Best 30 Drive Thru Restaurants in Kansas City, MO with Reviews -

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By: kevin.wilson.9803150
Firehouse Subs
Other review is stupid... Don't go into a place 10 mins before close.. That goes for any store.. It's just common courtesy... The old adage of treat others they way you want to be treated.. They are people too not robots and any person that works for a living knows what's its like to get toward the end of your shift and how much you want to go home on time and then getting delayed and how frustrating it is.. It's just plain rude to walk into a place mins before close and expect the service to be all rainbows and unicorns... You get what you give don't be a jackass...On another note the food is great!!! Some of the best subs in and around KC and the service is great!! I'm greeted when I walk through the door, my food is brought to me timely and I've never had an order come up wrong! Great place 5 stars!
By: kristen2
Chipotle Mexican Grill
My family and I went here for dinner on a Friday night. Since it is close to the library, it seemed nice for a a quick family dinner before heading to an event at the library. We have two young children, one who requires a high hair. Unfortunately, there are only 2 highchairs in this restaurant. One that was being used and the other that was being 'saved' by a family behind us in line. I asked one of the employees if they had booster seats or any additional highchairs and he replied that they only serve tacos and burritos. Later, I asked another employee and she said they only had 2. I called the manager and let him know of my disappointment. He told me that he 2 in the back that they hadn't assembled yet. Would have been nice if they had. I will stick with my Waldo chipotle from now on.
By: M. F.
Church's Chicken
5 pieces of chicken , two sides, 2 biscuits for 6.00 !!! Hard not to like:-) I hadn't had Church's in 30+ years. (My mother loved Church's chicken) I was pleasantly surprised. I tried the one at 3145 E. Gillham . Some of their restaurants use the same oil to fry fish, etc. I don't do that at home:-) so that doesn't work for me. They had a sign stating this fact. Although í didn't taste the fish this time:-) the sign reminded me why i stayed away for 30 years. It seems like They've up'd their game. I would recommend them. Perhaps those of us that prefer fresh oil, every time:-) could pay a little extra to "Have it our way" :-) Blessings...
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By: John D.
The best experience I ever had in my entire life with fast food restaurants,I ordered food during a busy time,my first sandwich was brought out,and was told my second sandwich would take about 3 minutes more,than the Manager offered me a small frosty free of charge for my wait.than they gave me my second sandwich,which took longer than 3 minutes,so he offered to remake my first sandwich.Very good customer service here,no stale,non fresh food,the best Wendys I have ever been too,and I have eating at Wendys for over thirty years.
By: Katrina H.
Dominic's Casual Italian
Our family of five loves Dominic's...quick, delicious food, super friendly service. We love the spice kick in the marinara sauce, great lasagna, great chicken sped-ini with obg sauce, great spinach salad, great tiramisu!!!
By: Shery S.
Dairy Queen
Parking lot/driveway is a horrible design. I had to sit in s parking space for 30 minutes waiting for drive thru traffic because there is only one lane. My ice cream melted before I got it home to my kids.
By: myiga70
Taco Bueno
It was an ok place-I took my dad there and he didn't like it at all. Their tacos were kinda weird. They have good salsas but If you are looking for healthy mexican food, look elsewhere.
By: Julie R.
Burger King
Yep, had to do it. This BK is the best I have been to yet. The staff was so nice and for the first time ever, I felt like this one was clean.
By: Angel F.
Dairy Queen
This location is open ... up and running and they have great ice cream cakes ... Happy Birthday to me.
By: Kim J.
Captain D's
There food is always hot & good, only thing there drive through is very slow

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