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By: dentalphoebic
Guerschon de Laurent DDS
I got a groupon and thought to myself ok why did i just buy this, it is probally going to be one of those quickie cleanings. WOW was I suprised. The office is so comfy and nice you kinda actually enjoy the waiting room. Then Lisa ask me if i want a movie or paraffin hand wax. I was like really, so I got a movie and headed to the chair that I find out has a massager built into it. My movie is in and Lisa ask me if I am having any tooth issues and I tell her I have not been to the dentist out of fear and lack of insurance for 15 years and without missing a beat she says thats ok you are here now and thats what counts. She took my films and showed me my teeth on the screen and then she asked me if I flossed and she said its ok if you dont but you will after today, she showed me in a mirror how to properly floss and she didnt make me feel stupid, She said how are you supposed to know how to floss if no one ever shown you, I got the rinse for my bad breath called breath Rx and even then she went out of her way to make me comfotable with that she said it kills bacteria and you can use it for breath if needed which hey we all do she said. So I know this story is long but I felt so at ease with the dr. Who said I could call him Dr. D. He was so nice he talked to me, I liked him right away, he told me dont feel over welmed, we will take it one tooth at a time. I was so suprised that they took all this time to make me feel welcome and I did feel welcome and I will continue to see them and refer my family and friends, this is a class act office with a class act Dr. and Class act staff. I got what I paid for and alot more. So thank you all for making me feel welcome and when i left they all told me welcome to the family and to have a great day and to call if I ever need anything. WOW WOW WOW.I would say if you want a place you feel safe and welcome in you should check them out.
By: kcartist1970
Klein, Nathan B., DDS
I have been a patient of Dr Klein’s for nearly 10yrs. I can attest to the quality work he does and his attention to detail. I have had a lot of dental treatment over the years and in different parts of the country, but Dr Klein is by far the best. When I first consulted with him it was because I had broken a tooth. I had been without insurance for a few years and too busy to get in to see a dentist. Luckily when my tooth broke I had insurance. So he addressed my concern of the broken tooth, fixed it up and suggested I have the rest of the teeth checked and cleaned. I am so glad I did, because he found other issues that would have been just as critical had I waited or ignored them. It had to get a little fixed at a time and his office worked to maximize my insurance benefits. The most impressive aspect was he never pressured me into unwanted or unnecessary treatment. He also understood my financial situation and paying was never an issue. He gave me an upfront quote of the work that I needed and prioritized the visits. I was never unsure of what I would owe each visit went great. Once I was fixed up it was years before any other cavity popped up and when it did he was able to fix it very quickly. He is a professional and caring dentist and he now sees my whole family. He is always interested to know how things are going both with my mouth and with my life.
By: jarens45
TLC Dental Care
Wow! What a relief to have a dentist who takes the time and patience to give you the numbing injection so slowly and gently it doesn't even hurt! I was terrified of the dentist when I was young because it was always painful and scary, but now I don't even have a twinge of anxiety because I know that with Dr. Rethmeyer and her wonderfully dedicated staff, I always have a pleasant experience - seriously!! I tell everyone who hates to go to the dentist that they need to go to mine; excellent in every detail! She even calls to see how I'm doing after a procedure! I trust Dr. Rethmeyer with every aspect of my care; from preventative suggestions to my bite guard which cured my TMJ! Not only do I love her great dentistry skills, but she is a beautiful Christian woman with a warm, cheery and friendly demeanor which means a great deal to me. 12/12/12I was scheduled for my routine cleaning with Lori but I had some issues with other teeth bothering me. Dr. Rethmeyer took the time to check me out, xrays & history, etc., located problems and referred me to an endodontist. After a thorough exam, Lori cleaned my teeth and I was on my way. I am really grateful to them for taking the extra "unscheduled" time and giving me such great care! Thanks guys!! Jeannine
By: daniedail
Comfort Dental
The dental assistants are the best part of the office and experience. If I could rate them separately, they'd get 5 stars. The dentist, however, I can't bring myself to give more than a 2 and I don't even feel it's a solid 2. Dr. Tokar was condescending and rude. He all but called me a liar about previous dental work I saw being done on my children and a tooth injury my son sustained falling on concrete. He scheduled a root canal for a tooth that a pediatric dentist has saved with JUST a filling and cap. He missed 3 cavities in my sons mouth that another dentist was able to show me and could be seen with the naked eye. He wanted unnecessary spacers in my other sons mouth even though the tooth the space was being saved for can be seen about to break gums in the X-rays. Fluoride treatments were given without consent and when I asked if it was fluoride, I was lied to. Overall, I would not recommend this dentist. I really wish I would have listened to the many bad reviews and skipped this bad experience. I really feel like he is just in it for the money. He wanted the cavities to get worse so he could "fix" the teeth for more money. My teeth are messed up from a dentist with the same way of thinking. Don't let him ruin your teeth.
By: bvoorhies66
Plaza Dental
I have been going to the Mingo’s Dental Office for over 11 years now. I was referred there since back then there wasn’t any reviews to look at or available like this now days.Basically, it is the one practice that my whole family can agree on. I, my son, daughter, wife, ex-wife (& we don’t agree on anything), my Dad, heck you name it. If you want to keep your teeth and they matter to you, this practice is it. They are open Saturday’s as well, which is great for taking both kids at the same time. They do high end implant for my Dad who is a wonder man, but can be high maintence and they can handle him.They take many insurances in network and I think they take about everything even if it’s out of network. They file it for you with the insurance company and make it easy. Office lady is Peggy.I will say that I do have my favorite hygienist, Julie and she is excellent. If my mouth didn’t have to stay open I would fall asleep. Some of the other hygienist are good, keep changing hygienist till you get the one you are most comfortable withI hope this helps, they are conveniently located to get to from anywhere in the city as well.
