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By: Robert B.
Jennifer Hubbs - State Farm Insurance Agent
Jennifer Hubbs, the agent at this location is a nice person and has her office staffed with helpful and pleasant people. However, exercise extreme caution when insuring your belonings with State Farm. I made a claim for a broken windshield and State Farm refused to pay the full amount to fix/repair my vehicle corrrectly. They tried to have me fix the vehicle at an unqualified glass repair shop that was not even versed in the proper replacement procedure. I was forced to spend hours of my own time researching how to have the glass properly installed. At the end of the day, I was out of pocket my deductible (completely fine) and over $300.00 of my own money to have my vehicle repaired. I spent hours on the phone with various members of the State farm team in different parts of the country trying to get my vehicle fixed correctly. The majority with the exception of one of the reps., were rude, condescending, and arrogant. My agent told me she was powerless to assist me in getting State Farm to do the right thing and fix my vehicle. So again I was forced to pay my deductible and an addtional $300 plus dollars. In this case State Farm was "Not like a good neighbor, and was definitely not there for me". Proceed at your own risk.
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By: silvertrove
Lohan Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Dr. Lee and his assistant are the most capable, caring and compassionate team I've ever had the honor to meet. I fell asleep at my computer several weeks ago and woke up unable to use my left hand. I was treated by other doctors for the first few weeks with very little improvement but, thanks to Dr. Lee and all the different healing techniques he uses, I am back to making jewelry AND typing with all 10 fingers!! I don't know how to thank someone who has restored my ability to work again. He's also treating my arthritis and chronic cough. He is kind, gentle and skilled in many aspects of healing. If you've never been treated with acupuncture, I would strongly recommend going to. Dr. Lee has a way of inserting the needles without any pain or discomfort of any kind and the healing benefits of acupuncture have saved me from surgery twice. I have recommended him to family and friends and would do so again without hesitation. Two thumbs and 8 fingers up for Lohan Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic!
By: sarah.choi1
Lohan Chiropractic & Acupuncture
I've been to multiple chiropractic/acupuncture facilities in the past, and I'd say treating at Lohan Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic has been the BEST experience I've had thus far. I not only appreciate the quality of treatment I've been receiving, but also the personal care, concern, and attention shown to me by the staff. I've noticed that Dr. Lee is very thorough in his treatment/consultations, to the extent that I believe he's helping me improve my overall health (i.e. not just the initial problems that brought me to his office). Dr. Lee and his assistant (Misun) have a way of going "above & beyond" the call of duty---I've been so touched by all the big and small ways they've cared for me. I've already recommended this clinic to friends, and will most likely continue to do so!
By: jerome4t
Lohan Chiropractic & Acupuncture
I started visiting Dr. Lee after my doctor of 28 years retired. Because I had been with my doctor for 28 years, my expectations for my next doctor were quite high. Dr. Lee more than surpassed my expectations. Dr. Lee and his assistant are very thorough and caring. The thing I like best about Lohan Chiropactic is the level of information shared with me about why I require a particular treatment technique. Dr. Lee is even more thorough than my doctor of 28 years.I've been so impressed with Dr. Lee that I referred my collegiate athlete daughter to him . She is also impressed with the different techniques used to treat her problem areas. I recommend Lohan Chiropratic to anyone wanting to be treated by a person that cares about you and your health.
By: rogermalli
Foundation Financial Group
Chris, cant say enough about Dustin Moomau and Kristin Schultz. When Dustin called I was reluctant at first but the more I talked to him the more I liked what he had to say. We just about went with Quicken and Loans and something told me no. I had him talk to my husband and he liked what he heard to. I would like to say I liked the idea that both Kristin and Dustin came to my home. Kristin has done a fine job. If we have any questions she is good about getting back with us. She keeps the ball rolling. She makes me feel quite comfortable and that is well appreciated. Hopefully this insurance isn't a problem.Kristin and Dustin thanks you ever so much both Roger and myself think your awesome and you delivered as you said you would.
