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By: Nichole C.
Benchmark KC, LLC
Hello! We rented from this company for 3 years! House was great, and we even received not one BUT two letters on how thankful they were on how clean we kept the house. On year 3 of renting was the downfall. First it started with a maintenance person coming in our house with not talking to my husband or myself, and my 13 year old daughter was home alone that day due to being sick. No mother or father wants a stranger (as you never know who is coming to fix your things) to show up when your kids are home alone. She knows to not answer the door, but they had a key. It slowly trickled to things like the dishwasher just needing to be replaced, which long of the short we had no dishwasher from November 2014-to when we moved out in July 2015. The house always needed to new roof, and thus by the time we moved out water damage had begun to happen in the kitchen. I cleaned before we moved out, however they charged us for ridiculous things. Keep in mind we DID get some of our deposit back, however they charged for painting and carpeting cleaning and talked about "nicks" in the wall. Well after 3 years one there will be some, and 2 you have to do that anyway once a person moves out. They charged labor and money for 2 light bulbs I didn't even know where out, and charged for cleaning up the back yard, which I have NO clue what this means as out back yard was spotless. We still talk to the neighbors and they stated that there was some tree trimming being done HOWEVER nowhere in our lease did it say we needed to trim trees. I think these people are in over there heads. At the beginning of July 2015 we received a letter stating the house was to be sold on the court house steps for back taxes in the amount of $15,000. That same day a "notice" of such was put on a stake in our yard. I called and was notified that they were taking care of this, however on the 31st of July it STILL wasn't taken care of. The next day I got a call from Benchmark asking if we wanted to buy the house. Knowing what was wrong with it, and how much they wanted for it vs. how much they paid for it there was no way! It is sitting on the market today. The first two years weren't bad, however by year three I don't think it helped that the house had things that needed to be fixed before we moved it and unfortunately a nice home was ruined due to things like a new roof, new dishwasher, as most people know when you begin to have water damage that is unfixed this get ruined. I don't appreciate being charged for things they are trying to fix now to make the house better to sell when it always should have been fixed!
By: jduv123
Benchmark KC, LLC
So far so good our rental with benchmark has been enjoyable. Rachel is who we deal with and she is so kind and helped us out a lot. Our move was last minute and she really took an extra step in getting us into a really nice place. Here are some things I can say from my experience with benchmark. Unlike most and other rental companies the houses at benchmark are updated and remodeled I will say about 80% of the properties. Properties that are not from what I've seen they will get them fixed up for u in time for ur move in. So the ups are really nice homes they even work with you if ur credit isn't that greAt when most place will just turn u away. The only problem I have is that one time I had a maintenance issue and the maintenance person came to fix the issue but after doing so walked threw the house which I knw cause bedroom doors were open that I left closed and he wrote up a report saying the stove and fridge wasn't clean" not cool! There needs to be some kind of respect of privacy in these matters. I'm a very very clean person but even the most cleanliness ppl may have a few things out of place sometimes ex specially with 3kids. They do inspections on the property every 3-4 months I think which I feel is to much. But I totally understand coming out one time to check things out because the owner really does put a lot of money into the properties from what I see! So would I rent from them again? From my experience absolutely" will I recommend u rent from benchmark? Absolutely. My stay has been enjoyable and Rachel is so awesome! So like I said in the beginning, "so far so good"
By: branchfromca
Benchmark KC, LLC
1 year ago I was planning on moving back to the KC area after having lived in California for 20 years. Needless to say, it was a very huge endeavor and I was really overwhelmed with how to find a rental. My father met with JR from Benchmark, once I found an ad for a rental in Blue Springs that looked really great. My dad had a great experience with meeting with JR and seeing the property. They worked out all the paperwork and dealt with me mainly by email, which was very convenient. The house was in good condition inside, except not as clean as I expected. The major complaint I have is the lawn. TONS of weeds and dirt, no grass, dead bushes and they weren't willing to do anything about it to make it better. The work orders I've placed in the last year were all dealt with in a timely manner with really great maintenance guys! The house has been a nice fit for me, but I won't be extending my lease since I'm buying a house in Lee's Summit. One other complaint I have is that when I asked if I could possibly do a month to month lease, once my year was up, due to me trying to find a home to buy, they told me no. I've been an excellent tenant for Benchmark (they stopped doing the quarterly check ups because the house is always in perfect condition) and I was sincerely disappointed that they wouldn't consider making an exception for a tenant that has taken great care of their property. I would recommend them to others.
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By: Patty P.
Benchmark KC, LLC
I have rented from benchmark for two years and I rented two different houses from them. The first one I lI've in smelled like animals but once I complained and told the I wasn't going to deal with it they came right over to fixed the problem. I had problems with the heater and they came right over and fixed it. I lI've in a area that wasn't to safe and my house got broken into, my rent money was stolen and I was going to be late with the rent, well the worked with me and didn't charge me late fee. Well my car got broken into a coup le month later and talk to Rachel told her we need to move, she talked to the owner got us out of that house 2 months before our lease was up. When we moved into the new property, it was clean and had new carpet. They gave us all the deposit and the pet deposit back. Any time we have a issue with anything they are over with in a day or two. We have referee two people there to rent from them and the gave us referral bonus. I love this rental place. U take care of there home and pay your rent they will take care of you. I like to deal with Rachel and Craig when I needed anything they are very helpful
By: Kenny B.