By: nousley
Happy Rock Dental
Never in my life would I think that I would enjoy going to the dentist. Then after luck and a blessing I found the hands down best dentist best group of people to change my life. Twelve years ago after losing my front tooth and reviving a horrible looking bridge from a dentist out of the yellow pages (long before you could read a review online) I thought smiling was just a thing of the past. Then one of the best things happened to me I found the folks at Happy Rock the have turned my fear of the dentist into a trip to talk with my friends and receive the best care and work I have ever had the chance to be a part of in anything. Words can't describe what it is like to smile again but just thank you for all that they do Thank You so very much!!!!!
By: courtney.ngendo
Guerschon de Laurent DDS
Highly recommended! Dr. DeLaurent has been my dentist since 2011. My partner had a horrific experience with her dentist while getting her wisdom teeth pulled. I told her to see my dentist and she didn't believe me for awhile (she is a bit stubborn! :) but she finally went. She called me to say how excited she was to have had such an awesome experience and actually looks forward to her next visit! The office is modern and relaxing. When you visit the great staff (thumbs up to Lisa and Cory) offer healthy refreshments and a spa hand wax! The dentist chair has a built-in massager and you get to watch a movie while he works on your teeth! In always smile when I think of them. Now they even restored my partner's faith in dentistry!
By: Saxon O.
TLC Dental Care
Going to the dentist isn't always an event one looks forward to, but Dr. Rethmeyer and her staff have done a wonderful job creating an environment that helps ease any anxieties. My medical issues had created a dental disaster, but thanks to Dr. Rethmeyer my teeth are in good shape. She takes the time to listen to all your needs and maps out a care plan specifically designed to get you the best outcome. If a procedure has to be done, she is diligent and careful upon administering the medication so it is as painfree as possible. I am truly blessed to have found this office. I can't thank her (and her staff) enough!! Their new location is beautiful, certainly rises to the level of care they provide.
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By: Zenia J.
TLC Dental Care
Amazing!! I don't even know where to start. Dr. Rethmeyer, is the best dentist I've ever met. Her work comes from the heart, and the staff are such sweet hearts. Words can not describe how grateful I am. Dr. Rethmeyer isn't just any dentist, she is the one with such a kind heart. After I endured the death of my mother, and taking the role of guardianship of my siblings. Dr. Rethmeyer reached out to me. She helped me in a way that I continue to believe that good people still exist. A dentist that opens out her heart to help others, is the best dentist anyone can have..... I highly recommend Dr. Rethmeyer!!
user avatar
By: Benecia F.
Dorsch John A DDS MS PC
Dr. Dorsch has been our family's orthodontist for 20 years. We are so thankful for the excellent care he and his staff have provided. Our oldest child only needed retainers; her 10 younger siblings needed braces. After today, only our youngest will be in braces. Ten beautiful smiles, and one in the making! Soon, our oldest will be bringing her first child in for a visit with Dr. Dorsch. No doubt about it, you can trust Dr. Dorsch with your child - he's the best orthodontist in KC.
Tips & Advices
Depending on the circumstances, there might not be a safe or effective alternative to dental implants that would not impact your health and quality of life. This is because healthy teeth are essential for maintaining a balanced diet and proper nutrition. In the case of a single tooth damaged from a cavity or infection, a dentist might opt to perform a root canal procedure to remove the infection while preserving the tooth itself. However, this operation often still requires replacing the top of the tooth with an implant known as a crown. In general, the best alternative to implants is preventing the need for them through proper oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing helps prevent tooth decay that can eventually lead to loss of teeth and other dental problems.
Start by looking into what is and is not covered under your health or dental insurance to understand and estimate costs. Then work with your primary dental care provider to understand treatment options and get recommendations for practitioners. You may also research oral and maxillofacial practices online.
Coverage of implant procedures varies depending on the specifics of your health or dental insurance. It may also depend on whether or not the implants are considered medically necessary as opposed to being an elective or cosmetic procedure. If you are a member of a Medicare health plan, most elective dental procedures are not covered. Medicare may cover some costs for procedures that involve dental surgery, like reconstruction of the jaw following an accidental injury or emergency surgery. Check with your health plan provider for information on how dental implant services are covered.
Full recovery from an implant procedure can take several weeks or months. Assuming the surgery is completed without any serious complications, patients are usually sent home within a day to recover. For the first day or two after surgery, patients are advised not to disturb the implant site or perform any kind of strenuous physical labor. Gauze pads will need to be periodically replaced to control bleeding for the first day or two. Pain medication to reduce discomfort and swelling is also prescribed for at least the first two weeks. Doctors will advise patients to avoid hard food, hot food or liquid, or use of a straw for the first days after the procedure. The best foods are purees and soups that require minimal chewing and can be eaten with a spoon. Patients may also need to rinse implant sites for a few days after surgery. Follow-up appointments within the first few weeks are often required to ensure recovery is progressing.
Those who perform dental implant procedures are known as oral and maxillofacial surgeons. These physicians are generally certified as a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) as well as one or more special degrees for dental surgery or osteopathic medicine. Becoming a dental surgeon requires at least 12 years of academic and professional training in the United States, and requires certification with the state medical board. A general dentist with specific training in implantology can perform implant surgery, as well as certain specialists:
  • Prosthodontist – specializes in the restoration and replacement of teeth
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon – specializes in dental surgery
  • Periodontist – specializes in periodontal (gum) disease

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