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By: alldone1
Mike's Service Center
Used to love and recommend this place frequently.. Times have changed!1st strike: I had a vehicle I was about to have $500-600 worth of stuff done to it. But they nor the dealership wanted to fix a suspension squeak and they basically told me to go somewhere else. So I traded in that vehicle on a new one and they lost that money. 2nd strike: I had another vehilce in for something and told them I thought I needed new brakes. They called and said $324 for new front brake job. I got to the shop and scheduled that service even though it seemed a bit high. I got home and looked at my reciept they stuck on a $22.50 fee for the pleasure of telling me I needed to give them $324 for brakes. 3rd strike had this vehicle for 5years 60k miles and NEVER had a check engine light. Within 5 miles from driving away from their shop.. Check Engine Light. I called and asked for a Manager to discuss the fee and light and they said tough crap on the fee and completely ignored and didn't say one thing about the check engine light. POOR customer service Wayne. But maybe I should thank him.. I'll pay the 22.50..but now i'll pay 125ish for the brake job somewhere else and they won't get my $324, no future business from me, no future referrals and I'll post this where I can so that eveyone knows the Reputable, Laid back, Honest. Repair shop that this used to be is GONE. Oh and at the end of the call.. He mumbled something about the owner should be handling this and HUNG UP. wow.. I really expected more. Shocked and Appalled. But oh well....
By: debs101
Mobile Auto Repair
Jerry changed my brakes in the Summer of 2011, so when my car said it was time to flush the brake fluid I knew exactly who to call.Here's why I chose Brake Repair Specialist again:- Jerry is punctual, honest, incredibly competent and professional.- The mobile service is great. I got in touch with him this morning, he said he had a job in my area, so he came by my office this afternoon. Within an hour or so the job was complete and I didn't have to go out of my way at all.- He explains what he did and why. Jerry showed me the products he used, why he used those, and explained the process and implications of the alternatives.- Prices are comparable to, if not better than, the dealership/service station. I compared the brake job and the fluid flush to local businesses and his quote won. Plus when you factor in the convenience and great service it is a no-brainer. - I always feel a bit uncertain when technicians tell me I need to have all these expensive processes done. At the same time it's daunting to think I might bypass something that actually must be done. I trust Jerry's recommendations for the sheer fact he has told me when and why I do NOT need to have a service done, even when he could have made an extra $600 on the job. Without a doubt I will continue to use Brake Repair Specialist for anything brake related, and very highly recommend Jerry's work!
By: daveryff
St John Brake & Muffler
If there was a 6th and 7th star I would give it to these guys! I've always taken my vehicles to a specific muffler shop in grandview but a couple years ago they went out of business. I wish I would have found this place sooner! I took my SUV in because of an exhaust leak on the recommendation of a client of mine. I could not be any happier. The two mechanics let me stand next to them and watch everything they were doing and explained to me the process all along the way. After about an hour of welding and patching my exhaust was purring like a kitten. I walked inside thier office (as IRS auditor's nightmare, papers were everywhere), I asked them how much was the damage and the guy goes "20 bucks". I was like are you serious? they spent more than that on the welding gas they used alone. I left them each with a $20 tip as I still believe $60 for an hour worth of welding was by far one of the best bargains I've ever recieved from an automotive repair shop. I would and have recommended them to everyone I know looking for a good repair shop. Hopefully if you read this you'll give them a try as I did!
By: Katelyn H.
Kwik Kar Automotive
Kwik Kar is THE GREATEST!! I recently moved from the Northland to South KC. I was quickly approaching the date in which I needed to get my tags renewed on my car. I called Kwik Kar on a Monday morning and asked for an appointment that day as early as possible for an inspection and to get my tire patched. They were so nice and told me 10:30 was the earliest (while apologizing that there wasn't something sooner.) I was more than thrilled. I got some errands done that morning and showed up at 10:15 for my appointment. Knowing I was early and they looked quite busy I anticipated a wait time of about an hour to an hour and 30 min. I was IN AND OUT in under 45 min.While I was in the waiting area I was speaking with a gentleman who had been taking his car there for 6 years. It's so nice to know there are still QUALITY companies providing QUALITY customer service. I will absolutely continue to take my car here even though I have to drive the extra 30+ minutes to get there. They have 100% earned my business and I'm VERY picky when it comes to my car.
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By: Jonht B.
