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By: Dave O.
Trying to recommend the best BBQ in Kansas City is like trying to describe the best beach in Florida or the most scenic view of the Rocky Mountains. It's a very specific and personal choice. For me, enjoying BBQ includes a delicious meal and more. As a matter of perspective, let me say that I get a good feeling - right off the bat - when I walk in and see elbows on the tables and families with well-behaved kids. If you're looking for a fancy and quiet dining experience Q39 isn't your place. If, on the other hand, you want amazing and different BBQ dishes where the atmosphere and staff are pleasant and inviting, your table's waiting. Q39 has an appealing urban-industrial feel coupled with excellent table service (no order counter here). Fellow patrons are an eclectic mix of young, old, upscale, middle-income, families and couples - much like the area Q39 is a part of. My wife and I discovered Q39 in April of '14, just a few days after they opened, and became immediate fans. It obviously wasn't very busy then and the owner, Rob, came by our table to personally recommend his favorite dishes and sides. It felt that comfortable each time we returned during our extended stay in KC.Although we live three hours from Kansas City we recently decided on Q39 for celebrating our son's 21st birthday along with family ranging in age from 4 to 81. Sensing that our BBQ spot might be a bit busier now, a year later, I made reservations. A wise move it turns out - Q39 is no longer an undiscovered gold nugget in KC's stream of BBQ restaurants. It's been found and it's being embraced. I would recommend making reservations for groups of more than two or three. Our entire group had a terrific time and EVERYONE loved the food. Add twelve more "regulars" to Q39.You'd think a fast growing, "up-n-coming" place would quickly loose its original charm. Wrong. One of Rob's award-winning BBQ team members, Shawn took the phone reservation I made two days ahead. I mentioned we opted to make the three hour trek because of our early experiences. When we arrived, my family went in while I parked and then joined them at our table. My wife said that a man named Shawn met them at the door, told her he had taken our reservation and thank her for traveling all the way from Parsons. I was surprised by such a personal experience from a manager but more surprised when Shawn made a point of catching me as I was leaving to again express his appreciation for our business.If the staff of Q39 value the relationship with their customers this highly imagine how much attention they devote to the brisket!
By: jeff1946
Arthur Bryant's Barbeque
Meat is sold by weight in brown butcher's paper. Butcher's paper covered tables. Huge portions for the $. All meat is prepared in large brick smoker ovens behind the counter. Meat orders come with sliced white bread for making sandwiches if you're so inclined. You won't believe how good this BBQ is. Wonderful fries & onion rings. Three different sauces offered. The original Kansas City BBQ institution. The real deal. Funky. Don't miss this place!!!
By: jensweet28
Michael Forbes Grille
We started with a prime rib pizza which we never would have tried if the waitress didn't suggest it. Glad we did, it was yummy! Next came the Greek salad which was really good. By the time our dinner of chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes arrived we were stuffed. But even warned up on the microwave the next day it was still delicious! The white chocolate bread pudding was piety darn good too. The kids loved their chicken fingers and fries. Yummy!
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By: maureeng
Smokin Guns BBQ & Catering
We stopped in today after finding this place on the Diners Driveins and Dives list. Husband had the Triple D (burnt ends, smoked turkey and brisket). Brisket was dry, ends were chewy but tasty, turkey was moist but not smokey. I had Ribs and Chicken (white meat). Ribs were the best of both of our meals. The chicken was pretty dry and skin was not crisp. We did our DDD for KC MO. Enough said.
By: Chuck B.
B B's Lawnside Bar-B-Que
I think if you are not already a part of the clientele here, it is very had to enjoy yourself. I went when they were crowed and felt absolutely invisible most of the time. I am sure the bad service and the way I felt in there affected my food rating. It might be better. I just couldn't enjoy it. If you are going to try it I suggest you go when it is unlikely they will be busy.
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By: Josh H.
Chili's Grill & Bar
The food is really good but the service has questionable practices. I ordered the build your own combo and picked 2 items that each had to have an extra .99 upcharge to them. When bill shows up they have me paying for a pick 3 item with a .99 upcharge and a 1.29 upcharge because I somehow ordered a grilled fish taco that was not even on the menu from what I saw.
By: briann867
Quaff Bar & Grill
I have never failed to have a good time at this place, and the waitstaff is always friendly and chatty. If you're the type that avoids P&L because of the ridiculous prices and the more-ridiculous attitudes, give The Quaff a shot. Come by on a Monday and say hi to me, I'll be sittin on the sidewalk with a margarita and a pile of tacos!
By: tcare14
Quaff Bar & Grill
Great service - love the bartenders! Would go here every day. Drink specials are wonderful, and the drinks are even better! Ladies: the margaritas are great and only $3.00. If tequila isn't your thing then ask one of the bartenders to make you something special, like the peach tea or strawberry shortcake drinks. They will change your life!
By: Cindy C.
Westport Flea Market & Bar & Grill
Love the burgers and curly fries at the Flea! We usually go for lunch 1-2 times per week. With the Royals special going on, we went 3 times last week! Love the Royals special! A special thank you to Shelly for always taking good care of us. And a big thank you to Joe for offering the Royals special during the post season!
By: Mis B.
Kona Grill
Items are priced high but quality of food and service is not superb. Waitress was way to eager to take my boyfriend's order and leave the table, not giving a darn about the others sitting at the table. For it to be located on the plaza I would have certainly thought the staff, food and up keep of the facility would be top notch.

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