Benchmark KC, LLC
I relocated 2000 miles from the west coast to the Kansas City area at the beginning of the month(November). Relocating my wife and children and all of our stuff was quite the chore. I viewed numerous properties and spoke with quite a few Reality professionals on trying to find a good home in a good area. Benchmark stood head and shoulders above the rest. Their properties were consistently clean, updated/upgraded and well kept. Benchmark's level of customer service was second to none. JR Scott was fantastic to work with. JR gave great direction and was extremely helpful in finding us the right house. Rachael was no less than awesome helping us get everything squared away and in order, making our move and transition smooth and seamless. Rachael is courteous and fantastic to work with. Benchmark and their team of professionals are second to no one when it comes to customer service and quality of product. Absolutely satisfied.
By: mrssimraytown
Benchmark KC, LLC
I have a lot to say about my experience with Benchmark. i have reads the various negative reviews provided, and I must say the people they describe in the reviews, I have never seen before. Lee has always been very respectful and a great help on every issue I submitted. Nick was a great leasing agent for me. I love Rachael, so the people that is described in these negative reviews against the company, i am not familiar with. I have been a tenant for almost two years and every maintenance request is taken care of withing 24 to 48 hours after I had submitted it. I had almost one bad experience with Benchmark and by the time I arrived at the office the issue was rectified and I left satisfied that my issue was handled and handled very professionally on Benchmark side. I give you guys a 5.
By: urbay1
Benchmark KC, LLC
Hello I am new to Benchmark Properties LLC so far everything has been smooth sailing from here. I contacted Rachel with BenchMark she met me was very understanding to my schedule. She showed me several houses before I made my desecion. I am very pleased with the house I have chose its perfect for me and the kids. I love the neighbors they have made me feel warm, and plus I needed something taken care of the first day called the owner and they came out with in 30 minutes. Very impressed I have since then referred two of my friends to rent from BenchMark and they are already looking. Just thought others would want to know, how I was pleased and very happy. Will continue to be with BenchMark PropertiesThanks,The Urbay Family
By: newuser2010
Benchmark KC, LLC
We are new to Benchmark. We needed to find a place quickly and after every thing we looked at , we fell in love with one of their properties. They did everything in their power to have it ready for us a little earlier then they anticipated because they knew we were on a deadline to be out of our other home. The put a gate up for us within the first week because they knew we had dogs and thought it would be better for our family with a completely fenced backyard. They were prompt and delivered what they promised even ahead of time. So far so good with them :)The staff has been wonderful with every interaction we have had. Will post more on how things are going, but wanted to give my two cents so far.Thanks!The Lawsons
By: erin.d.hoeppner
Benchmark KC, LLC
My husband and I looked at A LOT of houses on Craigslist & Trulia and when we discovered Benchmark we were pleasantly surprised at how nice the Benchmark properties were compared to the many others we had looked at that were the same price. Having Nick W. as our agent/Realtor has been wonderful! He's been so kind, understanding and helpful! He had showed me a few houses and since he knew what we were looking for he told us of a house that I wouldn't have known about otherwise and it turned out to be the perfect fit for us! Since we just got the keys today I will only give the company 4 out of 5 stars since I don't know how the rest of the year will go. But, so far, it's been great! EHoeppner, Raytown
By: Alyssa R.
Benchmark KC, LLC
My boyfriend and I were struggling to find a house that was in our price range. We came across Benchmark and we were so pleased. JR was our leasing agent and we had our eyes set on one home and he ended up taking us to 4 other homes to look at and ended up falling in love with a different one! He wanted to make sure we had the house that fit our needs and didn't break the bank. Benchmark is so easy to work with too. Rachel was there to answer any questions we had and is super helpful. If we had any problems, the maintenance response time is so quick! Makes my life easy knowing that anything I needed to be fixed will be done in a timely manner. Safe to say we love our home and the awesome people at Benchmark!
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Resurfacing, where a contractor removes and replaces the top layer of concrete, is a middle ground between multiple patch jobs and a complete replacement.
Homeowners should work with a concrete contractor who is either certified by or a member of one or more trade organizations for high-quality results. These individuals adhere to professional guidelines and are versed in industry and safety standards. Such organizations include: American Concrete Institute (ACI) American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).
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Wet concrete can irritate the skin or cause first-, second-, or third-degree chemical burns. Cement dust contains silica, which damages the lungs and can lead to cancer or silicosis. Many concrete mixtures contain cement, so homeowners should be careful if contractors create the concrete on site. Anyone who touches wet concrete or dust should wash their skin with soap and cold water.
Colored concrete is created by blending liquid, granular or powdered iron oxide pigments with natural concrete. These pigments are either mined directly from the earth or manufactured in a chemical plant.

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