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By: Maggie L.
Bridgeport Apartments
There is a reason why the best reviews about Yarco properties come from their own employees and the worst come from their residents. This alone should be revealing as to how they do business. They are a family run operation and know nothing about professionalism , decency , compassion or intregity. They only care about your money and will say anything to keep getting it from you. They act like the mafia when you try to get them to fix things and definitely when you try to leave the property. I lived on a Yarco property for years and in those years I had been flooded 3x and after each time I had no new carpet only replaced padding under it. I had no new paint on my walls , the countertop damage from a previous tenant was spray painted over but never repaired , I was disrespected by the manager and her staff , I was burglarized , my car was vandalized , cockroaches invaded my apartment from my neighbors place and I had to self exterminate cause the complex manager refused to send an exterminator over. 2 months later during my inspection she tells me my apartment smells bad and I say it is the bug bombs since you will not send an exterminator. Her exact words were 'I will send the exterminator when I feel like it'. I asked if she thinks that is how a professional is supposed to act and she tells me 'you know what? don't get beat up'. Like really? I contacted corporate to tell them that this is how the property manager of Bridgeport Apartments in Kansas City treats residents and yeah she is still working there. That should say more than enough about how Yarco really feels about their property tenants.Whoever works for Yarco and is replying to these reviews can save the energy and not waste my time with the same crappy response you are giving to everyone else. No I am not going to send you an email that we both know will not get a response. I have called and emailed Yarco multiple times since living on your property and only one call from Yarco was made to me. Why was it made? It was made because someone at Yarco heard from the property manager and she lied about everything. The Yarco representative only called to insult me and deny my claims. Then had the nerve to say 'I don't need to talk to the manager of your complex cause I know her very well and she would never do that'. I said I had proof of everything I was reporting to Yarco and these slum lords did not even want to see it. I swear that if I could have afforded to break the lease and if I had anywhere else to go after my first year I would have been off of their property. I pray for the day that unprofessional people like these and their properties are out of business. I do not recommend any respectable person to rent from these people. I promise that if I could afford an attorney I would be fighting you all in court for all you have done to me and my children.
By: Dan D.
Plaza Apartment Center
Paying for the location, but it was worth it.Apartments are decent-the carpet is cheap-elevators are very small-staff is nice-maintenance is quick -no central air-had a little roach problem but maintenance fixed this quickly as well as our AC unit going out -AC unit does not keep apartment really cool during the summers-pipes in shower/tub start to smell sometimes-lots of character, closet space and cabinet space-packages are always kept in a secure area-noise wasn't an issue other than renovating the apartment above us as I work nights this became a problem but only lasted a few weeks -washers area in basement and is not the cleanest space-residents left doors to building open a lot so there was some theft from the basement storage units but felt safe a majority of the time-Lived on the first floor, if windows were open ward parkway was always noisy, but this was expected-neighbors were mostly young and kept to self, a few creepy older men lived here and made me a bit uncomfortable-PARKING IS SO EXPENSIVE, DO NOT PAY FOR IT never had an issue finding spots in the 2 hour limit area, they never ticket for being there unless you don't move your car for 2 or 3 days. Parking garages SUCK you don't get reserved parking and end up parking on the 3rd or 4th floor, and it is very sketchy at night!!! If you are going to pay for parking just buy the spaces through the apartment, they are a little more expensive, but at least you will always have a spot-Old white man does walk around apartment at night... Apparently he is "keeping us safe?" I guess it was "Security?"-All of the restaurants and bars are right out the door so no need to have a DD-security walks around the plaza all night so I generally felt safe walking to the apartment at night-Apartments are what you would expect, they are cute and I would do it again, worth the experience! DON'T REGRET ANYTHING, moving out for a bigger space, but it was well worth the experience.
By: M J.