Bill & Larry's Auto Service
I've gone to Bill & Larry's for years. I always get excellent service and the service employees are extremely experienced. It's the only place in the Northland that I recommend. The price is way better than any other mechanic shops around and whenever I needed to take my vehicle in, I always get a follow up call with a price estimate and they explain exactly what needs to be fixed and they give me a breakdown of what the parts will cost and an estimate of the service job depending on what they have to do to me car. Larry and all of his mechanics are extremely hospitable and always provide friendly service. I've not once had a bad experience there and I absolutely cannot state that about any other places. If you're ever in need of maintenance or need something fixed to any of your vehicles. This is the place I recommend to my friends and family and I will keep doing that for numerous reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By: Ivapelots@gmail.com R.
V & N Auto Repair
I recently took our Nissan Sentra to V & N Auto repair to have new front disc brakes installed. I had them get the parts and install them.I came here on a referral from my neighbor, so this was my first time here.The owners wife speaks English the best and her and husband are honest and trustworthy.Because I am so happy with them and their work, I then took our Saturn there. I bought the parts, a new water pump and a new A/C compressor/drier/expansion device/ freon/antifreeze and they installed everything perfectly.I could not ask for more. Every person I spoke with while I was there all said the same thing. They always bring their cars here and would never go elsewhere.The place looks a bit cluttered but they are great.I fully recommend V & N Auto repair at 2820 Independence Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124Phone:(816) 241-6868They saved me $969 over the exact same repairs that Midas gave me a written quote for.
By: megan1982
Wornall Automotive
Wornall Automotive is probably the best shop I've ever received service from. The staff is wonderful - friendly, honest, and more than helpful! I've only gone in there twice for my car, but unless I'm doing the work myself, I will always choose to take my car to them. They replaced my fuel pump with a respectable price. They kept me updated while they were holding my car at the shop every day. The shuttle service is very appreciated! It was nice being able to drop my car off before work and then get a ride from the shop. My second trip was for my fuel gauge; it had stopped working. Thanks to the wonderful warranty from replacing the fuel pump, I was able to get that fixed up for free! :D Thank you so much, again! I will always choose this shop over any other in Kansas City.
By: Thomas m E.
Calvert's Express Auto Service & Tire
Oil change (got a $14 coupon in the mail). In addition to the oil change, I had a "check tire" light and they found a screw in one of my tires. They patched it and all for $35 and I was in and out in less than 45 minutes and this was a Friday morning before a holiday weekend. I was told by other shops in the area that I couldn't make a reservation and wait for my vehicle because of the holiday rush (Memorial Day Weekend). Everybody was getting their vehicles road-trip ready (I guess).I was greeted promptly and very, very professional staff that explained everything to me. I was expecting a mechanic to come out and tell me he found 'other maintenance things to fix' (as so many shops do). They did NOT and I'm glad, I just want in and out.HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOP.
By: Michael W.
Wornall Automotive
Finding a trustworthy mechanic is a really tough proposition in today's world. Luckily there are business like Wornall Automotive to change the story. Ryan and Mark are professional, straightforward and welcoming as can be. The shop itself is clean and comfortable. Every time I go in someone greets me immediately, no long waits to see if someone is actually going to come to the front desk like in some places. I know that any time I need to bring my car in, they will not only take care of my car, but they will also take care of me as well. I've been impressed with this place for two years now since I found out about it. Do yourself a favor and stop your search for that trustworthy mechanic you can turn to...they're right here at Wornall Auto waiting for you!
By: five7three
Kev's Muffler and Brake Shop
I was looking for some exhaust parts for my own weld up project. I had called ahead and was told they could probably make the part I needed. When I arrived I was helped quickly, and even though there were other customers waiting on their vehicles, Kevin jumped in and quickly made the two flanged pipes I needed. Unfortunately they didn't have the mounting flanges in stock that I also needed for the part. Kevin was very nice (but hurried), and refused to charge me anything for his time or materials. 5 stars for customer service, -1 because they didn't stock they mounting flanges. I would definitely go back. Afterwards I had a horrible encounter at A1 muffler in lees summit, and will be posting a 0 star review.
Tips & Advices
You should change your oil filter whenever you change your oil, that is, approximately every 7,500 miles.
A oil filter is a device that helps remove contaminants from motor oil as it passes through the engine. A pump pushed the oil through the filter where it is strained and goes back to the engine.
High-mileage oil contains special conditioners that are said to help prevent gaskets from drying out and thus preventing leaks. This can be beneficial to engines with many miles on them.
Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, but the price is offset by the need for less frequent oil changes due to the oil’s durability.
Tools needed to change your own oil include jack stands or ramps, a wrench, an oil filter wrench, an oil drip pan, funnel, replacement oil filter, and replacement oil.

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