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By: Jan L.
Walmart Neighborhood Market
There is not a store at this location!! It's a round grass mound!!���� YP needs to redo the location on your App
By: brandon.miller.16121
Price Chopper
Lived in Brookside since 2006... I've been a faithful shopper at this store since I moved here... after today, I won't be back. 10 years consistently giving feedback to managers and assistant managers... wanting nothing but to see this store succeed. In the past few years they have done nothing but a wasted remodel, hiked their prices to ridiculous levels - as high if not higher than their local neighborhood 'competition - consistently made poor decision for the management of the store only to further drive it into the ground. Their staffing changes constantly; once a well-staffed store with professional and courteous employees is now a circus of poor employee choices, one-after-another. Looking across a sea of untrained, unprofessional, loud-mouthed and staff with poor attitudes, it became evident, this place is not worth shopping at any longer. Starting with the vestibule, one would need a gas-mask to enter without gagging. It consistently smells as though someone has defecated on the floor. The carts are sticky and visually filthy. They do offer "sani-wipes", of which, the container is empty or the dirty wipes are thrown about on the floor. The hot-food / deli cabinet is well over-staffed. Good luck finding a single employee that will acknowledge your presence or existence... they won't. Be prepared to have to call for their attention, despite being four-foot away from their head. Beware of their turkey meat... we purchased a pound a few weeks back, opened it the next day, it was soggy and smelled rotten. The entire pound went into the trash can. Quick waste of $9. Their breakfast? It's a joke... NEVER plan to stop here on the way to work, especially if you are in a hurry or on a timeline... they'll ignore you as long as possible. Once they do take your order, they'll work slowly and be stingy with portions... but watch out... they're glad to "accidentally" overcharge you with "accidentally" putting the wrong tag on your food. After the third time this happened, it became evident the "accidental" part wasn't so accidental. GO - SOMEWHERE - ELSE!
By: Bri E.
Shana Vaughn Designs
I worked for Shana for one day. She was in a foul mood the entire evening that I saw her, and the clients noticed. She also shorted me 4 hours of pay and tried to ramble on with some excuse. I gave her the opportunity to make it right and she kept digging herself into a deeper hole. The biggest issue here is how she was treating her client. Shes not a cheery person to do business with. Her floral arrangements ect are great if you can deal with the improper way that she runs her business. She was blowing out candles at the event before it was even over in an attempt to rush people out the door early. I'm embarrassed I represented her for the event. I was embarrassed for her because of the way she acted.
By: Deena B.
Smallcakes A Cupcakery
The cupcake was dry, stale and not very flavorful. Additionally, I sat at a table and ate it. My daughter and two of her friends were with me. About 5 minutes after finishing the cupcake and employee came over and told us that since we didn't purchase anything we would need to leave. I told her that I did and she looked at me as if she didn't believe me so I showed her my trash. A side note - the mall was very busy and had lines everywhere - except here. It was empty. That should have been my first clue.
By: M W.
McGonigle's Food Store
Outstanding meats. To see the turkey shoppers at Thanksgiving is something to behold. In keeping with the season, those standing in line to pick up their pre-ordered, FRESH, turkey (never frozen, never injected) is a lot of fun with many conversarions with other shoppers. mw
By: mariebee
Bloom Baking Company
TLDR version: Be cautious using debit or credit cards here. I recommend paying only with cash, especially if your transaction is under the minimum $10. Ask for a receipt and check it before you leave. I was very disappointed with my experience at Bloom yesterday. They were quite busy, which is normal for a Saturday morning. I realized as I was in line that I didn't have any cash with me. I asked the gentleman behind the counter whether they take debit cards, and he responded affirmatively but did not mention that there is a $10 minimum card charge. I didn't discover this until I got to the register, prepared food in hand, and my total was only $8.36. I quickly asked the woman working the register what else I could easily add to the transaction to get over the minimum amount. She told me not to worry about it and she ran my card. I really appreciated this and thought it was very nice of this small local company to give a customer a break in a pinch. I wasn't offered a receipt, but I figured it wasn't important and I didn't want to delay the long line any further, so I collected my purchases and left. I actually walked away thinking happily that this was a great example of the terrific service that small businesses are able to offer their customers. Not so fast! Today I logged in to balance my bank activity and realized that rather than giving me a break on being short of the minimum transaction amount, the employee at the register had simply added $2 to my total and charged me $10.36 for my items, without asking me if this was OK, or allowing me to quickly select something like a baguette to tip me over the minimum. It's only two dollars, I realize, which is far from a large amount, but in principle it's incredibly offensive to have been treated this way. Eight dollars is pretty hefty for a croissant and small coffee to begin with. The two dollar involuntary tip makes the price more or less unconscionable.I would like to give this business the benefit of a doubt and assume that their employees have not been specifically trained to do this, but regardless, I will certainly never return to Bloom on the basis of this experience. Their food, although dramatically overpriced, is excellent. But unless you're paying with cash I would be very wary of them.
By: Beckie S.
CVS Pharmacy
Your website said your pharmacy was open until 10 pm. It is 9:45 pm and your phone answering system said y'all were closed. What's up with that?
By: Victoria R.
Toblers Flowers
I had a special request of Toblers for a dear friend of mine who turned 101. It was my request that the arrangement be "hand-delivered" . The delivery driver not only called me when he couldn't reach my party but waited as I reached her and made a second delivery so that he could "hand-deliver" to my friend, as requested.You all rock! Nice to know there are still companies that will go the extra mile for their customers!! Thanks again Brian for all your efforts!!
By: Corrina C.
Walmart Neighborhood Market
This store is rarely stocked on items we need in the frozen department. They don't keep the place clean, and customer service is horrible. Not to mention I ordered a couple of items on line to be delivered to this store because it's closest to my house and according to tracking, it's been sitting in the store ready for process since Thursday, September 29th, it is now Monday, October 3rd and is still not ready for pick up. Apparently someone is not doing their job!
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By: Ma K.
CVS Pharmacy
This place has the worst management. They are rude,slow definitely switching to Walgreen's. ATM didn't dispense cash I was treated like a criminal and I was on camera I did not commit a crime the manager was rude and acted like I stole money. Use a different pharmacy for good customer service
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