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  • Anonymous *.

    The only NEFARIOUS company that we have ever dealt with is CENTURY ROOFING.
    As a prior customer of yours we can assure you that if we could turn back time we would never allow your employees on a roof we own to begin with. Your company was dishonest with us and you seem to prefer lawsuits over integrity.
    The only intentions with our comments in this forum is to warn others of your business practices and to try and save them from the same nightmare we went through.
    We are in our 50's and have hired numerous companies through the years to do work for us. We are honest, hard working, bill paying people that have NEVER been in a lawsuit until we crossed paths with you and your supposedly reputable company. What Century Roofing did to our home and how you treated us as a customer was a total disgrace!
    In all honesty Kevin we don't know how YOU or anyone that works for you can live with themselves.

  • Kevin P.

    My name is Kevin Pratt, I am the CFO/GM for Century Roofing. I would respond to some of these negative posts, but I an not find a way to since the redesign of this website. So I will try to here.

    1. Julie D's post. She does not say we ever did any work for her, and we can not find a Julie D in our system. I believe she is one of many bogus post put up by some rather nefarious competitors.

    2. Casey P., when doing his window replacement we told him that he had sever wood rot, he chose to go the less expensive route on not take care of it at that time (people sometime do that). Years later, he wanted us to stand behind something we had not done (people sometime do that too). I have responded to this gentleman repeatedly, he is just not getting the answers he would like.

    3. Robyn M. can find only one Robyn M spelled that way, and we bid roof, but did not do the roof. I find no open leak calls, or customer complaints by that name in our system. Therefore, I believe it to be another lurker competitors bogus posting.

    Now, as for the customers claiming "lawsuits" on Century Roofing with the Johnson County site. Please take the time to read any suit listed there. We are the "PLANTIFF" in virtually all the listings. We do not have a history of being sued. We do over 1500 roofs each year and sometime people don't pay for our services and we have to take legal action. Unfortunately that is just a fact of the world we all live in today. Century Roofing has been in business since 1990, we have a BBB rating of A+, we have won awards for service, and we contribute back to community thru projects like St. Jude's house, and we have given away many roofs to help out people in need. Please tell me another local roofing company that does more.


    Kevin Pratt

  • user avatar
    Len williams C.

    We hired Century Roofing after a severe storm damaged our who;e roof. We were very very pleased with the level of professionialism and politenes from the original estimater to the crew. They were very informative and helpful in helping us from selection of the type of shingle to the color and the efficiency of tear off and replacement. Two years later we had a small leak around a skylight that they had suggested we replace at the time of reroofing but we refused , consequently we had to have skylight replaced and shingles around the skylight replaced. Century did an efficient and timely replacement . I am now in need of a full roof replacement on my daughters home, I am calling Century as out of all the roofing companies we have called and used over the years of home ownership in the metro area they are the best in the field. ~Len Carver . Tonganoxie, Kansas City




  • Casey P.

    Century Roofing APPEARED to have done a great job upon completion of the replacement of the siding and windows on the back of my home. That was until two years later when I was replacing the window sills on the inside of my house. I was shocked to find that the windows they had installed were placed on top of rotted wood. The rot was so bad that it was crumbling. When I contacted Century Roofing they claimed that I was told about the rot at the time the work was being done. Why would anyone pat $6000 to replace siding and windows when the base framing of the window was ROTTING??? After being confronted about the issue, Kevin Pratt CFO of the company stopped taking my phone calls and has yet to return my voice mails. Now I am left to repair the shoddy work on my own, when it would have been so much easier to do it right the first time when the siding was already off of the back of the house.

    When asked where the paper I had signed stating that I was aware of how bad the rotted wood situation was; oddly enough they could produce no such paperwork.

    Also, don't hesitate to go to the Johnson County Court records website before you choose this company for any replacement work to your home. You will most likely change your mind!

  • Robyn M.

    Poor customer service after the job is done. I was told someone would come out to fix some loose shingles and a shingle that flew off in the storm, a week ago. No one has come out yet.

  • jerryrentcomngr

    These guys are the best! Chad from Century delivered 110%, answered all of my questions, communication was great! I am quite bothered by some of the other reviews...I think they are getting their companies mixed up. Nothing but the best service from these guys!!!

  • jerryrentcomngr

  • I've had nothing done by this ...

