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By: Ann M.
Winding River Pet Village
Unfortunately, my dog was injured there and we are still making visits to his vet to try and get him back to normal. He had lots of back pain and spasms. This happened when they tried to trim his nails. I told them I didn't want it to be traumatic to the dog or them. Afterwards, Heather told me, in a snarly tone, they used 4 people to muscle him down. I'm in shock and disbelief that they did this. Really makes me sick to my stomach.When I called to let them know my dog was injured, I was yelled at and told that it was my fault. Heather was rude in person and yelled at me on the phone. I'm just in disbelief at the way I was treated and the injury to my dog. My dog was put on pain pills for his back, he couldn't get in or out of the car, he stopped eating. Once the pain subsided enough for us to touch him, we felt and saw scabby bumps or cysts all over him, so the vet put him on antibiotics and steroids. They treated my dog and me horribly. Beware.
By: Jan M.
Called to see about having 2 dogs get their nails trimmed. They said they could and to bring them on it. I asked a family member to come along for assistance and when we arrived we were told that they could not trim their nails as the information the animal hospital has on them is not tied into their system and that hospital/clinic was already closed for the day. So, a wasted hour long trip and had I been told this on the phone before coming, I would have had the information to them. The most disappointing and upsetting was that there were 7 or 8 girls standing there doing nothing and as we walked out, several of them were laughing due to the situation. Very, very unprofessional!!! Will tell everyone about their lack of training and unprofessional customer service relations.
By: aron77
Miles Of Exotics
A very unethical business person, do not buy from him. My sister and I were sold two blue tongue skinks and both had mites. My sister's was completely infested with mites and is now dead after less than two months. She talked to the owner and he doesn't give a lizards behind that he sold a sick lizard for premium prices that died from his unethical practices. We were assured that these lizards were captive bred when we purchased them but he later admitted that they were shipped in from Indonesia and anyone who is aware of these practices knows the horrible conditions these living being are subjected to in order to be introduced into the pet trade here in America. This guy doesn't care, he is only concerned with profits and not the wellbeing of the animals he sells. He lied to pacify her when she called. I was skeptical that he would do anything ethical due to his defensive nature but I gave it time but now months later he is ignoring her calls after he said he would replace the sick lizard that he sold her. Furthermore I specifically asked if these lizards were captive bred and if they were the same species, since we were interested in breeding, and were assured that they were both captive bred and the same species. Both accounts turned out to be completely false as both were shipped from Indonesia and were two completely separate species. These guys don't even know what they are selling. I previously held this establishment in high esteem as the best reptile place in KC and trusted them to purchase animals from but I will never spend another dime in this unethical store and if you care about animals being treated properly then you won't spend another dime their either. BEWARE you may be bring home parasites with your purchase.
By: Aaron F.
Miles Of Exotics
Not a review...Robin it takes a few days of soaking rinsing soaking and rinsing to get the drift wood clean.Depending on the size of your drift wood you will need a bucket to do this in. It is well worth the hassle.Also Miles of Exotics is a great place. For the most part the people are very knowledgeable, and friendly. Unlike other pet stores the employees here enjoy what they do.
By: Robin C.
Miles Of Exotics
Don't buy from MILES OF EXOTICS PET SUPPLIES across the street from metro north.I was there a week ago. Spent $100. One item I bought was a $30 piece of driftwood for the fish tank. I asked very specific questions of instructions on the wood.That night I followed their rinsing instructions, placed the wood in the tank. Over night it turned my clean fresh water into dingy brown lurky water. I immediately removed the wood.When I was at the store today, 6 days later, I showed photos and explained what happened. Brought the wood in and receipt, and asked for a refund.I was also going to spend another $50 on fish.The employees (three of them including a "manager" refused to refund the $30..... because I had put the wood in my fish tank. Really???? And of course i was not told these return policies when spending $100 last week.So I won't be back. And u should be weary of buying from them.
By: xinhchau.nguyen
Brother's Fish & Pet Store
I had bought 2 golds fish from brothers fish and pet ,and the lady told me I could get refund on all fish before 24 hours and after an hour I got home both if my fish die and I call them she said I can bring it back and get a refund but when I bring it back this other lady said I can't get money back and it's my fault the fish die Ian never ever going back there again I just waisted 60 dollars there .
By: ray.pottios
Miles Of Exotics
I went in with an interest in getting African cichlids (a step up from community fish) and one of the employees there took the time with genuine interest to educate me on all the types of cichlids after prompting me with questions. All the staff were very knowledgeable and were passionate about their animals! Never will I go to another pet store!
By: christina.t.davis
Brother's Fish & Pet Store
We have done business wih them on several occasions and have found them to be nice and helpful.
By: lost14u
Miles Of Exotics
last week i bought some items there a filter and heater I was told to keep the boxes in case i wanted or needed to return them I go in today and they won't honor what she said day of purchace is 8-30 not even two weeks
By: rita123c
Must be understaffed cause the place is a mess! And the coke was not fizzy!
Tips & Advices
Pet owners usually sign a waiver stating that any injury or illness a dog suffers while at daycare is the responsibility of the owner. However, most facilities carry liability insurance and pet business insurance in the event of a serious incident. To prevent illness, facilities are strict about requiring proof of vaccination and general health from a veterinarian prior to accepting a dog. However, in an off-leash setting, scuffles or fights might occur. Reputable facilities will often hire vet assistants who can treat minor injuries and under-the-weather dogs.  For anything more serious, a good daycare should make it a priority to get the dog to a vet, and get in immediate contact with the owner.

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