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By: Terry V.
Exile Tattoo
I'm 55 years old - got my first tattoo 2 1/2 years ago from Jessie Hopeless. She is NOT hopeless - she's awesome!! She is just a great human being. Intelligent, personable, witty and an incredible artist. The whole shop is great. Danny, Steve and Bob (the fine gentleman assistant!) are all exceptional. I loved every aspect of my first tattoo experience. So much so that I got my second one 6 months ago. I'm still working on ideas for my next one (my wife says after we get new carpet!). I highly recommend Exile Tattoo to anyone looking for an exceptionally clean shop and exceptional artists. (I'd rate it higher than 5 stars, but that's all there is)
By: Michelle N.
Rose Tattoo Parlor
I got a simple Hebrew script tattoo in color on my wrist. I LOVED LOVED LOVED my experience at Rose Tattoo. KATIE was SOOOO great to work with. She was super patient when I was still trying to figure out what I wanted it to look like; color or size or orientation, etc. And since I went on a Sunday, it was nice and quiet. We were the only ones in the shop. She was going to start a new $50 Sunday script discount and let me get in on it early. This is only my second tattoo, but I can't imagine going anywhere else, if I were to get more. Oh and Katie was really great about talking to me and washing her hands often.
By: alibabba
Exile Tattoo
By far the cleanest, most professional shop I have ever been in. Danny is an amazing artist and one of the most polite and intelligent people I have met in decades. He is knowledgable, professional and honest. Steve Campbell is a good artist and very friendly and approachable. I haven't gotten work from Jessie yet but I hope to in the future. Her portfolio online is amazing and she seems to be very nice and very competent, not to mention a very good artist.
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By: B. B.
Butch's Tattoo
Got 2 tattoos and he screwed them both up. I told him what I wanted and he took liberties that i didn't agree to. So now I have a tattoo that is not what I wanted. And another one that he did wrong! So I don't recommend them! Plus if your not young and hot then your not worth their attention. Never going there again. I will drive all the way out to bleeding heart for now on! Should have gone there in the first place.
By: Jane D.
A-1 Tattoo Co.
I went with my best friend to get her nose pierced on her birthday. We were super happy and having a great day so we were talkative and giggly, which is apparently the wrong way to be at this shop. One tattoo artist asked if we were okay because we were laughing..and the piercer looked and seemed bored. He had no excitement or joy for his profession. It was a bad environment even though he was a good piercer.
By: jessica.james.336
Beautiful Body Tattoo
My best friend found this spot by accident. And im glad we did. Adam did our first tattoo and stayed late to do it and all. Very nice. Knew what he was talking about. So we decided to go back. This time Niel did it. He was very patient with us. Gave his honest opinion on how things looked. Now I have a couple friends coming in to see either guy. I would definitely go back again and again.
By: angie.edmondshorton
Shrunkin Head Tattoo
I would never go to another place. They are very good at what they do and full of info and very friendly. I took my daughter and son for 18th birthday for tattoos and glad I did cause they are great. And very clean. I will tell everyone I know to go there and I will be there for my first one soon. So thank you shrunkin heads you are the best.
By: alexandria.f.porter
Shrunkin Head Tattoo
I went when I was 16 (2 years ago) and they allowed the parent signature. I had Dave and he was awesome. Reasonable price and he does great with lettering. I had my foot done and he was great with making sure you're relaxed and tells you everything to expect and how to take care of your piece.I'd go back. Dave won me over :P
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By: tabtda123
Done-Rite Tattoos
I have had work done by Ben Alvarez. He did a coverup piece for me a couple of years ago and I am very pleased with it. It was a difficult piece to cover but he definatey made it work without going all tribal. Ben and his staff are very personable and the shop is very clean.
By: Alicia L.
Illustrated Man Tattoo Studio
I got my tragus and my eyebrow pierced by Clint. He is an awesome person and really makes you feel comfortable while getting everything ready and is very professional about getting it done! I'll go back for anything else I want pierced. Thanks guys!

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