    I've had nothing done by this company but sounds like they have an excuse for everything. I had no snow in attic in Dec. snow storm nor have I heard that being in construction for 15+ years. If you do damage, fix it! it's that easy. Careful on who you do business with, ask for refrences and look at jobs they done even talk to the home owners

    Business Response11/08/2011

    I have no Idea whom Hardwood68 is, but If Century Roofing happens to damage anything on a customers property, we DO indeed make the repairs and no expense to the owner. We have been in business for more than twenty years in the Kansas City Metro area and would not have been able to have the staying power we do if we didnt take care of issues. Unfortunately, the simple fact is sometimes people can not be satisfied and the legal system must then come into play. Respectfully, Kevin Pratt CFO Century Roofing

  • BEWARE...

    I had a Century Roofing saleman come to my home to discuss replacing some wooden shakes on my Lakewood home. He told me they would do a good job and I would be happy. I did contact them to let them know I didn't feel they had done a good job, and even said I felt I would have problems with my roof the first bad storm we had. Five months later I noticed my living room ceiling had a water stain on it, and when looking closer my two story entry also had one. I crawled out into the attic and was shocked at all the snow there. I took pictures and contacted Century Roofing and was told it was probably coming in around a vent, and I assured him there was no vent even near it. I then sent a certified letter to the owner notifying him of the urgency of having an employee come out to fix the area where it was leaking, AND LOTS OF PICTURES OF ALL THE SNOW IN THE ATTIC. I also sent him copies of the estimates I received for repainting the ceiling. In my letter I stated I would give him 14 days from the date of the letter before taking further action. After waiting 12 days and continuing to worrying about my roof I called Century Roofing and asked the manager if the owner had read my certified letter as I had thought in fairness, he might have been away on holiday. She said he had, and I told her to let him know I would be taking further action if we couldn't resolve this (my daughter is a lawyer and she had advised me to do whatever I could to resolve this with the company and give them a chance to take care of the problem). The next day I had a voice mail from the company stating, "We don't warrant against wind and no roofing company does." We did receive your estimates for repainting your ceiling and we plan to take no further action to fix your roof or pay to paint your ceiling." Oh dear, if a roof can't stand up to wind what will happen this spring when we start having storms? I will be sending information to the Better Business Bureau, I have also contacted Lakewood Homeowners to see if there would be any way we could put them on a ban list of roofers coming into Lakewood, and I will be filing a claim against Century Roofing in Small Claims Court. Seriously, if this company would have cared one bit about their reputation and building goodwill in the community they would have sent someone out to at least stop the leak. I have already told a family in Lakewood, wanting to get a new roof, to stay away from Century Roofing.

    Business Response04/05/2010

    I responded to Ms. Cox's conserns when she called me soon after we did a spot patch on her roof. We did NOT reroof her house, only a spot patch. She was concerned because she felt her neighbor house that we had also spot patched recieved more shakes for the money than her home did. I explainded that her neighbor need more ridge caps, and less shingles than what she did, so it was not an apples to apples comparison. I explained what we had bid, and she had agreed to is exacltly what we did. She asked that I come look at the home to be sure we did what we charged for, I agreed and did come take a look. We did indeed do exactly what the bid clearly stated. Now comes the Dec snow storms. Snow always finds its way into roof vents and any other cracks etc. in the attic space. Ususally the amount that comes in is easily obsorbed by the insulation and no problems occur. You have to remember that a roof is a water shed, not water proof. It assumes water and snow go down hill. The Dec storm was a long lasting event with high winds and fine snow. Literally thousand of homes in the are had snow infiltration in the attic (not all were roofed by us!) and when the temp rises above freezing, the snow melts into the home. Ms Cox mis-states when she said we dont cover our roofs against wind, we just dont garantee snow cant blow in vents, etc. In her case, we didn't even roof her house, we only spot patched it, and were never anywhere near the areas where snow came it. I wish I could give her the answer she wants to here (that we fix any problems even if we didn't cause them) but I simply cant. Sometimes things happen that are just simply not someones elses fault. There are acts of God, so to speak. Roofs have openings in them such as vents that that can let snow in, just like they let air out. To not have them would cause problems all year long, every year. Snow events like the Dec storm are once every 20 years (according to the weather bureau). Every roofing company in the KC area had snow in attic calls, are all of them "BAD" Roofing companies. We value our reputation in this city, and have built a very good one over the past 20 yrs, but you can not always make everyone happy. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. Kevin Pratt

  • Very Pleased

    We've had our roof that Century did for 6 years. They did an outstanding job and were reasonably priced! Very happy

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