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By: nicole.berry.9400
Isha Sisters Hair Braiding
I decided to try this place because the first braiding salon I went to was small and dirty (it wasn’t unusual to see a roach crawl by). This one had good reviews on YP and Yelp, and I figured I could save some money since they had their own supply of hair.First of all, their old location on James A Reed Rd close, which they didn’t TELL me I made my appointment to get kinky twists taken out and tree braids put in, even when I double-checked the address with them. I drove to a closed salon down in KCMO at 9am. I ended up driving another 12 miles to KCK. I got up getting there at 11. Three women got started on my hair almost immediately, which was good- one of the few pros to this shop, honestly. The woman at the shop socialize a lot in another language, which doesn’t bother me that much, especially in the morning because I don’t feel like talking anyway. But, you know how you can tell when someone’s talking about you? It doesn’t matter if they’re speaking another language, people will act differently when they’re gossiping and you can feel it. The woman taking down my hair were loudly chatting one minute and whispering the next. They bounced back and forth between English and their native language; so the only words I caught were “three of us” and “wrong people,” the latter of which was said over and over again. Since one of the women made a comment about my braids being hard earlier, I realized they were talking about me going to bad stylist. The comments weren’t directly about me, but it still made me feel uncomfortable. I mention that last part because I thought it was incredibly tacky. It doesn’t matter what language you’re speaking, you don’t stand there and gossip about someone who’s IN THE ROOM, let alone someone whose hair you’re doing. As far as the rest of the experience goes, a different woman put in my tree braids. She was much nicer, but the braids were TIGHT. I clenched my teeth the whole time. I thought it was just me at first, but I looked around and literally every customer seemed to be in pain. One woman actually had tears in her eyes. Even someone getting a weave was rubbing her head like she was in an ad for migraine medication. I wore sew-ins for 6 years and never grabbed my head in pain when I got it done. The hair they used for me was Wet-N-Wavy, which I now know is horrible. It was frizzy when I got it done and, despite using the detangling spray, got matted after a few days. This hair looked worse in a week than regular brand (Model Model Pose) looks after 2 ½ months. Some of the braids came out (extension hair, not my own thank God) a couple of days later, which is ridiculous for new braids. To make things worse, I didn’t save any money. They charge $50 to take down hair, so I ended up paying the same exact price as the last place I went to. I guess this is what I get for trying to save money. The salon was cleaner- I’ll give them that- but some of the stylists were tactless, the hair was poor quality, and it hurt a ton. I took aspirin for several days after getting my hair done. I can’t believe they had the gall to talk about me going to the wrong people when they gave me the worse hairstyle I’ve had in years. I’m done trying to save pennies. I have an appointment with a licensed beautician in a few days. Guys, braids are not to supposed to hurt that much! That’s not a sign of a good hairdo, that’s a sign of hair loss. Go to or a site like it, type in the style you want and the location, and find someone who knows what they’re doing. Also, KS and MO don’t require braiding shops to have cosmetology licenses because they don’t use chemicals, so look for someone who does braids plus relaxers/dyes. If they do both, then they’re licensed beauticians and more likely to know how to do hair without hurting you.
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By: Twanisha R.
Isha Sisters Hair Braiding
I called Friday evening to ask how much and what time.. I was told $170 for my Micros and to be there at 9am. I was there a little early thinking hopefully, they may start early. Come to find out they told several people to be there at 9am, there were only 2 braiders there and they had already started on clients.. so it was 8 of us waiting.. The owner came in and apologized, but stated its not her fault that the braiders decided to go to church.. that's not the issue, the issue is you told us to be here at a certain time like we had an appointment.. to tell us we are basically first come first serve.. ok so finally around 10am braiders started coming in they take us to the back to pick out our hair, I pick wet-n-wavy, at no time was I told it would be an additional $10. Ok, so after sitting for 4 1/2 hrs finally a braider comes, one was rude said I have natural hair and she can't do it.. she was loud and disrespectful! The second lady comes and she was really sweet, said no problem, braids my hair with no problem.. I was told that if your hair is short in some spots it would be an additional $20 .. are you serious???? Then they wait till my hair is done to tell me I owed and additional $10, because I got the wavy hair! No ma'am! Tell me this upfront... Tell me this when I first get there not 10hrs later. One of the braiders said, "please don't bother her for more money." Because she knew that wasn't right.. the only who spoke up. This place is just about money, not customer satisfaction.. I'm not made of money and my time is very precious..
By: Bunshigi H.
Elie African Hair Braiding
The place seems to be on the low budget side as in quite dirty and un professional. The owner always brings kids so things can quickly start to get annoying with all the loud screaming, and the crying if they are not in a good mood. The price of $50 is good, but the down side is that you have to bring your own hair anyways so you might as well be paying at least $70 for really good hair, and if you need to wash your hair you might as well rack it all up to $100 just to cover eveything. Hair sometimes even falls apart if the owner does a rush job on the braids. It's a 50/50 you will either get a good job done on your hair, or a bad one if the owner has something to do on days you set an appointment for. If you have a good amount of money please pick some where else to go.
By: lora.f.ledbetter
Isha Sisters Hair Braiding
Appts are irrelevant. They take folks as you walk in the shop. If you want tree braids or any form of cornrolls, get there early because there are only 3-4 braiders who know how to cornroll. I was there at 9 which was my appt time, and I had to wait for a braider to arrive. I waited 45min. I asked them to braid my daughter micros big and loose and it worked well. Yes, you will here the employees argue, scream and curse. Its un-professional, but at the price I pay, I really don't expect much customer service. BTW, I only wear cornrolls. I have been there 3 times.
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By: Maimouna B.
Isha Sisters Hair Braiding
I have done my hair a couple of times at this place (Senegalese twist, single braids, three braids, cornrows , and weave). I liked the outcome each time. The braiders are friendly and really quick because sitting down all day to get my hair done is not appealing at all. I like to go in and come out a couple of hours later which has been my experience in this shop. The prices are not too bad either compared to other shops. I'll definitely recommend isha sister hair braiding.
By: Bonnie B.
Exotic African Hair Braiding
I go to EAHB for all my braids. The styles always work well. The interior decor leaves something to be desired, and i've never been in the bathroom (on purpose). However, the hair braiders are very good! I had kinky twists, nubian twists, and senegalese twists. The quality is excellent, and they always make sure i know how to take care of my braids before I leave. Great shop for hair braiding, but not so pretty on the eyes.
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By: Mrslatoya W.
Isha Sisters Hair Braiding
I PAID 240.00 and they messed up so bad on 2 of my daughters crochet braids after I complain they attempted to do their hair right. Thats the only reason why i give them 2 stars but anyway I will not be spending my money there anymore!
By: ladytralia
Isha Sisters Hair Braiding
I've been going there since I moved back from Atlanta in 2006 I only let Doris do my tree braids she's the best she was the only one who knew how to do them for awhile I'm very satisfied thanks Doris or Delois
By: Nina G.
Peace & Mercy African Hair
My first time here. The beautiful ladies in this shop did a great job on my granddaughter's hair. It took 3 hours for them to put twist in my granddaughters hair. Fair priced.

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