View is in the process of going through many visible changes with the intent of improving the community for our residents. Some projects have already begun, such as improved landscaping, concrete, and parking lot repairs. Additional future projects include energy efficient improvements and interior upgrading.Management is committed to doing whatever it takes to provide a safe community for our residents and guests and has taken steps to accomplish this including working closely with police, as well as looking into the most effective security options to deter crime from taking place within our community. Management is also working with central patrol officers to be certified as a Crime Free Multi-family Housing Community. We intend to have certification completed by the end of the summer. We take pride in our property, our services, and strive to exceed our residents’ expectations each and every day.
By: butterflyrosebethie
Lakeview II Apartments
These are nice apartments. They are close to all the best parts of Kansas City. I love the contrast of the black doors and cabinets. They do not have microwaves like some of the ads say and the window unit ac is not shown in the pictures. The hardware in the bathroom is not very expensive but because this building was purchased by the current owners only a year ago and then renovated everything in the apartment is brand new. Apartments like this go for twice as much if they are in a trendy area like Westport, Downtown, Plaza, and such, but if you live here you can get a nice affordable apartment and still get to all of those places in just minutes. You can get your groceries from the 24/7 Westport Sunfresh and have lunch at near by Jericho or great beer and wurst at Haus.
By: beachbumcook
The Outlaw Cigar Co.
I live in Kansas City and this is the "go to" place to buy cigars and hang out with others that enjoy smoking great cigars. I also travel the country the country and have the opportunity to visit other cigar shops and none compare to the 2 locations that the Outlaw Cigar Company has in Kansas City.Their selection is extensive and their staff is available and very knowledgable if you need assistance. If your looking for cigar or pipe accessories for a smoker friend, this is also the place to go to find it.Their lounge is great with many TV's to watch your favorite sporting event or TV on. Wifi is free... so if you need a place to work from during the day... this is the place.Enjoy!!!!
By: Mama C.
Devling Place Apartments
We've lived here going on 8 years and while yes some of the bad reviews was true it has gotten ALOT better. They are making sure to come and fixes things that the old landlords never bothered too and have been fixing up the neighborhood nicely. I love the huge deck we have on the back and the basement is pretty big so it can be used for a storage area and still have room for a pool table, laundry area and tv sitting area. Plus it's nice to have somewhere safe to go during the bad weather. I do wish the rooms were bigger but they aren't too bad. I think people just need to come and see the change for themselves cause it really has gotten better.
By: A M.
Brittany Place
They have been through so many different managements. This year Canyon View Properties came in and so many upgrades and changes have been made. The women in the office are very honest and friendly people to talk to. The outside office staff are pretty diligent about fixing things and keeping the property looking decent. Pest Control has been reinforced to the full degree. Clean people don't have to worry about bugs here. Security rides by every so often to check up on any suspicious activity during the evening. I'm looking forward to the new management and new apartments!
By: Marisela G.
The Oaks at Prairie View
On our second lease not so bad but the maintenance can do a whole lot better. Our garbage disposal constantly shuts down mind you we don't ever use it but just a few times. A great lady works in the office is great and works with us if we ever need anything however we called for emergency maintenance nobody has yet to call us back. Don't see any spiders a lot of crickets but since it's gotten colder we don't see any. I don't like the rotting tree that's right outside our window already had some big branches fall off afraid to park there.
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By: Patty S.
Discount Smokes
Been shopping there since they first opened actually was their 1st customer. i have buy from them 99% of the time unless I run out and have to go to QT or somewhere else. They have the best price i have found for the brand I buy. Is a small mom pop shop which I like. Sorry about the review Dennis B. left, I think it was chit chat only the owner would/and could not afford $5k Reward! That i nonsense and not being realistic. The shop gives good prices and good service. Am not going anywhere else. Dennis B. you should chill out.

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