By: ronaldwarren
Foundation Financial Group
WOW! CAPITAL WOW at that. Working with Randy Woods was just awesome. Even though we ran into a situation with our taxes he was very patient and continued to work and support us throughout. Where most agencies would have said, glad you called but call back when you get it fixed, he took the time to look at the situation, understood what happened and put a plan in place to get and keep things rolling. He has been the most professional person my wife and I have worked with. I would highly recommend him and Foundation Financial Group to anyone. He was quick to respond to any of our questions, was clear about what was needed and guided us through the entire process flawlessly. Absolutely great to work with.
By: dbuckley
Lohan Chiropractic & Acupuncture
I am delighted that I found Lohan Chiropratic. The knowledge and caring nature of Dr. Lee and his staff creates an atmosphere where healing and knowledge about how to maintain my personal health is very important. Dr. Lee is an intuitive practitioner and his focus is on wellness and helping the body heal itself. I especially appreciate knowing that I am being listened to and am included as an integral part in my own healing process. I am getting better, I am learning to strengthen my own body and core, and I have found a kind and compassionate office to help in that process. I highly recommend Dr. Lohan's office to anyone who feels that they are not getting better or not being heard.
By: benbettyb
Foundation Financial Group
We want to thank you Sean for the pleasant experience with refinancing our home mortgage. This was our first experience with obtaining a mortgage over the telephone and internet. We are from an older generation and were skeptical about the process at first, but it turned out to be a wonderful experience. The only time we met anyone in person was when the attorney came to our house to close the loan.We were impressed by how professional, personable and honest you were. We felt like you had become a friend and were looking out for our best interests.
By: snseol
Lohan Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Dr. Lee and his assistant are very kind hearted people. They make you smile and laugh, even though you are having a rough day. I've been seeing Dr. Lee for my neck, shoulder and lower back. When he adjusts my vertebrae it is very relieving and does not cause any pain. There were a few chiropractors in the past that I would flinch or not like it when they adjust me because it was a little painful. But with Dr. Lee it's not pain I feel, it's more relief. His accupuncture is great too. It relaxes you and gets your energy flowing.
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By: Kristina C.
Lohan Chiropractic & Acupuncture
I've been going here for a year and a half! My mom bought me a gift from groupon because I kept complaining how I couldn't lift of my arm because I've hurt my shoulder so bad. It took Dr. Lee a few visits and he got it back to normal. I'm a volleyball player so I still injury while he still fixes it. They are extremely good about appointments too! Just give them a call and there is a 95% chance they can get you in during that same day! I love the Lohan Chiropractic Crew!
Tips & Advices
Insurance agents will often try to "upsell" on various extra products that may be useful for certain people, but are generally excessive for the average consumer. Stick with basic plans that cover as much as you need without any additional costs. For example, if the annual cost of your auto insurance is 10 percent or more of the total value of your car, drop all but the most essential coverage. This is especially applicable if the car you drive is older and could be replaced with savings. Otherwise, you are paying for insurance that will never actually benefit you in the event of a serious crash.
Yes. Even after you've chosen a plan and started paying into it, consider looking around again when it comes time to renew the policy. Consider using an independent agent when searching for a new insurance policy. While traditional agents can still find a good deal, independent agents can choose from a variety of providers and tailor your coverage to your specific needs. The Internet has also made comparison shopping easy. Potential customers can often get free quotes online very quickly.
Send your insurer a claim form for each beneficiary in the plan, as well as a certified copy of the policyholder's death certificate. With the proper information, life insurance claims are generally straightforward. Problems may arise if the policyholder has died within two years of opening the policy. In this case, an attorney may be needed to settle the claim.
In the case of damage, take pictures of the affected area as soon as any safety or health emergencies are resolved. Take note of what happened and all the relevant circumstances and report to your insurer as soon as possible. If any of your possessions were damaged, use an inventory of your important assets and make note of this in the claim. Once an adjuster has made their own report, review it for accuracy.
If you're involved in an accident, you need to call the police right away and have them document the situation. You can file a claim upon obtaining the police report. It's also a good idea, if possible, to take your own notes to record: what happened before the accident, the date and time, traffic signs in the area and road conditions. Also get the other driver's name, address, license plate number, and insurance information. Even photos taken with a cell phone camera can help the claims process. Once you have this documentation, call your insurance company right away.

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