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By: sarahgracie
Pinz Kalamazoo
The first time I went to Pinz it was with a few of my friends to scope the place out for a going away party. The atmosphere is really comfortable- lots of open space and comfortable couches, darts, pool tables, bags, bowling, a bar, televisions. They have a good bottled beer selection, the standards on tap, and they mix a pretty good cocktail. I stuck with my standby vodka drink but they do have a specialty cocktail menu with bloody marys, martinis, and margaritas. We sat at the bar and I shared a buffalo chicken wrap & sweet potato fries with my friend, and both were very tasty. Prices all very reasonable. We decided to go ahead and have my friends going away party there and planned it for last night- Pinz was REMARKABLY easy to work with on this. We had plenty of space, a great server, and they checked in with us often to make sure we were doing well. All the people we dealt with were friendly and attentive, and quick to get us what we needed. Their pizza is a good deal and it's great- I'd go back just for that crust! A couple other people ordered the Pinz platter to share, and my brother ordered some appetizers. Everyone seemed to like what they got, no one had any complaints. It's way better than the typical bowling alley fare for sure. I'm looking forward to going back and trying some of the other things on the menu (and some of their specialty cocktails.) I don't go bowling much, but from what my group was saying their bowling prices are very competitive. Half the lanes have couches to sit on and the other half have tables (we chose the tables so we could fit more people.) They put up bumpers and got out the ramp for our friends who brought kids. Even if you're not much of a bowler, it's a great place to hang out. We had a lot of fun and they took really good care of us.
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By: Marcy K.
Monaco Bay
I decided to bring my daughters, their Godmothers and Grandmother out to eat for a fun Ladies Night Out on Friday, May 9th to celebrate together for Mother's Day. We got there at 7pm and had a blast listening to the piano bar and dancing. The Piano player was friendly to my 8 & 12 year old daughters , encouraged us to dance when no one else was out there and sang Frozen songs. The dinner menu is limited but delicious and our server was fast and efficient and obviously enjoyed serving her customers. At the end of the evening, right about 9pm, the staff allowed my 8 & 12 year old daughters to go all the way to the top of the sky deck to see the amazing view. I'm so glad we did this instead of a boring, too busy, brunch on Sunday. You might not think of this as a place for children but between 5-8 pm, it's not very busy at all and my girls really liked getting dressed up, having dinner and being part of the show!! We might have to do a Tween Birthday Party Here!
By: annaliisa.lf
Old Burdick's Bar & Grill
This place is so awesome! I can't tell you how many time I was there for my daughter's figure skate lesson and didn't have quite enough cash to buy a expensive meal or get her hot chocolate and they hooked me up every time! They found things like we are having this speial of chicken fajita's for a dollar something. Or Hey don't worry we'll just split your one hot cocoa into two cups for you so you both can get warmed up! I have been going there since my daughter started skating and they are so good to me there I decided to have her 10th birthday party there! I love you Burdick's! Not to mention it over looks the ice so you get to watch alot of hockey for FREE! Or figure skating! :)
By: Kara B.
Monaco Bay
The featured Portabella-Burgundy 10 oz. ball tip sizzler was delicious! Such aromatic and fresh flavors, no overpowering seasoning to cover up the natural taste of the meat, potatoes and string beans. Delightful! My friend had the Sweet Carolina Chicken... HOLY cow the flavors of that dish! Certainly a complimentary sauce to the chicken and jasmine rice, you could definitely taste the food and not just the seasoning. SUPERB!
By: Sam F.
Monaco Bay
I love Monaco Bay's food and drink selection. I've always had a good experience when coming here with my husband for our date nights. We get great food, a couple drinks, and fun entertainment watching the dueling piano shows. The only complaint I have is that I wish they were open more often!
By: Benjamin O.
Monaco Bay
My girlfriend and I went this weekend and the piano players were spot on. We had a lot of fun watching them and the waitress we had was really nice too. My girlfriend loved the monkey drink she got and my seven sevens were great too! Thanks Monaco - we'll be back!
By: Nichole R.
Monaco Bay
Monaco Bay is one of my favorite bars downtown Kalamazoo. The players are always entertaining and the staff is always welcoming & helpful. There is a good selection of food and drinks are reasonably priced. I highly recommend this place!
By: Lori G.
Monaco Bay
I love Monaco! The Dueling Piano Players know how to play with the crowd and they always play your requests (especially when you tack on a tip with it) ...I come here frequently with my friends and highly recommend it!
By: D.
Monaco Bay
Came with a friend to catch up and was pleasantly surprised by Tim and Malika, the pianists! They were fun and REALLY knew their songs! We had fun singing along!!
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By: James T.
Blaze Hookah Lounge
Awesome! Veteran friendly, cheap.Best part of the Nightlife in Kalamazoo, Free wifi, drinks, ect. I get a lot of business and school work done.

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