Bridgeport Apartments
they do not care about the residents they only care about the green paper u have. they are only nice when they try to get u to sign the lease and after that its a nightmare. the lease says they can have entry to your apt whenever they want during office hours which leaves your place insecure while u work. it takes weeks or months to get maintenance to even come by. there is no security force like they say it is on the website. if it was then so many ppl wouldnt say they got there place broke into. maintenance is one old lazy guy who can only do so much by himself. and one other guy who is either using google or on the walkie talkie asking for help from the old lazy guy on the easiest things. they never really fix anything and complain the whole time they are in your place about not wanting to work. they get mad about having to come back to fix things they broke or made worse trying to fix. since maintenance fixes nothing the office manager uses that as a excuse not to give u your deposit back when u want to move out. the office never gives ppl the 300.00 credit for referring ppl. they pocket this money and find every excuse not to pay it to u. these ppl are slumlord hustlers and con artists and only care about money. the parent company yarco will not help u if u contact them. they will only tell u they heard nothing from the office and tell u the manager says she had no idea about whatever u complain about. the manager lies to you then lies to yarco about the lies she told to u then she lies to herself about the lies she told to both sides. its just one big circle of lies and games and they do it like pros. they get away with running the property illegally the way they do by bullying ppl till u move out and they just keep doing it to new tenants. they mastered the art of manipulating the system to stay in business. they all work together like one big happy money grubbing family. they will do and say anything to get your money keep your money kick u out on the street and ruin your credit then sucker new ppl in to do the same thing to them. its not worth it to live there and watch those leeches suck u and your neighbors dry. its bad business all the way around. do not report complaints to yarco bc they will do nothing but act like it is all new to them. report it to the city or hud if you want something done about it.
By: John S.
Cold Storage Lofts
Cold Storage Lofts is over priced and unprofessional. The building is dirty and not maintained. The management acts like everything you are concerned about is out of their control and it’s always too expensive. The talk like the renters are not people but a number. The elevators are continuously broken, rules are not enforced, and things are not fixed on a timely manner.
By: Bobbi A.
Northland Passage
I've officially signed on for my 4th year of living here. Love the access to the highways and running trails!
By: Wonda W.
Prospect Studio Apartments
The don't deserve 1 star. They change property managers and the property management company changes names often, A Middle Eastern man that states he's the owner, drives a cream colored 2 door Mercedes and says he's a real estate attorney is verbally and physical abusive to employees and contractors. The place is total trash because they can't keep help.
By: Sam J.
Bridgeport Apartments
The maintenance staff are like 3 stooges, but dumber. They fix nothing properly. I once called in a work order for my garbage disposal smelling like sewage and no water draining. The doofus maintenance guy shows up 4 months later and says "maybe it's your fuse box", leaves, and never comes back. What a moron! An inspection is when the staff comes once a year to look at everything the maintenance guys have not fixed since you signed the lease.The assistant manager Carmika chews and smacks bubble gum all ghetto in your ear when you call the office before hanging up on you. The manager Kathy is like a female Vladimir Putin. She yells at tenants, threatens eviction, claims no one but her knows what they are talking about, she threatens people with violence, writes nasty letters, and gives no courtesy calls on personal or professional matters. If you are lucky you might find an office letter from on the lawn because they do not contact you for anything but money.MOVE THERE IF YOU DARE!!
By: Kevin E.
Destiny Towers
Destiny Towers is at a location on Parvin Road, near Worlds of Fun. It is a three-story building of modern design.
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By: Emily C.
Knollwood Apartments
UpdateIt took a year for me to get my railings to a safe condition for going up and down the stairs. Office people never submit maintenance requests when they say they will. They're extremely disrespectful and rude. Have no sense of professionalism and just plain awful at their jobs.
By: Jazmine T.
The Oaks at Prairie View
total waste of time!! This place is a huge joke.. I paid for a application fee and a holding fee from my debit card. They then told me they were in process of doing our background checks and we should receive an update asap.. A whole two weeks later they tell me my payment was insufficient and I will need to give them a money order for them to tell me the status of our application. I constantly had to call to receive my own updates, I had to give them information they could easily find online and they lied.. I recommend you do not do business here. I would not recommend them. Jackie, Nicole and Carol should find a better day job!

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